Joseph Bismark: Spiritual Businessman


I have a growing interest in spirituality and in my search for sources to read on how to incorporate spirituality into business, I stumbled across this blog Citizen Shame. This blog starts off claiming that he isn’t just about business. With what I have read about Joseph Bismark’s upbringing, I draw the conclusion that he is a spiritual leader that knows business. The article has also stated that everything in balance brings peace and harmony. This then brings forth success in different aspects of life including business, and spiritual journey. 

He is then described as a man who not only guides, but leads in every aspect of his life. He has lived with monks from the age of nine until the age of seventeen. Such discipline and experience had led to many doors opening for him. This has also led to the development of a style of management that is less of a dictatorship and more of a consulting style of leadership. 

This article has provided a lot of information about Bismark that has inspired me and fascinated me. I can learn a lot from his example.

Visual Effects In The Film Industry

Many people go to the theaters or watch movies from the comfort of their home, and after the movie is completed, that is it for them. However, what many people don’t realize is how big of a role visual effects are in film, and that there is an entire industry dedicated to it, and it is known as the visual media industry. Let’s discuss the importance of visual effects in film, as well as the visual media industry.

The Importance Of Visual Effects In Film
There are many reasons why visual effects in film is important, with one of them being that it can be the deciding factor in whether or not a film is successful. Not only that, but visual effects allows films to standout of the crowd and it allows filmmakers to remain competitive.

As for the different types of visual effects that are used in film, there are many different kinds. For example, some effects are 3-D effects, which make objects look as if they are coming right out of the screen. This is just one of the many types of visual effects that is used in the film industry according to Bloomberg.

The Visual Media Industry
As previously mentioned, there is an entire industry dedicated to visual effects in film and television. One of the leaders in the industry is John Textor. Textor has an extensive resume and has lead projects involving visual effects that included digital humans. He has also worked on films such as Ender’s Game and as of now, he is a producer of Art Story, which is an animated film that Aaron Blaise and Chuck Williams is developing.

Those who want to make a film and have impressive visual effects should enlist in Textor services because if they get the chance to work with him, then they are in for a great experience.

How to Find A Good Lawyer in Brazil

If you have a legal problem you need a good lawyer on your side. Hiring the right person for the job will give you confidence that your case will be handled effectively. To find a competent lawyer, such as Ricardo Tosto, and obtain the best outcome in your case, you need to choose a specific lawyer who can handle your particular legal situation.

Do Your Research

It is not a good idea to simply go online and choose the first lawyer you find. Not all lawyers are created equal, so it is imperative that you thoroughly research lawyers in Brazil before making a decision. Even if you have a case that needs to get done in a hurry, you must absolutely take the time to find someone who has the expertise to provide quality service. You can ask for recommendations from your family and friends, or even your doctor. The more research you perform up front, the better your chances of finding a reliable, competent lawyer to handle your case.

Consider Experience

Choosing a legal professional is not something to be handled lightly. It is advisable to go with someone who has experience in the type of case you have. It’s also a good idea to choose a lawyer familiar with the courts and laws of the area where you live. Also make sure the lawyer you are considering has proven track record of success in the field.

Background Check

Review each lawyer’s website, and look for information about the background of the lawyer, such as his or her law school, certifications and licenses. Remember that many lawyers are also on Facebook and other social media. Check these profiles as well.

Schedule A Consultation

One of the best ways to evaluate a lawyer’s ability to represent you is by interviewing the lawyer. Once you have found several possible lawyers, set up an appointments with each one to discuss your needs and find out how the lawyer would handle your situation. Ricardo Tosto agrees that most lawyers will offer an initial consultation at no charge. Having a face to face interview will enable you to decide whether the lawyer is the right one for your situation. Make sure you a list of questions you want to ask your potential lawyer.

Finding the right lawyer in Brazil will take a little effort and time, but once you have selected the right lawyer, you can rest assured that your case will be handled properly. Follow these steps to find a reliable lawyer to help you with your legal issue.

The Verdict: Dan Newlin Is The Lawyer Of Choice!

The best in the business usually start from the ground up. The household names in sports, entertainment, technology: all began at an early age. Dan Newlin is no exception. He dove into his chosen profession, law enforcement, at the age of 20, when he began work in the New Chicago, Indiana Police Department and Fire Department. He relocated to Orlando, Florida where he worked for the Sheriff’s Office for 10 years and rose to the rank of Sheriff’s Detective. He was active in various departments, including narcotics, auto theft, and the fugitive division, on the front lines bringing criminals to justice. He received numerous awards and was praised by the United States Marshalls Office.
After an active period of law enforcement, Dan Newlin decided to practice law inside the courtroom. In 1997 he entered the Florida State College Of Law, from which he graduated in 2000. He is licensed to practice law in Florida and Illinois. Legal issues span many categories, and Dan Newlin’s firm is not a one trick pony. The firm handles cases involving vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, family law, DUI’s, workplace injuries, brain and spine injuries, and wrongful death cases.
The success of Dan Newlin’s legal career is worth mentioning as well. It has grown from one secretary at a small office to 75 employees, 18 attorneys, and has recovered over 150 million dollars for its clients. The attorneys include a former State Prosecutor, a retired Board Certified Surgeon, and a trial attorney with 30 years experience.
Decades of reliable public service brings rewards, and Dan Newlin has “given back” to the community. His prominence in the legal profession has enabled him to become involved in many charities. To name a few, he is connected to: March Of Dimes, Make A Wish Foundation, M.A.D.D., American Cancer Society, and the Wounded Warrior Project. His lifelong record as a proponent of law and justice makes him and his law firm the lawyer (or lawyers) of choice for legal representation. For more direct information you can visit his website here.

Two Great New Artists

There is nothing more exciting than discovering the next great artist like Susan McGalla. There is such a thrill in finding a new band to listen to, and here are two of the new artists that you should be paying attention to right now. They may just be the next big things in the music world.
Alessia Cara is a new artist who sounds similar to Lorde. She has a great, unique style,and she is sure to be loved by all once she has gained some more fame.
If you are not a big fan of Lorde, but if Skrillex is more your style, then you are going to love the new artist Jai Wolf. He has a great sound, and he is sure to stick around for a long time to come. If you give his music a listen you will become an instant fan.
So, there are two of the great new artists that have just begun to bless us with their music. Give them a listen right away and see if you think they will be the next big things in the music scene.

The Advice from a World Renowned Businessman

One of the foremost experts of Brazilian banking has made headlines as he discusses Brazilian banking with those interesting in getting involved with the Brazilian marker. This expert is named Igor Cornelsen and not only has business savvy but also offers some of the best business advice in the world.

As a business expert, Igor Cornelsen has been eager to offer investors and business some expert advice on how they can begin an involvement with the Brazilian market. One of the major pieces of advice that Cornelsen has to offer is that Brazilian banks have 10 major players in the world of business.

Brazil is the business superpower of South America and has the eight largest economy in the world. Within the Brazilian economy, Cornelsen states that there are 10 major privately and state owned commercial and investment banks that have had tremendous growth within the past few years.

Another piece of expert advice that is offered by Cornelsen is that a fresh face may be what the Brazilian economy needs. Igor states that if someone were to enter the Brazilian market with a mind for business and strategy, that person could really make a difference in the Brazilian economy.

China, as Igor states is one of the most important countries to be friendly with if you ever have plans to be apart of the business world in Brazil. China is Brazil’s largest trading partner due to the fact that the two countries are intrinsically linked to each other. What a stronger Chinese economy means are good prices for Brazilian goods. Cornelsen recommends that if one ever has plans to be involved in international business, it is important to know that country’s major trading partner.

Another piece of advice that is offered by Cornelsen is to understand that Brazil has overvalued currency. This means that Brazil has made exports of industrialized goods in order to lose competitiveness. The currency is so over appreciated due to the fact that the Central Bank of Brazil has sold in the local markets to avoid fast depreciation.

With the fact that the currency is over appreciated, investments on industry will continue to rapidly increase. AS this happens, the exported goods that have been manufactured in Brazil, will only increase in competitiveness. With that, the disequilibrium in Brazil should then decrease.

Igor Cornelsen has offered some of the best advice not only regarding the Brazilian market, but also concerning advice of when to invest in the stock market. Cornelsen states that is making the right choices that take advantage of the right opportunities. With this outlook on life, there is a ton of money to be made.

What of the best pieces of advice that Cornelsen would give is to invest in many different things. When doing this, do not invest too much money so that no major losses are suffered. Acknowledging diversity is one of the best ways to make successful investments. Igor Cornelsen, a Brazilian business man states that in order to be success, one must know the business world and to work efficiently.

Crystal Hunt Sizzles in Magic Mike XXL

No doubt, daytime television star Crystal Hunt has worked with her share of hotties throughout the years. Now she can add Channing Tatum to that list. Hunt recently starred alongside Tatum in Magic Mike XXL, the sequel to 2012’s Magic Mike.

Both movies drew a noticeable female fan base. This is generally attributed to the fact that the movie is jam-packed with attractive men like Tatum, in various states of undress. Crystal Hunt however, holds high regard for the women, and their characters. When speaking about her role as Lauren in Magic Mike XXL, Hunt commented, “As a woman, it was actually an empowering role and the camaraderie among the females on set was apparent.”

Born in Clearwater, Florida, Hunt displayed artistic talent from an early age, participating in pageants and commercials. She played Stacy Morasco in One Life to Live, and snagged a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 2005 for her role as Lizzie Spaulding on the long-running series Guiding Light.

Hunt’s most recent work is “Queens of Drama,” a new docu-series coming to Pop. Along with other former daytime and prime-time actresses, Hunt tries to sell ideas for a new show to producers. “Similar to the strong women portrayed in Magic Mike XXL, we’re a group of strong women from daytime and primetime dramas,” she said. “We’ve discovered a way to use our extensive experience in the ‘soap opera world’ to create a script that’s truly unique and original.”

Job Threatened After Social Worker has Concerns

One of the responsibilities of a social worker is to help those who are in need. A social worker in KY could be fired because she decided to help a young girl after her case was closed. The worker saw the girl, who is 7, at her school. She noticed that the girl looked hungry and that she might not have been properly cared for by her family. When the worker made a report, supervisors weren’t happy because the case had been closed. Who cares if a case is closed or not? If someone sees that a child is in need, then that person should help as much as possible. A social worker shouldn’t lose a job or be threatened with losing a job simply for doing what most people would do in the same situation. According to Shaygan Kheradpir, It seems like there is a little more going on with this case than meets the eye and that there are concerns that need to be addressed about why the case was closed in the first place.

The Movie “Rocky” Is Getting A Spinoff Called “Creed”

Although the movie “Rocky” first came out 40 years ago, it’s still fondly remembered as one of the best boxing movies ever. The “Rocky” Movie Spinoff. The movie also spawned several sequels, although they may or may not have been as good as the original. Rocky was about a fighter who endured a lot in order to finally beat his rivals. Rocky was the movie that made the song “Eye Of The Tiger” famous. Although Sylvester Stallone has retired from being Rocky, there is a new Rocky spin-off movie coming out and it’s entitled “Creed.”

The movie will feature Michael B. Jordan, and he is playing the son of Apollo in the movie. Sylvester will be training Michael’s character to be a great boxer, and it’s interesting to see if he’ll be any good. Those who were not very keen on watching the last Rocky movie, maybe this one just might appeal to a different audience. Sylvester Stallone is still in the movie, so it might make fans of the Rocky franchise come out to see it.

There is also new blood in the movie, which may also draw a completely different demographic as well. Sylvester Stallone is no stranger to movie franchises because even though Rocky was popular, he has made “The Expendables” a popular franchise as well. According to Jaime Garcia Dias, the Expendables feature some of the biggest action stars in history, and they are all put in one movie.

Women Who Suffer From PTSD Now Have to Worry About Their Heart Health Also

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a problem that is bad enough on its own. It is a common diagnosis for soldiers who have been in combat, and there have certainly been plenty of cases among soldiers who returned from Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade. It is not limited to soldiers, however. Anyone can undergo a highly traumatic situation such as being the victim of a crime or a terrible accident. It can have a negative effect on one’s family and even a person’s health, which is one fact presented by a recent report about women with PTSD and it raising the likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke.

A long-term study looked at 55,000 women starting in 1989 and going through 2008. The big takeaway from this 20 year time frame of tracking any traumatic occurrences in their lives and their health found that those who suffered from PTSD were 45 percent more likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke than those who had not experienced such trauma. Traditionally, it has only been the mental effects of PTSD that have been closely examined, but now it is evident that there is a very real physical impact of this condition, and people who suffer from it must realize this and take extra precautions against adverse health outcomes. This would start with regular physicals and check ups and making sure to limit their exposure to any traumatic situations in their lives. CipherCloud thinks this is a good idea.