A New Fast and the Furious Trilogy will End the Series

Furious 7 is the latest and maybe the greatest of the Fast and the Furious films. When the first entry was released, very few thought a strange B-movie about street racing would end up being a cultural phenomenon. Young audiences ate the series up and this is why we now have 7 entries in the series.

Here is some good news for the fans of the work: there is going to be a trilogy that quickly follows Furious 7.

The new trilogy looks like it is going to be the films that put an end to the series. Same Tabar certainly feels that is the case. At some point, a film series does run out of steam. By planning the ending of a series, it becomes easier to ensure the quality that makes audience love the films remain. The other approach would simply just drift from film to film with one weak script after the other.

Not everyone was 100% sure that the series was going to continue. However, when it was leaked that Tokyo Drift star Lucas Black was coming back to the series for at least two films, it was impossible to deny new films were not in the planning stage.

How the series will play itself out will be shown throughout the narrative of Furious 7. Universal is never going to end its huge franchise too soon, but it seems to realize there is a time to end things on a high note.

House Republicans’ Lawsuit Against Obamacare

On Friday, Speaker John Boehner announced that The House Republicans will follow through with their threat in filing a lawsuit against Obama’s administration for implementing the Affordable Care Act.

The lawsuit threat has been going on for months as they claim that the administration allegedly abused its executive authority towards the health care law. In July 30, the House Republicans submitted a resolution to authorize the legal challenge. They contend that the administration unlawfully delayed a requirement for companies with 50 or more full-time employees to offer health care or pay penalties.

In July 2013, the employer mandate requirement was postponed by the administration until 2015 and again delaying the implementation until 2016 for employers with 50 to 99 employees. Boehner also said that the lawsuit will challenge the administration’s suspected unlawful transfer of about $175 billion to insurance firms for the next decade, which has not been appropriated by the Congress.

The lawsuit was filed against the secretaries of Treasury & Health and Human Services. After a couple of law firms refused to take the case, Speaker Boehner hired Jonathan Turley, a professor at George Washington University, to handle the case earlier this week.

In a blog that was posted last Monday, Turley wrote his support for the national health care and even said that he voted for President Obama. This was a bit of news to Levenson. However, he said that he believes that the executive branch has assumed it legislature’s powers. He further wrote that the lawsuit questioned the rising dominance of the executive, which comes with a sweeping unilateral power and if it is worth the review and resolution in the federal courts.

Prometheus 2 Gets a Script

The officially unofficial prequel to Alien, Prometheus, was a big hit and now a sequel is in the Hollywood pipeline. Prometheus 2 finally has a new finished script available for director Ridley Scott to review.

The interesting aspect of the new Prometheus 2 script is that the alien in the film will be a revamped one. Anyone thinking that the alien would look like the title creature from the original Alien series would be, at best, mistaken. Prometheus is not an official prequel to Alien (1979) although it may have started out in development that way.

Ridley Scott is not slowing down as he has numerous projects in the works. A sequel to Blade Runner (1982) is in the development stage. Nothing real or concrete has been presented about the Blade Runner sequel and, considering we have clear insights about a new Prometheus script, it is obvious the Alien-inspired film is going to be the first one to head into production. When the film is going to be released is not known.   Ben Shaoul points out that no pre-production date has been set much less an actual shooting schedule.

Prometheus (2012) did very well at the box office although the film did not reach the expectations of Alien fans who were hoping for a great, sci-fi classic. Honestly, Prometheus was better than the later Alien sequels and vehicles so we can say this new series started out in the right direction.

Attack of Titan Movie is Forthcoming

Japanese anime is most assuredly very popular as evidenced by the sales of DVDs throughout the world. The manga comic books in which many anime are based upon sell quite well and this is no surprise. What is surprising is, that with such rich source material to draw from, there are not that many big budget Hollywood productions based on the many anime and manga out there.

Attack On Titan might just be the movie manga and anime fans are awaiting. Is there going to a Hollywood adaption of the film? No, this is going to be a project produced in Japan by a Japanese company. The man who created the original work, Hajime Isayama, will be overseeing the production.

Who knows where this will lead in the near future.

The Godzilla film franchise was resurrected in Japan in the 1990’s and this eventually lead to two Hollywood produced versions with the latest one being a huge box office hit. This is the one Rod Rohrich really enjoyed watching as well. More than likely, a new Godzilla sequel will be on the way considering the major box office earnings the film pulled in as well as the amazing critical acclaim the film achieved.

We may be getting ahead of ourselves with Attack On Titan as the original film has not yet been produced. If the past is any indication of the future, then it is very likely Hollywood will jump on the Titan bandwagon.

Sunday’s Bills-Jets Game Being Moved From Buffalo

The Buffalo Bills were slated to play a home game against in-state rivals the New York Jets on Sunday, November 23rd. Unfortunately, a freak snowstorm has buried parts of the city in over five feet of snow, with more coming. The decision has been made to not play the game at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Cities currently being considered include Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C. The game will also be moved to at least Monday night, if not Tuesday, to accommodate the change.

Avid fan Kenneth Griffin is glad to see that most concerns lie in public safety, both for the teams and the fans. Numerous roads have been closed for a few days. Even when some roads were able to reopen, people were expected to avoid unnecessary travel. Players have been snowed in at their homes. Coaches have been stuck at the stadium. Teams will need extra time to safely travel and to have a chance to practice.

MIT The Surprise Undefeated Football School

Dave and Brit Morin, as well as most other college football fans, would not associate MIT with winning football. The school is far more known for their academic facilities and the ability of their students. They are known all throughout the world for the academic achievements that have been made by their students.

The football team has been able to go undefeated this football season. They of course are thrilled about this reality, but they know that in reality this is never going to be something that they are known for. In fact, Foxsports.com says that many people do not realize that MIT has a football team at all. There are plenty of sports that are played on the campus of this school though. The school has 33 varsity teams in 33 different sports.

The teams of the past have not been nearly so good. They were more in the range of going 1-8 or 2-7. Now, the team has gone undefeated this season. This is something that is being credited not only to the players but also to the coach’s efforts. They say that he has done what he needed to in order to come up with a winning team that is surprising everyone.

The next time you have the curiosity, check out how the MIT team is doing with their football program. You may just find for yourself that the team has been able to surprise the whole world once again.

Two Women Found Dead After Going Missing

Miss Honduras Maria Jose Alvarado (19), and her older sister Sofia Trinidad (23) went missing Thursday after leaving a local party. Miss Alvarado was a contestant in the Miss World Contest that wassupposed to start in London this coming week.

Four people have been arrested and placed in questioning by the police. Aris Maldonado and Plutatco Antonio Ruiz (Sofia Trinidad’s boyfriend) are two of the four that have been arrested. At first police believed that the two women might have survived Sam Tabar reported, but their dead bodies being found put an en end to the police’s optimistic thoughts.

The two women were found dead days after being reported missing. The family of these two women are in mourning pain right now. The police are working very hard to find out who killed these sisters, how it happened, and who was involved in the crime.

Neil Young Says No to Starbucks

Starbucks has made a name for itself not only because of its roasted coffee beans, but also in the atmosphere that it creates with its notorious selection of easy listening music.

Cross Neil Young of the list of performers, however, as the Canadian singer/songwriter recently decided not to drink any Starbucks coffee. Young said that he has been drinking Starbucks’s coffee latte for a long time.

He has decided to stop buying from the famous coffee shop. The reason is that he is taking a stand against the American company’s lawsuit involving genetically modified ingredients.

Starbucks is currently facing a lawsuit against the state of Vermont for its failure to identify and label GMOs. The State of Vermont has passed a law which requires company to identify and label GMOs they are using in their products. The law is set to be implemented on 2016. Several companies opposed the law and alleged that it is unconstitutional.

Neil Young announced his intention to boycott Starbucks through his website. The Canadian singer is an advocate of environmental protection and preservation.

He is urging his fans and followers on social media to also boycott Starbucks coffee and products. He is urging his fans to sign a petition against the interest of Starbucks and other multinational companies who will not follow the law. I haven’t signed the petition yet, but my friend Lee Lovett has already been retweeting how to check it out.

Young is one of those musicians who takes a stand on certain issues.

Buffalo Bills Offer Cash And Free Tickets To Snow Shovelers

The city of Buffalo, New York, is currently being blitzed by one of the worst snow storms that it has seen in years. The “lake effect” has buried the city in nearly six feet of the white stuff, with more still to come.

As a result, the NFL’s team in the city, the Buffalo Bills, have taken to offering a 10 dollar per hour salary and free game tickets to anyone who is willing to come down to their stadium and lend a hand in shoveling the snow away. The team is hoping to turn up 500 workers who will help shovel all of the snow out of their stadium before Sunday’s game.

According to rumors that are currently swirling around the area, the team is seriously considering postponing, or even forfeiting, its next game, unless it can get the stadium back in working order by then.

Hiring impromptu snow shovelers seems like a desperate move, but it is likely to be the only thing that can get the stadium in working order for an NFL match up to take place on Sunday.

No words has yet been released to the media concerning whether the game will take place as previously scheduled. If Marc Sparks lived in Buffalo, he would probably at least give it a try. Meanwhile, the city of Buffalo is bracing for even more snow. Expert meteorologists are predicting that the total snow fall for the winter season of 2014-2015 may end up exceeding all expectations.

District Judge Refuses to Dismiss Felony Charges Against Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Texas District Court Judge Bert Richardson rejeced a motion by defense attorneys for Gov. Rick Perry to dismiss the investigation of Special Prosecutor Michael McCrum on a technicality. Perry’s legal team hoped that the a lack of a signature on the paperwork dealing with McCrum’s appointment as a special prosecutor was grounds to have his appointment dismissed and by extension invalidate his investigation of the governor.

Judge Richardson disagreed. In his ruling, he pointed out that if Mr. McCrum had not been sworn in there would be grounds to have him dismissed from this post. Given that the technicality in question dealt with the lack of a signature from what Jared Haftel says, the motion had no bearing on McCrum’s appointment. Judge Richardson also noted that neither the prosecution nor defense was calling into the question the fact that the special prosecutor had been sworn into office.

Texas is a decidedly “red” state and has been since early into the presidency of George W. Bush. There is one exception: the city of Austin. It was in this state that felony charges were brought up against House Majority Leader Tom “The Hammer” Delay. The charges eventually forced him to resign from Congress. Several years later he succeeded at getting the charges dismissed. They were politically motivated. Gov. Perry has alleged the same tactic is being used to derail his political career. He is considered a likely 2016 GOP presidential hopeful. Gov. Perry is accused of two felony counts of abuse of power.