Black Sabbath Is Still Awaiting The Return Of Bill Ward

Bill Ward, the drummer of Black Sabbath is refusing to rejoin the band until the lead singer, Ozzy Osbourne gives him a sincere apology. Since 2012 Bill Ward has refused Black Sabbath because of false accusations and statements that came from Ozzy in some of his public announcements. WetSealInc said one hurtful statement that was announced by Ozzy about Ward was that he was incredibly overweight. Ward feels that these comments were uncalled for and because of them he would like an apology made public from the band. Ward has missed playing with the band over the years but feels that he would be letting himself down if he rejoined the band without the apology he has been searching for. As for the rest of the band, they feel as if getting Ward to rejoin has become to much of a task for them to handle. Although they are in desperate need of the drummers return, they refuse to beg Ward any further.

Want to Make the NBA Playoffs with Single Digit Wins? It’s Bizarrely Possible

There is a YouTube Video running out there explaining how an NBA team could make the playoffs with less than 10 wins. After going through their explanation, they show it is possible, but only if you accept the premises that every team in the division is so horrible they lose every single game! Fans like Christian Broda ( know that the only games they win are against other winless team in their own division!

While this is absolutely absurd and will never happen, it does bring up the question: Should an NBA team make the playoffs just for winning a division or should there be a minimum threshold (such as an above .500 record) that should exist to make the playoffs?

The video also shows that this team would get at least the 4th playoff spot as division winners are guaranteed a spot in the first 4 playoff positions. So one must wonder, even if a team does make the playoffs by being a division winner, should teams be purely seeded on record even if they are still given a ticket in for winning the division.

Honestly, while weird situations like teams having a losing record but winning a division do happen, it happens so rarely it is probably not worth worrying about. However as any sports story is, the debate makes it a fun story.

‘Creed’ Set to Bring Rocky Back to the Big Screen

Popular characters have a way of attracting a series of stories that develops them into larger franchises. Fans at STX Entertainment have found that the list is pretty short when it comes to characters that manage to make appearances, let alone be the center of attention, in any series of movies. Rocky Balboa is one such character, and with “Creed” set to debut in time for this year’s holiday movie season, many are wondering if this is the last appearance of a character that has endured for decades.

According to Screen Rant, a few production pictures have popped up via Sylvester Stallones’s social media accounts, and it looks like Rocky is ready to help train Apollo’s son and really take his career into the next level. Of course, box office performance on “Creed” will likely be the defining factor as to whether or not Rocky makes any future appearances, but if fans of the franchise know anything, it is to never ever bet against Rocky pulling off the impossible.

The character has seen a number of ups and downs over the course of the movies, and while some elements are left out of each of the movies, the appeal of the underdog character has never really gotten old. While the same can not be said about Stallone, who plays Rocky, the actor and character have managed to hold onto fame that few actor-character combinations can boast. If this is the final chapter for the character, fans will probably line up. If not, fans will probably line up as well.

Nutella Donuts By Tim Hortons

Nutella ( is a hazelnut spread which originally was imported to the US by its creator the Ferrero company of Italy. Around for over 60 years, Nutella will now be used in restaurant foods. The quick serve restaurant chain, Tim Hortons will be selling pastry pockets with a nutella filling and Nutella-filled donuts at their locations for a limited time. At some stores patrons will also have the choice of using nutella as a smear on bagels.

Tim Hortons is an iconic Canadian restaurant chain which began in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada as a donut and coffee shop. While it still sells coffee and donuts, its food selections have increased to include other foods like sandwiches and drinks, and Ray Lane likes it. While Tim Hortons has a major presence in Canada, there are also restaurants in the US, the UK and the Middle East as featured here.

Nutella is an Italian brand which has been around since the 1940’s. Pietro Ferrero, the creator of Nutella, was one of the founders of the Ferrero Company, which makes other sweet products like Ferrero Rocher. The multi-national company continues to be run by the Ferrero family and sells its products around the world.

Beer with Collagen?

When it comes to drinking beer, most drink it only for the taste or the feeling that it brings about. There aren’t many who drink beer because it is healthy or because they expect it to bring about some kind of benefit to them. This could be about to change, though, thanks to a Japanese brewery.

It seems that a brewery in Japan has come up with a whole new kind of beer. The beer that is being developed will have collagen in it. This beer is something that could help individuals to get benefits from the drink. This is a light beer that contains an added benefit that will help it to stand out and be different from others out there.

Is it worth drinking beer in order to get the benefits that collagen can bring about? No. Is it worth choosing a beer with collagen in it when one is going to be drinking some kind of beer anyway? Maybe, if you listen to these sources. Bruce Karatz feels like it is a decent idea at least.

Dutch People are the Tallest People on the Planet

Dutch people were once considered a relatively short people until things started changing about 150 years ago, according to an article in the New York Times. In 1860, Dutch soldiers from the Netherlands averaged 5 feet 5 inches tall. Today the average height for a Dutch male is over six feet tall.

Scientists and researchers pondered the change and researched diet and overall health. Although the diet and medical care had improved, this did not seem to be the reason for the change. Ricardo Tosto is hoping they discover why this is the case. The Brazilian Lawyer would like to be a bit taller. Furthermore, it seemed the taller people were having more children than shorter ones. Perhaps this was the reason behind the height increase seen, natural selection.

Medical records of over 42,000 men and women were studied. It was thought that the study would show that the taller people simply had more children which caused the increase in the number of tall children. What they found was not that at all, but that it was the average sized women who had the most children. It was found that taller women had children sooner than the average sized woman but that could not explain the increase.

Financial status and living situation were examined with no solid lead as to the increase in height. After all the tests had been run, it was determined that perhaps the reason for the increase in height was natural selection. Perhaps the Dutch people are growing taller due to human evolution, according to the studies. Currently, the Dutch people are the tallest people on the planet.

Netanyahu And Obama Clash Over Iran’s Nuclear Issue

Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Tuesday before the US Congress that an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program would not prevent Tehran to have the atomic bomb. Netanyahu gave a notable speech in the US Congress at a time when Washington and Tehran were negotiating in Switzerland to find a final settlement at the end of March supposed to frame the controversial nuclear program of Iran. “This proposed agreement will not prevent Tehran from making nuclear bomb. It is even almost certain that it will produce nuclear weapons, a lot of them, “insisted Mr. Netanyahu during a notable speech delivered at US Congress.

The Israeli Prime Minister also criticized the agreement prepared by the great powers of the 5 + 1 group (the United States, China, Russia, France, UK and Germany) and the Islamic Republic of Iran. The head of the Israeli government ranted against “two major concessions. The first is to leave Iran with an extensive nuclear program. The second is to lift restrictions on the program in about ten years. On the other hand, US President Barack Obama, who has very bad relations with Netanyahu and was excluded from the meeting, immediately felt that this speech brought “nothing new” and offered no “viable alternative”. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG is just going to monitor the situation for now.

The Passat: European Car Of The Year

The Passat, large sedan from the German automaker Volkswagen, was awarded on Monday the European Car of the Year trophy, in Geneva. The Passat, renewed last year, was chosen after the vote of a panel of 58 experts from 22 European countries, on the eve of the opening to the press auto show in the Swiss city. This car is available in multiple versions, including a plug-in hybrid, triumphed over the BMW Active Tourer 2, Citroen C4 Cactus, Ford Mondeo, Mercedes C-Class, Nissan Qashqai and Renault Twingo, finalists of this year.

This is the third time in six editions that the firm Wolfsburg was nominated for a reward; it was left with the Polo in 2010 and 2013 for the Golf. The prize has been awarded since 1964. Last year, it had been delivered to the Peugeot 308. It is worth mentioning that the Passat has won this award with a very wide margin. The judges awarded the Passat with 340 points. Its close rival C4 Cactus got 248 points while C-Class was able to get 221 points. Experts say that the Passat was selected for this award due to its advanced technology, smart design and wide variety of configurations. At BMG in Brazil, plenty of people like how they are performing.

Rand Paul Running in 2016

Rand Paul has now made it clear that he plans to run for President in 2016. He is a Republican who thinks that he can satisfy all of the desires of the party. While he might listen to what voters want right now, only time will tell if Paul lives up to everything that he has stated. He is already trying to raise money for his campaign, but there hasn’t been a lot said about the issues that he is for or against. Paul seems to be a man who wants to try to make the country into a happy place, and Sultan Alhokair said that just won’t happen because even in the Republican party, there are people who have very different views on how the country should operate. He has a lot of work to do, but if he can show the voters that he means business, then he might have a chance at winning the election.

Rand Paul Will be Running for President

Rand Paul, a former eye surgeon and a current Senator from Kentucky, has officially announced that he is running for the presidency, according to the news on He made the announcement in a video on his website today.

Since becoming Senator in 2010, Paul has made himself known as a more libertarian-minded member of the Republican Party and is not afraid to voice his opinions. In 2013, Paul made an impressive over 12 hour filibuster against the nomination of John Brennan for the position of CIA Director due to the potential use of drones on American soil against United States citizens.

Paul’s bid for presidency comes on the heels of his father’s presidency campaign according to Boraie Development. The elder Paul, Ron Paul, ran for president in 2008 and 2012. Ron Paul’s campaigns were popular with the activists however not with the majority of voters. Rand Paul is attempting to step out of his father’s presidency campaign shadow and reach out to a broader expanse of voters.

Recently Rand Paul has been in the news for criticizing the Clintons. He was criticizing Bill Clinton for his behavior towards women, which Paul called predatory. Paul also criticized Hillary for accepting donations for her family’s fund from countries like Saudi Arabia who give their women limited rights.