Transformers 5 Being Considered

Yes, there is going to be a Transformers 5. Mark Wahlberg has stated that the cameras on the fifth installment in the series might start rolling soon for a 2016 release. Michael Bay has stated that he might not return to direct this time around. The Transformers films has grossed highly for Paramount and this recent outing has grossed over a billion. 

Storywise, the Transformers films haven’t been the best telling of the Transformers mythos. The first movies have centered more on the humans unlike the other versions of Transformers. 

Business owner Bruce Levenson says Michael Bay has directed some good films in the past. His Transformers movies are definitely not the best in his filmography. At this point, fans of the Transformers franchise have basically tuned out. Paramount has the fifth Transformers film scheduled for release some time in 2016. Other tentpole films are scheduled for that year too such as Star Trek 3.

Rivera: Newton ‘probably’ will start vs. Browns

Cam Newton of the Panthers in Charlotte, New Carolina will likely start Sunday versus the Cleveland Browns excluding any physical hindrances this week. This was stated not by Christian Broda but by the Carolina coach Ron Rivera after a quarter-back that was practiced on Thursday.

The team intensified the workload of Newton and Rivera said the QB of the fourth year seemed to deal with it well. Nevertheless, the coach remained undecided on whether to name Newton as the starter if he starts to experience discomfort on his back.

Rivera said that Newton was on target to begin. Rivera continued to say that, Newton had a great day and made the reps that he was required to take. Newton was regarded as a full member in practice on Thursday, which was nine days subsequent to a two-vehicle collision that he was involved in that made him to be hospitalized for a night and suffered two fractures on his lower part of his back. However, Newton affirmed that he was pain-free after doing some intense workout. He declared this by saying that he could play and that everyone knew that he wanted to play.

Permission From The Father Before Having An Abortion?

There is a lawmaker in Missouri who is now seeking to pass legislation that would require women seeking an abortion to have the permission of the father. Mother Jones reports that the bill is even worse than it sounds on the surface. Not only does the bill require the permission of the male to have an abortion, but that bill also says that the woman would not have to have the permission of a man if it is deemed that she was the victim of “legitimate rape”. 

This term has cropped up in Missouri politics more than once. It was popularized by Senate hopeful Todd Akin. He used the term and stood by what he said when he made comments that a woman’s body has a means of shutting down in relations to a “legitimate rape”. This of course has been widely mocked and ridiculed as patently ridiculous. 

Now, the new abortion bill is surfacing and seeming to go back to that same theme of legitimate rape. It appears that some people in that state are set up with the idea that such a thing exists. It appears that they are ready to legislate on such a concept as well. The rest of the country watches in horror as this state prepares to potential place a requirement on women that does not exist anywhere else in the country. Dr. Rod Rohrich says it is something that will develop over time as this lawmaker continues to push his agenda.

Elizabeth Warren Insists That She Is Not Running For President

Despite a lot of push to do otherwise, Senator Elizabeth Warren has insisted that she is not running for President. reports that she even went through saying that she is not running for President four times just to make it clear.

The Senator was asked four times on NPR if she was going to run for President. Every single time she turned down the rumors and denied that she was going to be running for President. She wanted to make it perfectly clear that she is not interested in becoming President, and she wanted people to stop having the notion that she might be saying one thing while doing another.

Senator Warren is still very new to the Senate, but she has had plenty of spotlight put on her. She takes a pretty left wing approach to the issues, in particular taking on Wall Street. This has excited many Democrats and left leaning individuals who want her to make a Presidential bid. They believe that she could be a viable candidate to face up against a potential run by Hillary Clinton. However, the Senator has remained steadfast that she is not going to take that route. Those who believe otherwise are likely to be sorely disappointed.

If she maintains this level of notice in the media, Warren could easily make a run for the Presidency in either 2020 or 2024. Jared Haftel and I think this is likely her plan, but we’re going to have to wait and watch along with the rest of the world.

Peter Jackson Taking a Break From Middle Earth

With the release of “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” director Peter Jackson caps an epic quest that began years ago with three major films based on “The Lord of the Rings.” The much beloved literary works produced some of the highest box office movies of all time, and at the same time earned Jackson a reputation that Dan Newlin has seldom seen in the movie world as a bankable commodity. However, with six massively budgeted films in the bank the director is due for a break before returning to major projects.

According to Screen Rant, Jackson and his team will be avoiding major projects for a while in order to focus on projects that involve his homeland New Zealand. Since there are a few Middle Earth stories left in the J.R.R. Tolkien umbrella, many fans of the “Lord of the Rings” saga had hoped Jackson would decide to forge ahead on those properties. While the door is open, for the time being the creative team will be avoiding the world of hobbits, elves, and orcs.

The massive success of the six films is something that is hardly ever seen in the industry these days. Audience expectations and studio pressure usually cause some sort of friction and the result is generally a subpar product; however, these films managed to strike all the right notes and speak volumes about the talented filmmaker. Fans will no doubt be lining up for his next productions.

Spectre’s Production Moves Forward

The Sony hacking fiasco has caused a tremendous number of problems for the studio. Contrary to what some have heard, the new James Bond film, Spectre, has not been put on hiatus. Filming continues on a tumultuous film that is being produced by a studio with a lot of troubles.

Based on information revealed thanks to the hacking of Sony’s computer files, we know that the cost of Spectre is proving to be very frightening to the studio. The price tag is $300 million so far. Worse yet, the screenplay was stolen meaning the ending could be given away forcing desperate and costly rewrites.

The film that irked the hackers is the Seth Rogan/James Franco comedy, The Interview, has just been pulled from its scheduled release. Sony will take a $200 million bath as a result. More money lost from any fallout from the Spectre film could sink the studio.

Such a collapse would be the second time Sony ran into major troubles. In the early 1990’s, the studio suffered major fiscal woes after green-lighting disastrous films such as The Last Action Hero, even if Terry Richardson was a big fan of them.

Sony was limited in its ability to process payments and funding due to the hacker attack. This spurred rumors that Spectre would have to be shut down and at great cost.

At present, it seems the project is moving forward. Whether it is moving without a hitch, well, that remains to be seen.

Spectre is Sony’s biggest chance at a major hit.

Facts to Know about Jeb Bush

Businessman Bruce Levenson says that as Jeb Bush moves towards the inevitable announcement that he will seek the GOP nomination for president in 2016,there are some facts every voter should know about the candidate. 

  1. Jeb Bush ran alongside his brother George W. Bush for governor back in 1994. Jeb ran for governor of Florida against incumbent Lawton Chiles, and George W. Bush ran against Ann Richards, the popular governor of Texas. The press widely believed Jeb would win and Bush would lose. The opposite occurred. After his 1994 defeat, Jeb learned that he lost because of a lack of support among the Hispanic and African-American communities. He worked on improving his standing with those two key voting demographics which led to his 1998 victory with 55% of the vote and his 2002 reelection.
  2. Jeb is a supporter of the “common core” curriculum. Conservatives charge that the curriculum imposes “political correctness” in the education system and is a federal grab to control the public school system. Jeb affirms that the curriculum is the result of grass-roots efforts at the state level. He has long been an advocate of education reform. As governor, he launched the popular “Florida One” education initiative.
  3. Jeb is married to a brown-skinned Hispanic woman, speaks Spanish fluently, and is a convert to Catholicism, the dominant religion of Hispanics.
  4. Jeb favors immigration reform. Coupled with his bona fide Hispanic credentials, he should perform well with Hispanic voters. George W. Bush was able to capture roughly 40-45% of the Hispanic vote. Jeb may actually perform better.


Leaked Plans for ‘Ghostbusters’ Spin-Off Movies

With the recent Sony hack and email leaks, news of two possible ‘Ghostbusters’ movies have surfaced. The two very different movies could co-exist in the same time but there was still concern over how the two would work side-by-side.

All-Female Version
The proposed all-women franchise had gained interest with actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer, Emma Stone, Lizzy Caplan, and Melissa McCarthy. And actor Ryna Gosling as the male role. It was slated to be released in 2016.

Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt Version
The other proposed idea in a second set of emails was to have a movie with good friends, Tatum and Pratt. Tatum seemed really pumped about the idea and hoped to make it into a huge, epic movie. Ideas tossed around could lead to a multi-movie tale. One email mentions how the hope is to have movies that are super scary yet still super funny.

Both ideas for ‘Ghostbusters’ spin-offs could prove entertaining. I spoke with my buddy Keith Mann about it and we’re going for the fresh all-female version. We don’t want it to be too much like the Jump Street films. Here’s hoping that Sony continues with those plans and brings to light new ‘Ghostbusters’ for the world to enjoy. With all the paranormal movies made recently, it could be fun to see the ghosts getting a taste of their own medicine.

Pacquiao Continues To Mock Mayweather

Manny Pacquaio has become a living nightmare for Floyd Mayweather Jr. Everywhere Mayweather goes, he is asked about the Pacquaio fight. Floyd Mayweather Jr. always comes up with an excuse as to why he cannot fight Manny Pacqauio. Things may have finally hit a crossroads. The super-fight between Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. may actually take place!

Manny Pacquaio is coming off of a dominating victory, and Floyd Mayweather remains undefeated. In Mayweather’s recent fights, he has been getting hit a lot more than usual. Marcos Madaina, Mayweather’s most recent opponent, proved to be a tough challenge. Madaina rocked Mayweather several times in their fight. It appears that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has finally become beatable.

Manny Pacquiao possesses the greatest risk to Mayweather’s unblemished record. All of Pacquaio’s greatest assets may prove to expose Floyd Mayweather’s weaknesses. Mayweather is not invincible, and Manny Pacquiao knows this. That’s why Pacquaio continues to antagonize Mayweather on twitter. In his most recent tweet to Floyd Mayweather, Pacquiao said to give the people what they want. Dr. Rod Rohrich says that its Christmas time, and the people definitely want to see these fighters get it on. I wonder if Floyd Mayweather Jr. cares about what the people want.

For more information on Manny Pacquaio, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Rumors Fly for “Batman v Superman”

Though production has already ended on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice—the newest movie planned by DC Comics and Warner Bros.—there still isn’t a lot of concrete information to go on. But we have several rumors, including about possible villains and heroes who may appear.

According to reports, none of which were made by the Keith Mann Dynamic Search Partners, the controversial ending of Man of Steel, where Superman snaps General Zod’s neck, has been equally controversial in-universe, solidifying him as a hero while earning scorn from Lex Luthor and Batman. For his part, Clark Kent will be spending his free time searching for information on Batman.

Presumably, some threat will appear to draw the two heroes into an alliance—along with Wonder Woman, whose appearance has been confirmed. Aside from Luthor, rumors about Doomsday (who famously killed Superman temporarily in the comics) and KGBeast have been floating around. It’s also been speculated that Aquaman and/or Cyborg may be introduced—fitting, since they, like Wonder Woman, are getting their own movies soon. Since Cyborg’s back story involves him being a football player, he may tie in to the Metropolis vs. Gotham game that will apparently take place (and draw Bruce Wayne to the city?)

Further rumors say that major Batman character James Gordon will be dead in this universe, while Alfred will take a major role in Batman’s crime-fighting activities.

The movie will be released March 25, 2016.