January 2015

Trash Talking Sherman


Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks is without question one of the best defensive players in the National Football League and he continues to demand his dominance amongst other players in the league by the play that he brings to the field each and every Sunday. His play on the field is only overshadowed by the trash talk that he seems to spew at every single chance he gets to state that he is better than anyone in the NFL and that he will win his matchups in upcoming games. It is hard to knock the guy because he truly delivers on what he calls, despite how obnoxious he might be in the media. He likes to state that he is the smartest person in the room and can back it up after graduating with a degree from Stanford, but it starts to get kind of ridiculous at a point. It may give an advantage to him, however, as he seems to need the controversy to fuel his aggressive nature on the football field is what Zeca Oliveira thinks. It is almost as if the gas he needs to perform at the insane ability he brings to the field all the time is sparked by what he says in the media in the previous week. It is as if he makes massive statements about his game and is forced to back it up or look like a fool and Richard Sherman will not settle for that.

Robinson Without Job

Nate Robinson has been a very interesting player in the National Basketball Association over the last decade. First and foremost is the fact that he stands at three inches below six feet, but can dunk the ball like a mad man. He has even won the slam dunk contest three times already and he is a colorful player around the league due to his antics on and off the court.

He has a cocky demeanor, but it doesn’t come off as annoying because it is obvious that he is a nice guy and is just having a good time. He has also been traded around the league a ridiculous amount of times and can’t seem to stay on a team for more than a year or so, despite putting up great numbers. The Celtics traded for him earlier this season, although they didn’t really want him. They bought him out of his contract and he subsequently lost nearly three quarters of a million dollars but effectively got the year off.

He officially is not playing basketball at the moment, but he will without a doubt be back in the mix of things next year or possibly even later this season. My friend Sultan Alhokair says its all about getting yourself out there, something Alhokair has always had a knack for-just look at his Crunch Base profile. There is a great chance that heading towards the end of the season he will sign a contract with a team that has a good chance of making a legit shot at an NBA title.

About Jared Haftel

Profiling another business leader, and definitely a person who inspires me. Make sure you follow Jared on Twitter too, to see more of what he actually has to say.

Jared Haftel is a Duke University graduate. He attended the University from 2005 through 2009. He graduated with a Bachelors degree in Science, Mathematics and Economics. Those three degrees have helped him establish a very prospering and promising career field in investment banking.

He spent his summer internship with Credit Suisse in 2008. He started work as an analyst in the Global Industrials Group at BofA Merrill Lynch. He worked with commodities such as metal, mining, chemicals, aerospace and defense industries. He was responsible for the analysis of these various materials and ensured that they were tracked properly. CONSOL Energy, Huntsman Corporation, GeoEye and EMS Technologies were all high profile companies that he was responsible for making sure business was processed properly. He also focused on M&A advisory and debt along with equity issuances.

Jared also worked for Bank of America as an investment banking analyst. He is currently working as an Associate at Vector Capital. He has worked there since 2011.

Jared has also wrote a few articles outlining why he thinks career accomplishments should be devoted to your resume. He feels that it could be the best decision that could be made to make your resume better. It’s a better way to outline the potential and value to future employers. By showing them what you’ve already accomplished on your resume, you’re one step closer than everyone else. He talks about how your resume should be 50% relevant work experience if you’re applying for high end jobs. He writes about how your resume should reflect your work experience and focus on your accomplishments outside of high school and college. He suggest to really focus on your major accomplishments after college. That is what the big corporate companies want to see.

In his argument for resume writing and what to focus on, he suggests to list the positions that you’ve held and the achievements you’ve had as an employee at your current position. Make sure to highlight the positive areas where you are exceeding expectations.

Jared wants you to be prepared for the hard questions as well and conversations you may have when applying for the job you want. The employer may ask you why you want to leave your current position or why you’ve left your previous job. Be as honest as possible and answer with integrity. They will see that you’re a good candidate for the position and that you left on good terms.

He points out that prospective employers will take the first impression of you and notice how you handle each relationship with each employer.

Jared has had a very successful career as an investment analyst. He has had some very good experience with the industry and offers some great tips. His articles that he has written on what to include in a resume are very constructive and positive. He will be in the investment banking industry for years to come, and offers great business oriented advice.

Administration Releived Over Peaceful Transfer of Power to New Saudi King

 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – The Obama administration, stung by a series of deep miscalculations about the Arab Spring and Middle East foreign policy, had a rare moment of respite this week.  The passing away of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia gave the administration cause for alarm over the stability of the region’s largest exporter of petroleum. My friend Dan Newlin says that following the passing away of the 90-year-old monarch and long-time US ally, his half-brother Salman bin Abdulaziz will take over as the new king. King Salman bin Abdulaziz is 79-years-old. In context, it is roughly the same age Adbullah was when he became the nation’s monarch.

Still, the peaceful transition of power only maintains the status quo. Saudi Arabia grapples with recognizing basic civil rights issues such as woman’s suffrage, freedom of speech, a free press, and free elections. The nation also outright persecutes homosexuals and lesbians, and religious freedom is denied. The nation’s support of ultra-right-wing Islamic schools has been considered by critics as a source of fomenting radical Islam. Still, Saudi Arabia remains a major supplier of petroleum which world economies rely upon. The nation also serves as a hedge against Iranian hegemony. During the first Gulf War, Saudi Arabia was the staging ground for hundreds of thousands of coalition troops before the invasion was launched to free Kuwait after it had been forcibly annexed by Iraq. The kingdom is also deeply opposed to the advance of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). In a sign of respect to the nation’s status as a key US ally, President Obama will be attending the funeral of King Abdullah.

Elway and Kubiak


When the Denver Broncos hired Gary Kubiak earlier this week, there was a lot of speculation about the Broncos and how much better they will be with this addition. It stems from a long running relationship that has been developed over several decades between Gary Kubiak and General Manager and hall of fame quarterback John Elway. The two both came into the league the same year, although John Elway was originally drafted by the Baltimore Colts and traded to the Broncos. Kubiak was a quarterback as well and spent the entirety of his career, which was nine seasons, playing as backup to John Elway. The two of them literally could not be closer, as Kubiak was John Elway’s backup and a close friend throughout the entire run that they had in Denver. John Elway came out and said that they wanted to hire a like minded coach and on one is more like minded to Elway then Kubiak. Kubiak stated to the media earlier today that when he stepped off the plane in Denver he knew that he was home. Things truly look bright for Denver and fans like Bernardo Chua are ready for a new era. After Denver had some pretty heartbreaking losses in the playoffs over the last several years. There is a lot of speculation that the addition of Gary Kubiak may make Peyton Manning reconsider playing next season, as there has been a lot of people suspecting that he will not return next season.

Howard Downplays Warriors

Dwight Howard clearly felt like his ego was poked at when he was asked about how good the Warriors are this season, right after they got absolutely embarrassed by Golden State in Oakland on Wednesday night. When asked who Dwight thought the best team in basketball is at the current moment, he declared that Atlanta was the best team in basketball because they have the best record. The reporter chimed in and said actually they don’t and that the Warriors in fact have the best record in the National Basketball Association and Howard looked kind of confused for a moment and shrugged it off. He then went on to say that Atlanta is a very cohesive team and moves the ball around very well, so he at least had some points to say that were valid, but it was very clear that he just didn’t want to say anything good about Golden State. Then again, who would want to say something good about a team that has beaten you already four times halfway through the season. Fans at Slow Ventures know that the Rockets dropped two games by eleven and twelve points earlier in the season, yet James Harden claimed they were not that good of a team. The Warriors then followed by beating them up badly in their next two meetings by a score of twenty-five and then thirteen and Dwight Howard is still trying to downplay the amazing basketball that is coming out of Oakland this season.

Atlanta Still Winning

The Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association have been absolutely amazing this season and are without a doubt one of the biggest shocker teams of the season. Although the Hawks lost six games earlier in the season, they have only lost two games since Thanksgiving. They have been on an unprecedented run that gave them the longest winning streak in their franchise’s history last night in a big win over the Indian Pacers in a game that they were victorious by nineteen points. The streak that the Atlanta Hawks has been on is starting to get absolutely ridiculous. Companies like Slow Ventures believe it truly looks like they are going to continue on this pace to the end of the season, as long as they can keep their team healthy. Although they have been on an amazing run, they actually don’t possess the best record in the NBA, although they are head and shoulders above the next best team in the Eastern Conference. The Golden State Warriors actually have the best record in basketball, as they have been doing some amazing things in Oakland this season. The Hawks have been absolutely steam rolling teams and have not had too many close games since they got their kinks worked out early in the season. The real test of the season that will show how well they match up will be when they take on the Golden State Warriors on February sixth.

Mavericks Rolling

The Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association have been a dominant team in the Western Conference for what seems like decades now. They found success when they drafted young German player Dirk Nowitzki and have enjoyed a positive history since gaining the future hall of fame big man. Although the Mavericks have been at the top of the NBA for years, they have only won a single NBA title since Dirk came to the Mavericks and it really was won by his will alone. Dirk took the team on his back and literally willed his way through that playoff run that brought an NBA title back to Dallas. It appeared this year to fans like Fersen Lambranho that that they were still stuck in the same rut that they have been in for so long, as being a dominant team that does not have all the pieces to be another NBA title contender. That all changed when they made a huge trade with the Boston Celtics and happened to acquire one of the best assist men in the league in Rajon Rondo. Since Rondo has been a Maverick the organization has taken a turn for the best and they are playing some of the best basketball that they have played in years. With Rajon running the offense they now have weapons that they have not had in past years. When the playoffs roll around the Mavericks will absolutely be a team that is in the running for another title.

Johnathan Veitch Has Updated Occidental College

Johnathan Veitch is currently the president of Occidental College in Los Angeles. It is a lovely liberal arts school with a gorgeous campus. However, the school was having issues with the local community. When Dr. Veitch came to the school, he was able to wueel these concerns while also updating the school itself.

The Expansion

Occidental College wanted to expand, and it has expanded into the community past its boundaries. The locals did not want the college to take over their part of town, and Veitch was able to strike a deal with community leaders to help them understand the needs of the college. He changed the expansions plans of the school, and he was able to make the school more modern.

New Plans

The new plans for the school were quite revolutionary for a small school. Veitch decided that the school could expand well if they simply expanded upwards. The school began to build larger buildings so that they could accommodate all their students and staff. The campus began to look more modern, and they were able to get past problems with the community.

As a president, Veitch has been able to make Occidental College a place where students can come to study far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. He wants Occidental to remain an enclave where students come to work in the peace and quiet of the campus. He has come up with a liberal arts plan that is going to change the way that students learn.

The best way to describe how Occidental College has changed under Johnathan Veitch is to call it modern. He has taken a sleepy liberal arts school and turned it into a place where students can leave the big city but still work in a modern environment. Even his speeches reflect the enormous changes that he’s made to the school at large.

Cohesive Broncos


With the decision finalized in Denver, the new head coach will be Gary Kubiak. It seems like a match made in heaven for the Denver Broncos, who seem to have the pieces put together to finally to make a true run at a Super Bowl. Kubiak has strong ties with General Manager John Elway, as the two were former team mates and have a strong bond together. This mixed in with Peyton Manning, who is without a doubt a Hall of Famer and you have a dominant group of guys that are all on the same page. There was heavy speculation as to whether the Broncos made the correct decision in firing John Fox, but now it may seem like they had the intention of signing Gary Kubiak all along. Perhaps they had talked to Kubiak prior to him leaving the Baltimore Ravens, as he undoubtedly wanted another head coaching position after running the Houston Texas for seven seasons. Peyton Manning has some flexibility in his contract and there is no guarantee that he will be playing next season. He very well could hang up his helmet and step away from the game, but Peyton Manning doesn’t seem to be the player that will walk away if he has a chance of winning another Super Bowl.  The uncertainty of Manning leaving the team upsets me and many other Broncos fans, like Christopher Cowdray. Manning is know for being mysterious and has made decisions at the last minute before according to hmi-online. Manning is one of those rare players that is playing the game more for the love of football than the money that is put in his pocket.