February 2015

New Release Dates For Albums

If you’ve ever bought an album in the recent past, then you know that albums tend to come out on Tuesdays. Albums in the USA are released on Tuesday, and then their sales are calculated throughout the week. Album Release Days. There is a movement that is being pursued, so that albums will no longer be released on different dates around the world, but on one simultaneous date, no matter which country it’s in. Currently, albums will be released at different times in different countries. Bernardo Chua (Prnewswire.com) has read that albums released in different countries at different times, helps with sales, but it also promotes piracy.

Someone may buy an album in Europe, and then upload it online, then someone in the USA can get it for free. Not only does the person in the USA, now have the album, but they have received it, long before the release of the album in the USA. In an effort to combat piracy, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) made an announcement on Thursday, February 26, 2015, that in the near future, albums will only be released on Fridays.

The plan is to release the albums on Fridays only, everywhere in the world, at the same time. Once the order goes into effect, record companies are expected to comply with the release dates, but the fact is, no one can legally be forced to release their album on cue from any industry.

Firehouse Holds Last Minute Wedding for Couple

Camille Bethea, 23-years-old, is a newly wed. She and her Marine Corp reservist husband Marc got married earlier this month in Virginia. However, they had to hurdle over several obstacles in order to become husband and wife.

According to the story on WJLA.com, the couple were set to be married on last weekend. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans for them. The first of two venues that the couple had reserved had their roof cave in due to heavy snow falling. The second venue cancelled the ceremony due to heavy snow in the parking lot. The last straw was their pastor cancelling on them as well because of the weather. The couple were at a loss of what to do, considering they had nearly 30 family members in town for their wedding.

Camille’s bridesmaid sprung into action for the couple. Paul Mathieson has heard that she found a replacement pastor at the last minute and the pastor suggested the couple find a police or fire hall that would allow their ceremony at the last minute. Luckily for the couple, Arlington County’s Fire Station 105 was happy to oblige. They cleaned the area, set up chairs and tables, and made the fire station into the best wedding hall they could.

It was a wedding the couple will remember for their lifetime, thanks to their fireman heroes.

Government Officials Bully Secessionists

Although the idea of a state seceding has been in the news almost every year since the founding of the United States, people don’t often hear about officials raiding a meeting of people seeking to secede legally through international channels.

In Texas, there’s a secessionist movement called the “Republic of Texas.” Although conflicts between extremist members of the Republic and local law enforcement ended in a violent confrontation in 1997, the current members have been focused entirely on peaceful demonstrations of their sovereignty to show that they do not consider themselves a part of the United States of America. Flavio Maluf said after one member’s home was foreclosed by non-Republic Kerr County officials, a judge for the Republic of Texas sent a summons to the bank representative and Kerr County judge involved in the matter to discuss the issue at their February 15 meeting.

The Kerr County sheriff, Rusty Hierholzer, in what he officially described as a “show of force,” raided the meeting with local, state and federal officers including agents of the Sheriff’s Office, the state District Attorney’s Office, the FBI and even the Texas Rangers. He has also admitted that the raid was based on a trumped up misdemeanor charge. Over 60 Republic of Texas members were at the meeting and forced to submit to fingerprinting and other forms of intimidation.

There’s no word on whether American taxpayers were stuck with paying for the raid.

UFC Fighter Pay

The UFC receives a lot of criticism. Payment towards their fighters is among the highest complaint in the organization. It is true that the lower UFC fighters do not make much. For a first time fighter, the UFC will pay $6,000 to show and $6,000 to win. That sounds awful, but there are other ways to earn money in the UFC.

The UFC offers bonuses at every event. The bonus amount can differ from event to event, but usually the bonus starts at $50,000. You get a bonus if you can get submission of the night, knockout of the night, or fight of the night. It is possible to rack up an extra $100,000 at each UFC event. However, it is difficult to win a UFC bonus as there are so many fights on the card.

What a lot of people complain about it is the difference in pay from the top to the bottom. Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG know that a top UFC fighter can make millions of dollars, while a low ranked fighter can make a few thousand. It really is mind blowing, but at least the UFC offers a chance for everybody to get that bonus money. Something must be done about fighter pay in the near future.

For more information on the UFC, visit Yahoo! Sports.

The Antique Wine Company: International Fine Wine Experts

The Antique Wine Company is an illustrious international luxury spirits and wines company that has been in business since the early 1980s. The London, United Kingdom’s CEO is the highly respected fine wine expert Stephen Williams, who also happens to be the founder. Since beginning in 1982, the company has gradually and steadily expanded and now has two offices located abroad. These offices are in Hong Kong and Manila, the Philippines. The merchant services more than 20,000 individual customers in 70 nations scattered around the world.

The company name suggests a dedication to antique wines. The people behind The Antique Wine Company indeed are committed to the trade and spreading of awareness of vintage wines. In spite of that, they mostly acquire and sell fine wines that have been manufactured in modern years. The Antique Wine Company aspires to trade fine wines that someday down the line will be extremely valuable antiques. The fine wines and spirits they trade span many years and eras. People who are interested in vintage fine wines from the 1970s, for example, can find high-quality options through the merchant. The same goes for people who are interested in fine wines that were made in 2011, 2012, 2013 and so on and so forth.

The Antique Wine Company is notable due to its massive assortment of fine wines. The merchant accommodates these bottles inside of their large cellars. Their cellars actually are home to more than 10,000 bottles of some of the globe’s rarest and most desired luxury wines.

The professionals who work at The Antique Wine Company have ample expertise in the vast world of fine wines and spirits. As a result, their duties aren’t in any way limited to trading fine wines. The company also specializes in providing fine wine advice. They assist people who work at wine cellars around the world in their day-to-day operations. If a person in charge of a wine cellar at a leading 5-star restaurant needs tips on appropriate wine storage techniques, for example, The Antique Wine Company can provide in-depth suggestions and recommendations.

Wine lovers can enjoy many diverse choices in fine wines and spirits when they browse The AWC‘s selection. The fine wines they trade not only come from many different decades and eras, but they also come from many different locales around the planet. They trade wines from France, Spain, Germany, Italy, the United States, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia.

Why Play Fantasy Baseball?

I cannot think of a good reason to play fantasy baseball. I have never been able to figure out a reason why. The season is too long for it, and the game is simply not made for it. Marcio Alaor BMG (Mzweb.com) knows that fantasy football has always made sense because of the stats that you use to create points for fantasy football teams. However, the game of baseball is a bit too majestic for the fantasy game itself.

We all think that sabremetrics are very cool, but we forget that these stats do not do anything about the actual live performance of baseball itself. You have to watch the games to see what is going on, and you need to see what it looks like when the players are doing their thing. A player with good stats might actually be horrible at the plate because he flies out all the time. That is true of someone like Jay Bruce who is statistically good, but he is as unclutch as they come. The same could be said about Joey Votto. He looks like he does not hit enough for power, but he is an on base god worthy of enshrinement for that skill alone. Fantasy baseball does not capture that, and that is why it does not do it for me.

States Are Cutting College Funding But Giving Big Business Tax Breaks

State Local And County Governments Give Big Corporations $80 Billion In Tax Breaks Every Year

Forty-eight states have reduced college funding in the last seven years. Some states slashed the funding by as much as 40 percent. The reason, as if we had to guess, is the economic ruin of the Great Recession and deficits created by over-spending. Susan McGalla (Wikinvest) knows that those issues may be part of the reason, but the real issue is why do states cut higher education funding, but they still give the big corporations what amounts to welfare benefits. States give big business billions in tax breaks every year.

There’s a bulging and damaging duplicity in their decision-making, and we allow it to continue. Most of us don’t know all the facts, but if we did a little research we would discover the total tuition at all the public colleges in 2012 was a little less than $60 billion.

So if we do the math, we could figure that slashing tax benefits for wealthy corporations and applying that money to college tuition, kids could learn for free. But we live in a capitalistic culture that promotes profit, not free education. Our priorities have been submerged in a high-stakes game of corporate monopoly. We forget we have to make sound educational choices because we have been brain-washed by the cries to fund corporate welfare. Unlike education, those businesses take rather than give.

Spielberg and Pratt – potentials for the reboot of Indiana Jones


Steven Spielberg is considering directing the rebooted version of Indiana Jones. Much of this will depend on the script and whether the new script is unique enough and inspires Spielberg to again tackle the project. According to Cinechew, it should be considered whether Spielberg (still thought of as one of the best filmakers in Hollywood) should take on this reboot or if the having one of the next gen direct it would make for a fresher perspective and movie going experience.

In addition, Chris Pratt is being considered to be cast in Harrison Ford’s role of Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. It sounds to Fersen Lambranho  like Spielberg would really like to see Pratt in this role. Though it is still way to early to say if either Spielberg or Pratt will accept their respective roles in the reboot, it would be easy to see the two working together.

Though a new and fresh perspective would be intriguing, it is hard to picture and Indiana Jones movie without Spielberg and Ford. Hopefully, the new script will be enticing enough to get Spielberg’s juices flowing on the project as his talent is undeniable. And Pratt would make probably the best recast for Dr. Jones as any of the current actors.

Zelda to Go Games of Thrones Route

How does that old saying about imitation go? Oh yes, when you imitate you are presenting the sincerest form of flattery. In the entertainment world, imitation also helps make much smarter business-related production decisions. The good people at Netflix realize this. In the forthcoming live-action version of Legend of Zelda, the style of the series is going to be much more akin to HBO’s Game of Thrones than the whimsical style of the old Nintendo game.

Actually, the Zelda series is going to be similar to Game of Thrones in some ways and very different in others. Zelda will follow a soap opera format with complex plots and a lot of action. The emphasis surely should focus more on the depth of the characters and there should be several interesting ones. All of these components have greatly helped make Game of Thrones and all good works of fiction to be successful.

What the series is not going to include is all the violence and brutality the dark world of Westeros is known for, because they couldn’t attract the major companies like Imaging advantage.

In a huge departure from the style of Game of Thrones, Zelda is going to be more “family-friendly”. Taking such an approach could draw in an audience comprised of both younger and older viewers. In a sense, drawing in larger audiences from various demographics is what makes animated and superhero films so successful.

Being more family oriented could help Zelda set itself apart from the already well-established Game of Thrones program. Eking out its own identity is a far better plan than trying to rehash similar material.

Igor Cornelsen: Brazil’s Top Banker and Investment Expert

If you are looking for investment advice regarding Brazil, then Igor Cornelsen is the expert to connect with. His reputation as an investment seer in the stock market is one of a prudent and shrewd connoisseur with a proven track record. His belief system encourages and cultivates commitment to the investments made during a life time. Part of Mr. Cornelsen’s strategy is informed by an uncanny ability to distinguish between a damaged stock with potential over time and a company damaged beyond survivability.

With decades of experience, Cornelsen’s level of gravitas has provided him with a wealth of information about Brazilian banking and investment. He speaks with candor and provides details instead of just advice. For example, his recommendations provide insight regarding networking with natives, negotiating regulatory red tape, and the importance of currency. Being aware of the market conditions, governmental regulations and ideology are crucial to the equation used by Cornelsen. He believes an informed investor knows what is happening in the country they investment in.

He understands there are many variables in the world of finance and is known for navigating them with supreme results. This is because he believes connections in financial partnerships matter. This not only applies to the Brazilian market, which is one of the top ten global markets. For example, he points to the relationship of Brazil with the leading market in South America and its largest trading partner China. Another example, of opportunities gleaned by him includes watching the finance reports of big banks in Brazil and what plans the government has in place.

Cornelsen is aware of his sought after expertise on acquiring and managing Brazilian stock investments for any portfolio. He often publishes pertinent pieces regarding the best practices for building wealth one stock at a time. He advocates for taking an active role in what is happening in every aspect of your investment vision. Most of his advice centers on changing your mindset to one that sees the market as a savings account providing interest. He counters the notion that investments are like the lottery. This tenet is credited by Mr. Cornelsen and his watchers as the key to his success.

Mr. Cornelsen is currently retired. However, he is a proprietor with Bainbridge Investment, Inc. He lives between his homes in his native Brazil and South Florida. The expertise of Mr. Cornelsen can be in the finance news circles for anyone interested in learning how to invest in Brazil for the long haul.