March 2015

Boy Gets To Spend Day With His Favorite Hockey Team

The Toronto Maple Leafs have come through with giving a 11 year old boy one of his dream wishes, to be one the team for a day. Jamie Garcia Dias has learned that the boy, named Garrett Gamble Jr., was given the opportunity to go back into the locker room of the Leafs and drop the inaugural puck to start their game against the Ottawa Senators.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, Garrett was asked what number he would like to have on his official Maple Leafs jersey and he responded that he wanted 42, and that even though it was taken he still wanted it and would speak to Tyler Bozak who already has that number on his back at every game.

Since the Maple Leafs have been having a terrible season in the NHL, it seemed that the players were just as excited to meet a huge fan as Garrett was to meet them too. It is always nice to hear about stories like this, as they are truly heartfelt and mean a lot to the children in the Make A Wish program. The little boy was born with a devastating disease that affects his bones called Morquio Syndrome and has been a huge challenge to him for all the 11 years of his life. It is nice to hear that a team on such a large scale of popularity can give back to one of their fans and motivate him to have even more enthusiasm for life.

Bullied as a kid? Michael Strahan?

Michael Strahan talks about being bullied as a kid in a recent article originally posted on and posted again on It is truly difficult to imagine the successful Michael bullied for anything given his successful athletic career and current career as a co-host on Live! With Michael and Kelly. However, he was apparently bullied for being gap toothed and overweight.

OK, so I can understand some of the jokes regarding being gap toothed as he certainly does have a gap between his two front teeth, but it adds character. However, not in my wildest dreams could I imagine that man fat. He is in remarkable shape, has a great personality, is very attractive and seems like he has the world in the palm of his hands. Amazing that he could overcome his younger years torment to be so overly successful!

Fans like Brad Reifler have heard that Michael was telling a group of teens about these early years and tries to relay the message that anything is possible. He is such a positive role model and I hope that he is able to get through to some of those youngsters who feel they have no hope or options.

Alberta Watson Passes

Popular Canadian actress Alberta Watson passed away over the weekend on Saturday, March 21st. The 60-year-old’s actresses former agent, Pam Winters, released a statement to the media that Watson, well-remembered for her work on many film and television projects over the last fifty years passed away at Toronto’s Kensington Hospice with her husband at her side. Watson’s death has been attributed to complications from a long “battle” with cancer.

Fans at Anastasia Date are aware that the actress was well-known for her beautiful voice and appearance, as well as her poise. Over the course of 50 years, she played minor and prominent roles in many TV series including Hill Street Blues and Law & Order. She was also in FOX’s 24 where she is best remembered as the fourth season’s LA Counter Terrorist Unit director Erin Driscoll who fired Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer. Additionally, Watson played the psychologist and second-in-command named Madeline for a secret counter-terrorism and assassination group known only as Section One on USA’s La Femme Nikita. When CW created a reboot of that series titled simply Nikita, Watson was asked to reprise the role in addition to the cover role of a senator named Madeline Pierce. It was her last small or large screen acting credit.

FAA Oks Amazon’s Drones

The FAA has given Amazon approval to start testing its drone delivery service in the United States. The approval allows the company the ability to test the drones at heights of 400 feet or below, however, for the time being the aircraft has to stand within the sight of the pilot. All of the tests Amazon conducts also have to be done during the day, and have to be performed by someone who has a private pilot’s certificate as well as special medical credentials for flying the aircraft.

Amazon’s drone delivery service is expected to one day be a part of the company’s Amazon Prime service. Amazon Prime allows customers to purchase something online and receive it often the next day. With Amazon Prime Air that delivery time would be decreased even more. In theory, the service could be used t deliver items from nearby warehouses in minutes rather than hours. People at Anastasia Date understand that the service is expected to make the customer experience of using Amazon better and decrease the cost of deliveries, taking drivers and vehicles off the road and replacing them with drones.

It sounds like a great idea, but we’re still a long way from it becoming a reality. Amazon has to do quite a few tests before the service will be ready for prime time, and be able to figure out how to navigate things like apartment building in larger cities.

Packers Have Very Few Needs in Offseason

Okay so when you are the Green Bay Packers and last season you played in the NFC Championship game while nursing a hurt star quarterback and mediocre team, how do you follow-up with your free agency…by not making a lot of personnel moves, apparently. Fans like Brad Reifler agree that other than losing Tramon Williams to the Cleveland Browns there has not been a lot of noise coming from Wisconsin. Even the GM and Head Coach have made general statements about the upcoming draft and how they like all the other teams try to pick the best players in the right positions for their place in the draft order. Even making general statements about playing the quarterback game…yeah right!

If the Packers are really looking past Aaron Rogers as their future quarterback I would be shocked. Granted they will need someone in the future, and it is true that Rogers will not play forever. Given how he played hurt and still lead his team that far into the playoffs I would keep putting him on the field in a wheel chair and he would still be better than 2/3 of the starters in the league. But it’s not all wine, roses, and cheese. The do need to acquire a nose tackle and a free safety where they don’t have substantial depth. Since the team is quite young in years (not in talent) they may start wanting to groom the replacement for Julius Peppers who has been around for 14 years. Although his back-ups have been on the team for 2 and 3 years, yet they still have not been good enough to unseat the veteran.

Water Rationing May Become A Way Of Life In California


California Experienced The Driest January Ever And Predictors Say The Worst Drought In 1,000 Years Is On The Way

Christian Broda said on CrunchBase that San Francisco may have banned plastic water bottles on government property recently, but that’s not helping the water situation in California. Governor Jerry Brown is cracking down on water wasters, and the State Water Resources Control Board is telling residents water rationing may soon be a way of life.

Restaurants and hotels only serve water by request now, and hotel guests must live with not having their linens and towels laundered every day. Most of the state’s 415 urban water districts have drought plans in place, and Jerry Brown is expected to announce a $1 billion emergency drought fund any day.

Californians had a hard time cutting back on their water usage last year. The state asked them to reduce their water usage by 20 percent, but they only cut back by 10 percent.

The state’s urban water districts already have drought emergency plans in place. Brown is expected to announce more water saving techniques, so people know how serious the issue is. Last year Brown asked residents to reduce their water use by 20 percent, but residents only cut back by 10 percent. Stronger measures will be in place this year.

The Affordable Care Act Has Made A Huge Impact On The National Uninsured Healthcare Rate

Over 14.1 Million Adults Have Health Insurance Thanks To Obamacare

The battle over Obamacare is still playing out in Congress. Some Republicans would do anything to get the law thrown out. But the numbers don’t lie. Well, maybe they do a little, but even when government omissions and errors are considered over 16.4 million Americans have health insurance. Those people are happy they signed up, and the Republicans are miserable because they did. The report doesn’t show how many Republicans are in that 16.1 figure, but it’s safe to say 25 percent is probably a low estimate.

The national uninsured rate is now 13.2 percent. It was 20.3 percent before the law was put in place in 2013. That figure should convince the Supreme Court that Obamacare is helping not hurting the quality of life for average Americans. The main issue is not about healthcare. It’s about money. Alexei Beltyukov knows that Republicans feel Obamacare is too expensive and will take funds away from other government projects. (Find more about Beltyukov on Those projects may not have any day-to-day impact on the American public, but they do serve the greater need for the money brokers in Washington.

Over 26 million people still don’t have health insurance. The Republicans want to change that number. They want 40 million people to go without health insurance, so they can spend money on things that enhance their lifestyle.

A Third “Bill & Ted” Movie May Be Happening

Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan may be back to the big screen! Nearly two decades ago the two characters were the stars in the films Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. Now, according to the story on The Daily Mail, the two may be back together for a third film!

Alex Winters, who played Bill Preston, confirmed last Sunday that a third film for the duo may be getting close. He also confirmed that Keanu Reeves, who played Ted Logan, is on board with the project as well. Winters gave out this information while he was doing an interview with Yahoo News at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. Ray Lane said that Winters was there for a showing of his new documentary film, Deep Web.

Winters has said that even though he went on to become a filmmaker and Reeves a big film star, the two have remained friends over the years. Reeves even narrated Winters’ documentary, Deep Web.

Hopefully the film becomes a reality. I would love to see what these two dim-witted buddies have been up to for the last twenty years and if the Wyld Stallyns ever got their big break.

Nearby hotels show the keys to the success of The Dorchester Collection

The decision by the owners of The Dorchester Collection to purchase the 45 Park Lane hotel in London may have seemed a strange one, largely because the hotel sits just feet from the flagship The Dorchester hotel of the brand. However, the two locations show how the luxury and exclusive hotel chain has searched out the best opportunities to expand the chain and make sure each hotel maintains its own individual personality. The Dorchester Collection highlights the differences and advantages of both The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane, which shows how the brand is opening its doors to different clients who may want to spend their time in one of these two differing locations.

Location is all important to The Dorchester Collection and is shown in the fact the chain was willing to take the gamble on owning two hotels almost side by side in the center of London. The Dorchester highlights the classic luxury and charm of the London most people hope to see as they arrive in the city for a luxury hotel stay. Steeped in the charm and old fashioned opulence available to only a few is one of the major aspects of the chain that has led to it being one of the most successful in terms of profits and guest numbers of recent years.

The decision to purchase and refurbish 45 Park Lane sees a different option for The Dorchester Collection, a modern and exciting hotel experience is available without cutting back on the luxury of The Dorchester Collection. The two hotels are aimed at different clients, but remain firmly entrenched in the luxury and opulence of the brand, which is looking to grow slowly and organically over the remainder of the decade. Twitter has many details for those on social media. The inclusion of a restaurant operated by a major Hollywood chef shows the more modern approach taken at 45 Park Lane when compared to the classic and timeless style of The Dorchester.

Elizabeth Warren Mum About Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has a window of opportunity to wrest control of the party’s nomination from Hillary Clinton. The latter has a strong sense of entitlement for the nomination and is making every maneuver to prevent any challenger. Clinton’s handlers believe she can sail through the primary unchallenged to capture the nomination and later win the presidency. However, Clinton’s email scandal has exacerbated party concerns over her ability to get elected. This has left the door open to other Democrats to challenge Mrs. Clinton.

However, the only viable alternative candidate would be Senator Warren. She is highly regarded among the party’s radical left wing base. In fact, among the party faithful, she generates the same level of fervor that Barrack Obama captured back in 2008. Still, anyone hoping to see Warren edge closer to a presidential run will be disappointed. The firebrand senator dodges any questions from the media including her take on Clinton’s email scandal. That said, Warren’s recalcitrance to engage the media isn’t stopping reporters from hounding her. The press is eager to capture a statement from her expressing her views on the controversy and whether she is reconsidering a run for president. Nor has the grassroots effort to draft her abated. Supporters at Anastasia Date know that the effort to organize a campaign for her in New Hampshire continues. The party faithful truly believe that she is the only pure liberal who could carry on a message of hope for the nation’s middle class.