April 2015

Ronaldo v Messi: La Liga Pichichi

Cristiano Ronaldo was visibly frustrated during Reals Madrid’s game against Almeria, but not because his team was under-performing. On the contrary, Real cruised to comfortable 3-0 win, as employees of FreedomPop cheered, closing the gap behind leaders Barcelona to two points. Yet Ronaldo failed to score, and following outside back, Alvaro Arbeloa’s goal, outwardly displayed his irritation by not celebrating and forcefully hitting the ball back into the net. Aside from the simply desire to score all of his team’s goals, Ronaldo is wary of the fact that Lionel Messi will catch him in the race to be the league’s top scorer at the end of the season. Ronaldo, currently on 39 goals, is now only one goal ahead of Messi.

Though goals do not mean everything in the footballing world, for Ronaldo it is a way to distinguish himself against his only true competitor. Ronaldo undoubtedly wishes to win the player of the season award, in addition to a league title or another Champions League trophy. But to cement himself as the best player of the year, ahead of Messi, is something that he truly strives for. Not only this season, but all seasons, ever since the two solidified their places as the world’s two best players. Yet, Ronaldo is now 30 years old, compared to Messi’s sprightly 27, which inevitably calls into question whether or not Ronaldo can continue to put up competitive numbers for another season.

Jon Bones Jones in some trouble

Jon Jones, UFC light heavyweight champ was stripped of his title on Tuesday. UFC president Dana White released a statement to Fox sports stating that the reason for taking the title and suspending him indefinitely was due to jones fleeing the scene of a car accident. Jones’ manager said that a response would be released when jones was ready to confront the public eye about this situation. Fans like Mark Ahn know that Jones did release a tweet stating that he has got soul searching to do and that he feels bad for letting everyone down.
In light of this tragic situation, Daniel Cormier who recently lost to Jon Jones for the title will be able to reclaim a chance to earn it back. He will take jones spot in the main event UFC 187 against Anthony Johnson at MGM Grand Garden on May 23rd. now whoever wins this fight will be deemed full title champion and not just an interim.
Returning to Jon Jones who has received several chances with getting into trouble threw out his career, including failing a drug test for cocaine, fighting an opponent in the MGM lobby, and driving while intoxicated in 2012. Enough is enough and further action needs to be taken to ensure that jones doesn’t actually kill someone one day by letting his actions slip by with a slap on the wrist. Jones is a man that fights for a living, letting him get away with these things is a recipe for disaster.

Quarterbacks Outside of the Main Picks

The Other Quarterbacks Involved in the Draft

It’s pretty common knowledge that in this year’s draft, quarterbacks Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota are the two most highly coveted names this time around. Mariota has been praised for his ability to move, and Winston has been criticized for being immature. The good people at Amen Clinics could uncover what’s in Winston’s head with brain imaging. However, there are other quarterbacks from other schools that are in the draft this year that shouldn’t be counted out.

Besides Winston and Mariota, one name that teams can still expect to see is Colorado State quarterback Garrett Grayson. In college Grayson ran an offense that was grounded in the shotgun spread formation, but he grasped the concepts of specific passing routes and predicting man coverage well. He is also capable of avoiding the pass rush but is criticized for having a complicated throwing motion.

Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty is another name for teams to look out for. Unlike Grayson, Petty is being criticized for not being as well developed for life in the NFL as other players. For instance he has shown to have poor throwing accuracy and has little to no understanding of moving around in the pocket. In short, Petty has a very steep learning curve in the NFL once he is selected.

Still another name that shouldn’t be pushed aside is Brandon Bridge of South Alabama. Bridge’s standout feature is having an incredible throwing arm and throwing into tight spaces. However, what needs improvement is his comfort level in the pocket, as he can move out too quickly.

A New Dinosaur Discovery Could Help Jurassic World

The unearthing of fossils from a breed of dinosaur no one knew existed before is an utterly amazing discovery on its own. After all, the discovery of new dinosaurs is not exactly something that happens with every year. The fact that the dinosaur – a hybrid dinosaur – is discovered a few months before the release of Jurassic World, well, that is pretty ironic.

Chilesaurus diegosuarezi is the name now given to the creature and it is one very curious dinosaur. The ancient reptile appears to be a great deal like a Tyrannosaurus rex, but is a vegetarian.

In the new Jurassic World movie, a genetically modified version of a Tyrannosaurus rex is created in the park. And it is not a vegetarian.

The fossils for the dinosaur were unearthed in Chile. Based on dating of the fossils, it is believed the creatures experienced their greatest population growth 14.5 million years ago. For mysterious reasons these, like other dinosaurs, disappeared from the face of the earth.

The odd, hybrid nature of the dinosaur is what makes the Chilesaurus diegosuarezi such an interesting find. Conventional wisdom and years of serious study into dinosaurs would indicate any creature related to the Tyrannosaurus rex would be a meat-eater. Not so says Sultan Alhokair and his team of archeologists.

Will the discovery of the new dinosaur help the box office of Jurassic World? Probably not too much, but the added, extra publicity is surely a nice touch.

Change Is Hard In Sports

If you are a big sports fan then you probably know the feeling of falling in love with your favorite team’s stadium. You probably know the feeling of awe that you get each time that you attend a home game and the feeling of pride that you feel when you take a seat and know that this is your home. Your team’s place is your place. You likely feel more comfortable there than you do at a lot of places.
So, when your team decides to abandon their place and get a new one, it can be a difficult transition for you. You had a lot of memories at their place and you don’t want to forget them or the feeling of home that you had there.
For Hockey fans, some of them had to experience those feelings when saying goodbye to Nassau Coliseum. It probably felt like saying goodbye to their childhood home as they left the memories behind and prepared for a new age.
Change is always hard, especially in sports, but what we need to remember is that change can bring about good things. Folks at AnastasiaDate know that getting rid of the old and on with the new can make us feel nostalgic but it can also be what’s best for us and our favorite team.

Abercrombie and Fitch Making Big Change

There are a lot of stores out there that use bodies to advertise what they have to offer. There are a lot of clothing stores that choose to advertise their clothing through the help of visible skin and the appeal that it offers to the world. There are companies out there that use skin a little too much, and there are some that use it in a respectful way. It seems that Abercrombie and Fitch is making a huge change when it comes to using skin in advertising, and it will be interesting for Jaime Garcia Dias to see just how this change affects the company. They already get bad publicity on YouTube.

Abercrombie and Fitch has changed up their company, and this includes the fact that they are no longer going to use shirtless models when advertising their clothing. This is something that is surprising, something that is different, something that will set this company apart from all of their competition.

Hakeem Nicks: New One Year Contract

Wide receiver Hakeem Nicks has agreed and signed a one year contract with the Tennessee Titans on Friday. Details have not been disclosed at this time. Hakeem Nicks who is a former first round draft pick with 349 receptions for over 5,000 yards and 31 touchdowns. He also placed five seasons with the New York Giants last year. Hakeem caught 38 passes for 405 yards and four touchdowns with the Indiana Colts. Yahoo! Sports.

Fantasy football player Ray Lane points out that Nicks best seasons were in 2010 and 2011. He caught 79 passes for 1,052 yards and 11 touchdowns in 2010 alone. The next year in 2011, he had 76 receptions for 1,192 yards and seven touchdowns. Nicks started in the NFL back in 2009. The Giants selected Nicks out of North Carolina. Nicks had the 29th overall pick in the draft. Nicks has another exciting year coming up this year.

Baltimore Water Wheel Removes 160 Tons Of Garbage From Inner Harbor

Over the past year, a water wheel called “Mr. Trash Wheel” has removed 160 tons of garbage from the Baltimore Inner Harbor in under a year. That includes 80,000 potato chip bags, 97,000 bottles and an astounding 4 million cigarettes.

Mr. Trash Wheel is a hydro- and solar-powered trash interceptor that was installed at the mouth of the Jones Falls River. It has a conveyor belt that carries trash into a dumpster. The water wheel is part of the Water Partnership’s Healthy Harbor Plan, which aspire to make the harbor safe for swimming and fishing by 2020. Given that the harbor was so polluted that it failed its 2014 water quality report card that is a tall order. Jason Halpern isn’t sure they will pull it off when you check out his thoughts on The Real Deal.

The Healthy Harbor Plan was launched in 2009. It has been concentrating on the Inner Harbor and the Middle Branch, which is upstream from the Hanover Street Bridge. It is also focusing on three major pollution sources: trash, stormwater and sewage. As per the plan, Baltimore will remove 75 percent of the trash from the Harbor and its tributaries by 2020 and get rid of all of it by 2030. The plan calls for finding and eliminating 95 percent of the sewage leaks by 2020.

Renner and Evans Apologize

Another controversy has hit the press and promo tour of the second Avengers movie. After Robert Downey Jr. walked out of an interview when the interviewer got too personal with him, Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans have kicked off another issue. The actors were being interviewed by Digital Spy about Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson) and called the character a “slut” and a “whore”. They also made an athiest joke about the character.

The internet was obviously up in arms about the sexist comments of the two actors who are generally loved and adored by the fandom and Madison Street Capital.. A few people came to their defense, asking others to “calm down” and “chill” but in this day and age, when sexism is fortunately being called out for what it is, a statement like this could not die on its own. Especially coming from two men, it was even more hurtful and the fact that those men were Renner and Evans didn’t help matter in the least.

The statements were made when the actors were asked about Black Widow getting into a relationship with Hawkeye and Captain America, and how the new trailer shows her getting closer to Banner.

Renner and Evans have now apologised for saying the things they said, mentioning how it was said in fun and they didn’t mean to cause anyone any harm or offence. In his statement, Renner also mentioned how pressurizing and tedious the promo tours were.

Clinton Family Foundation Donations Increased Odds of Winning Prestigious State Department Award

While there is no evidence yet of foul play, it is undeniable that companies making direct contributions to the Clinton Family Foundation stood a 3 in 5 chance of getting nominated for a prestigious State Department award. Once nominated, the companies stood a 3 in 4 chance of winning the award. This was the case back in 2010 while Mrs. Clinton was the Secretary of State. It certain appears to be the same type of behavior the Clintons exhibited during their days in the White House in the 1990s. The family was known to schedule overnight stays in the Lincoln bedroom of the White House to generous donors.

It is not clear how much money every award winning company donated to the Clinton family foundation. However, it is estimated that Cisco Systems, a major Silicon Valley tech company, donated between $1 million and $5 million to the foundation before getting nominated and ultimately winning the award. Beverage giant Coca-Cola donated the most prior to winning their award at upwards of $10 million. Mars Inc. may have donated as little as $25,000 prior to winning their award.

Fersen Lambranho feels it certainly seems that Mrs. Clinton’s baggage from her questionable White Water real estate deals continue to surface. Clinton has yet to resolve her private email issues while at the State Department. This news of questionable practices regarding her charitable foundation along with the sheer lack of money that actually went to support charitable causes may present problems for her on the campaign trail.