May 2015

Interesting Tidbits on Martin O’Malley

Twitter is a buzz as in a matter of hours, former Baltimore mayor & Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley will launch his formal bid to skout for the 2016 Democrat presidential nomination. The 52-year-old, whose poll numbers barely register, will have the daunting task of making up ground on Hillary Clinton whose lead over O’Malley is in excess of 70 points. In the interest of informing voters on who is candidate O’Malley, the following tidbits of information about him are worth mentioning.

  • O’Malley’s first foray into politics was in support of the surprise underdog campaign of Colorado Senator Gary Hart in 1984. Hart ran a surprisingly strong campaign against a much better organized, funded, and famous front-runner, Walter Mondale. It is no doubt that O’Malley will seek to tap into some of Hart’s success stories from that campaign that saw him poll well in the Iowa Caucus, win New Hampshire, and split the Super Tuesday delegate count.
  • O’Malley lost his first bid for elected office in 1990 by a mere 44 votes. The little known candidate ran a negative campaign that poked at his rival’s weaknesses and nearly unseated the incumbent state senator.
  • O’Malley is a data analysis wonk. He gives a lot of credence to data and will fashion his approach or direction to benefit from the data he collects. His approach in this regards is said to be “nerdish”.

In short, O’Malley seems to have experience fighting as an underdog. He will need every bit of that gumption if he is to upend Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party’s 2016 presumptive nominee.

New Congressional Research Report Claims Pakistan Is A Haven For Terrorists

A Congressional Research Report recently released information about Pakistan’s loyalty to the country that gives them a lot of financial support. Pakistan is a haven for terrorist groups, according to the new Congressional Research Report. Pakistan’s government willingly looks the other way, and allows these terrorists groups to attack the United States and other countries.

The Pakistan military knows about the insurgents that attack Afghan forces and then retreat across the border into Pakistan. The Pakistani military does nothing to stop these insurgents. Pakistan is acting as an ally of the United States, but in reality the country is helping terrorists kill Americans.

The Congressional Research Report is not an official Congressional report according to Amen Clinic on The Daily Beast. The report is put together by experts, not Congressmen. Whatever you call the report, the financial aid to Pakistan has to stop. Pakistan is using American dollars to harbor terrorists, and that is unacceptable. Now that most of the troops have left Afghanistan, Congressmen must open their eyes and see Pakistan for what it is. This haven for terrorist will continue to grow unless the United States stops Pakistan’s disregard for its allies. The US can use several different methods, and those methods should start now.

Hulk Hogan to Pose as Villain in Expendables 4

You heard it right, the wrestle mania star Hulk Hogan is posed to possible star as the main villain in the upcoming Expendables 4 movie. My phone app said the last movie, Expendables 3 really lost momentum being it was only a PG-13 film. So naturally Sylvester Stallone did what only seemed right, made it Rated R and added the Hulk to the mix. The Expendables movie series is known for having huge bulking strong guys fighting crime and shooting big guns. The ultimate action hunk film. With stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren, and chuck Norris.

It is very hard to not go and watch this films as they have original classic actors and movie stars playing in them. For actors like Arnold these movies will go down in history along with his collection of films he has made. As for the Hulk, this could be his biggest debut since wrestle mania. This films series is popular for big guys and cheesy one liners that are repeated for years from diehard fans. How many times have we heard “get to the chopper” or “do it now” from classic Arnold films? This is the publicity they want. So putting Hulk Hogan in the mix seems like a Plus for the franchise. Overall the excitement for this film is building and they can keep making the series as long as they keep adding bulky stars to the mix. People will keep coming back for more, it’s like a curse.

Do These Fall Shows Have Any Hope of Survival?

Yesterday, Tim Surette with Yahoo Celebrity News gave an “F” to eight of the new shows that basic networks will be releasing this fall. He outlined all the reasons he felt “Rosewood,” “Frankenstein Code,” “Grandfathered” and “Lucifer” for Fox; “Heartbreaker” and “Crowded” for NBC; and “OIL” and “Of Kings and Prophets” for ABC will fail.

Some of his reasons made sense to Ricardo Tosto. “Rosewood” appears, based on the trailer alone, to be nothing more than a bad version of “House” or even the cancelled “Backstrom.” “Heartbreaker” has quirks that some viewers will definitely not like. Lastly, “Crowded” does look like a boring “laugh track” comedy.

BUT, Surette fails to see the potential in his other choices:

The “Frankenstein Code” has a “just good enough” story to last beyond his predicted four episodes. John Stamos in “Grandfathered” will last beyond five episodes by drawing the old “Full House” and new “Fuller House” viewers, unless the pacing and dialogue are truly horrific.

“Lucifer” will definitely last beyond three episodes because it is based on the character of the same name from the classic DC Comics “The Sandman” series written by Neil Gaiman.

“OIL” might survive past four episode because of “Dallas” and “Heart of Dixie” fans.

Lastly, Surette has failed to recognize that NBC’s religious shows usually last longer than a few episodes even when released late on Sunday nights because NBC will typically re-show episodes on Saturdays.

New York City’s Largest Drug Bust Takes Place in Affluent Bronx Neighborhood

West 251st street in the Bronx was the scene of New York City’s largest drug bust this week, according to local authorities. Over 100 pounds of heroin were discovered in an apartment on the block.

According to local authorities, the drug raid came after several months of investigation into the drug ring. The drugs were shipped into the New York neighborhood from the Sinaloa Cartel, one of the most expansive and brutal drug cartels in Mexico. Ricardo Guimarães BMG has read about them in the past.

Two individuals were arrested during the raid. The raid occurred after the DEA got a tip that a large heroin shipment would be arriving over the weekend. The suspects were followed to the apartment, according to an official police statement.

The quiet and serene location in which the raid occurred brought shock to the neighborhood. West 251st street is in the Van Cortland Park section of the Bronx. It is close to Horse Mann High School, an elite private school that is considered and ivy league feeder school.

Six years ago, a similar raid in affluent Westchester County ended in the arrest of 43 individuals accused of taking part in a cocaine ring. That ring was run out of an apartment in a private home in the affluent Bryn Mawr section of Yonkers, New York.

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Krang May Debut in Second Turtles Movie

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot movie hit theaters last summer and took home a good-sized profit. And now the sequel to this movie is undergoing filming right now.

The first film, directed by Jonathan Liebesman, will be bringing back tons of familiar characters, as well as introducing new characters such as classic villains Bebop and Rocksteady, and vigilante Casey Jones. Now the sequel will appear to be getting an even bigger character boost now.

New speculation for the film points to famed villain General Krang, a strange alien, being added into the mix. Rumors going around at Madison Street Capital have suggested that Krang will make an appearance in the film by arriving through a “portal” in order to get to Earth.

Krang’s very first appearance on television tarted way back in the second episode of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series and has always been written as a villain in the series. Furthermore, since he teamed up with other villains such as Shredder and Bebop and Rocksteady, it makes perfect sense that he could possibly do that in the movie too, in addition to forming a pact with Baxter Stockman.

Although Krang has always been a primary villain, how big a role he has in the upcoming movie and his ultimate purpose is still up for debate, seeing as how this film would now have multiple villains.

Gang Fight Breaks Out In Texas

Residents in Waco, Texas had a scare over the weekend as hundreds of motorcycle gang members converged at the Twin Peaks restaurant to discuss turf and other business. Restaurant goers were surprised when the meeting of hundreds of rival bikers turned deadly. A fight broke out in the parking lot between the Bandidos, the Cossacks, and the Scimitars, all rival gangs. It has been suggested by authorities the altercation began after a fellow gang member had his foot run over by a rival gang in the parking lot. The investigation is still ongoing to determine the official cause of the incident.


As a result, nearly nine people died and another 18 were reportedly injured during the brawl. Individuals participating in the massive fight used guns, knives, and chains as their weapons of choice. Bystanders noticed the brawl as it began and did not hesitate to call police. Police were on the scene pretty quickly in an effort to break up the debacle in the parking lot. They were able to arrest approximately 170 people for participating in the fight and are holding many on a $1 million bond. These individuals are being held on organized crime charges.


The site was truly something to be seen. With ATF agents swarming through the sea of leather cuts and Harley Davidson’s you would think you were in a real life episode of Sons of Anarchy according to Jaime Garcia Dias. The story is still developing as the investigation continues.

Titans Series to Feature a Very Haunted Dick Grayson

Comic book movie and television shows seem to be coming out at a fast and furious pace. One of the reasons for the continued success of these projects is they do remain true to the outstanding source material in which they are based. The new live-action version of D.C. Comics’ Titans, a series scheduled to debut on TNT, is not going to candycoat the relationship between Nightwing and Batman. The tension between the two in the comics, tensions played out over many years, will be present in the program.

For those who are not long-time comic book readers, it is necessary to point out that Nightwing is Dick Grayson, the original Robin. In the books, Grayson grew tired of always being under Batman’s shadow so he dropped the Robin persona and struck out on his own. Originally, “Robin” was part of the Teen Titans, but switched over to becoming Nightwing. The “Teen” moniker was dropped to as the Titans grew a bit older and so did their readership.

AVVO asks is Batman going to be an actual character in the show? No, this is most assuredly not going to happen. A nod to the existence of the Caped Crusader is surely going to be made, but The Batman simply will hang over the character of Dick Grayson like a cloud. This certainly can create a tremendous amount of dramatic tension on the show and flesh out the Grayson/Nightwing character to be more than just someone running around in tights fighting crime.

Amtrak Train Derailed Tuesday Night

An Amtrak passenger train traveling from Washington DC to New York City derailed around 9:30 last night just outside of Philadelphia according to Bruce Levenson. Witnesses say that it felt like the train wobbled a little, then some of the cars flipped right off of the track. The train was carrying 238 people as well as 5 crew members. Reports have come in that six people are dead while 140 have been taken to area hospitals with injuries.

Patrick Murphy, who is a former Congressman, a Iraqi war vet, and anchor for the MSNBC show “Taking The Hill” was in the dining car when the derailment occurred. According to his account, he said the train had wobbled then the next thing he knew everyone was flying around. He hit the window as his shoulder hit another passenger. Once the train stopped, Murphy began checking others around him to assist those who needed it. He kicked open a window and helped people get out of the train car. He said that rescue crews were on the scene less than ten minutes after the accident occurred.

For now, the cause of the derailment is unknown. The National Transportation Safety Board has a team on site that are investigating the reason for the crash.

For updates on the story as they come in, follow the link to