June 2015

Scrutiny over the Affordable Care Act Continues Even after the Supreme Court Upheld It

Insurance policies obtained through the federal marketplace cover over seven million people in the United States. Cutbacks in out-of-pocket expenses paid for doctor and hospital visits along with prescription drugs are benefiting nearly 60 percent of those insured. Individuals with an income level between $11,700 and $29,300 yearly are considered to be within 100 percent to 250 percent of the poverty level and therefore are eligible for the share-of-cost discounts.

These subsidies, which are seen through tax credits to assist low-income people in paying for insurance, are what the Supreme Court defended in their decision last Thursday. However, the Congressional Budget Office anticipates a cost to our government of $599 billion for premium tax credits and $136 billion in payments to insurance companies for payments to reimburse cost-sharing over the next ten years. These estimated expenditures are the motivation behind the law suit filed on behalf of the House of Representatives by Speaker of the House John A. Boehner.

The implication behind the suit is that appropriations from Congress have not been approved for the Obama administration to make such disbursements. The suit claims an article in the Constitution stating, “No money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in consequence of appropriations made by law,” is being violated. While President Obama called for the funds to be included in the budget in 2013, Congress had not approved it. With several other lawsuits on different issues pending against the Affordable Care Act, folks at Boraie Development know much more debate is yet to be seen.

Director Talks “Terminator: Genisys”

Alan Taylor, director of the upcoming Terminator: Genisys, discussed how this film, a reboot, will pay homage to the franchise while also attempting to revitalize it.

According to Ivan Ong, One problem with the later movies, in his opinion, is that they went completely into science fiction territory while ignoring the horror/thriller and familial elements of the first two movies. He says that while Terminator was largely a love story and Terminator 2 was about a father/son relationship, this one will be a “dysfunctional family story” that includes elements of both of the originals, while also trying to utilize the complex mythology that those films set up.

He also discusses the theme of relativity and freedom. In these films, humans are doing all they can to prevent a dark future where machines rule the Earth. In Terminator: Genisys, one of the themes will be that while humans are free to choose their own future, “to me there’s a kind of mature realization that nothing being written is plenty terrifying.”

He continued, “One of the things I’m so proud of in this movie is that freedom is f**king terrifying. There’s a natural human compulsion to chase after freedom and then to actually hand it over as fast as possible and get away from it.”

Terminator: Genisys comes out in theaters July 1, 2015.

Sony and Marvel Find their New Spider-Man

After years of Marvel fighting for the rights of Spider-Man with Sony Pictures, they recently came to an agreement. Fans around the world ignited when they heard the news that Spider-Man would be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe starting with Captain America 3: Civil War. On June 23rd, Sony Pictures and Marvel announced that they finally found their new Spider-Man, Tom Holland. This British actor isn’t a superstar, but the studios believe he will be able to pull off a younger version of Spider-Man that the world will love.

Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s most beloved characters, but Sony Pictures has owned the rights for decades. Sony rebooted the Spider-Man series in 2012 with Andrew Garfield playing Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man, and they released the sequel in 2014. The reboot films had mixed reviews from fans, but Sony finally realized that they could make a lot more money by merging with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and introducing Spider-Man to The Avengers series.

James Dondero recently shared on facebook the fact that since 2008, Marvel Cinematic Universe has been creating an epic series of stand-alone films with the different members of The Avengers, which eventually lead to a movie that merged them all together. Fans are mostly excited about Spider-Man finally joining MCU because he played a huge part in one of the most popular storylines in the comic books, the Civil War.

Man Sues Doctor For $500K

A Virginia man had a routine colonoscopy with no complications. However he has now indicated that he is suing the doctor for $500 thousand. Why is the man suing his doctor? Apparently the brought his cell phone into the examination room and hit record. He had hoped to catch the doctor’s instructions and wanted to make sure he didn’t miss anything. Apparently, when the man played the audio back after the procedure was over, he heard some vary snide remarks from the on-staff anesthesiologist and surgical assistant.


According to reports, the two medical personnel made several rude and insulting jokes about the patient says Cláudio Loureiro Heads in this piece. They commented about a rash the patient had was most likely syphilis. He also heard the anesthesiologist say, “After five minutes of talking to you in pre-op, I wanted to punch you in the face and man you up a little bit.” The anesthesiologist working on the man’s medical case also made rude remarks about the man’s medical chart and threatened to write that he had hemorrhoids, even though he clearly does not.


Shocked at what the patient heard after his procedure, he contacted a lawyer. Together, the man and his attorney filed a lawsuit against the doctor and the practice. According to reports, a jury ordered the doctor who made the remarks about the doctor as well as her practice to fork over $500,000. News outlets were unable to successfully contact the doctor for comment.

Dog Saves Owners From Asphyxiation

It has been said by many, that a dog is man’s best friend. In this instance that saying rings true but also likens dogs to hero status. The Damrill family noticed that their Saint Bernard was acting oddly. The dog was causing a commotion that even had the cats joining in.

Dorrie, the Saint Bernard woke her owners up by whining and pacing around their bed in the middle of the night. Once she woke her owners up, she refused to let them go back to sleep and kept the commotion up until the family’s cats joined in as well. That was when one of the owners knew something was wrong. After he got up he realized that the stove burner had been left on low and was leaking natural gas slowly into the air.

Once the entire family was alerted the firefighters were called in. They explained to the Damrill family that they were lucky to be alive. Had Dorrie not had the strong sense of smell that she did, they might have continued sleeping through the dangerous situation. Folks like Keith Mann are shocked to learn that not only could they have died from possible asphyxiation but their home could have blown up as well.

The family owes their lives to their observant dog. Proving that the old saying is true, they really are a man’s best friend.

Walter White to Make Return in ‘Better Call Saul’?!

Walter White is probably one of the most complexly layered anti-heroes/villains in the history of television as a medium. Sam Tabar said that he played up by the immensely talented Bryan Cranston, fans were riveted with the character all the way until the end of ‘Breaking Bad’. With the conclusion of that show pretty definitive in favor of Walt’s death, fans were pretty much sure that they’d never see the character again. Then came the prequel ‘Better Call Saul’ and now hope once more has returned to us.

According to a report by the New York Daily News, Vince Gilligan has teased that Walter may make an appearance or two in ‘Better Call Saul’. Gilligan said that it would be a “shame” if the spin off had a long and productive run without ever having Walter appear. While Saul Goodman is the lead in the show, portrayed by Bob Odenkirk, the prequel does leave enough room to get Walter White back into the thick of things for at least a little bit.

‘BCS’ follows Saul before he was Saul, as the lawyer Jimmy McGill. The series will feature Saul’s rise to the top and his eventual foray into the world of ‘criminal’ lawyer activity. Set before ‘Breaking Bad’, the series also time skips to events that take place AFTER ‘Breaking Bad’. This moving timeline gives the writers plenty of room to include Jesse and Walt if the situation arises.

Are Heels Dangerous?

Everyone knows about the high heel. 50 percent of the population even wears them. However, is this a healthy choice. One may look good but does one feel good. Obviously what one wears on their feet, affects the body’s movement.

Unlike running barefooted or walking in flip flops, there are few shoes that affect the shape and function of the foot as much as heels do. By wearing heels, depending on how high they are, the heels can cause damage to the spine due to a chain reaction. There is a clear distinction of the ankle and foot between women that wear heels often and the women that do not.

To test and prove this theory, scientists have invited 10 women to participate in a experiment. The women would test their balance with a wobbly board and their strength of their ankle muscles with a computerized machine. The results were very interesting. Apparently those who are new to wearing heels have more balance and a stronger ankle. Jim Dondero could definitely see the reasoning for that.

The women that have been wearing the heels the longest, showed the weakest ankles and weak muscles. The women that had the most experience wearing heels even had the worst balance. This muscle imbalance is worrisome because the lack of strength can cause problems in other areas of the body such as other joints and the spine. A recommendation from doctors is to start a flat wearing trend.

JP Morgan Investment Banker Dies

Wall Street is mourning the loss of James “Jimmy” Lee, who was a well known dealmaker who was helping General Electric take apart its financial division. Lee died unexpectedly this past Wednesday. He was 62. No official cause of death was given. Wall Street Titan Dies Suddenly Lee was vice chairman of JP Morgan Chase. He advised some of the world’s most powerful CEO’s and was known as a deal making and a merger specialist. Lee worked at Chase for over 40 years. He leaves behind his wife, Beth as well as three children; Lexi, Jamie and Izzy.

While Lee was not a household name, he was known within the circles of Wall Street as the man to go to if you need a mega deal done or a deal worked out. He was also consulted on several well known public offerings including the Alibaba IPO in 2014, Comcast’s purchase of NBC from GE, 2009, The United Continental merger, 2010, GM’s $23 billion public offering, 2010 and the Dell Computer Compnay buyout in 2013. He is remembered by all of the major players on Wall Street and all had wonderful things to say about him. Jamie Dimon referred to Lee as his friend and mentor, which is a high tribute to a player on Wall Street.

Plans for a memorial service have not been announced yet and JP Morgan Chase has not announced whether they would pay some special tribute to Lee. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital feels like they will come up with something suitable soon enough.

Bourne 5 Pre-production and Bourne Legacy

The Jason Bourne series has been one of the most successful series of the 2000s. Matt Damon as the assassin with amnesia has made for one of the most intriguing action series of recent years. There has even been a spin off for the series under the name of Bourne Legacy. Recently, there has been word on Bourne 5 and the Bourne Legacy sequel. Of course with talk of those projects, there had to be questions as to whether or not they are going to be connected.

It turns out that Bourne 5 and the Bourne Legacy sequel are completely separate projects. Jeremy Renner is not going to return for Bourne 5.

Even though The Bourne Ultimatum was a nice wrap up for the Bourne series, there are plenty of books that could be adapted to the big screen. So it is not like they are desperate for a cash grab says Kevin Seawright. While Matt Damon could go to more ambitious projects, it is also sensible to return to the role that was a defining point in his career.

Skout: Write an Article About This Popular App

Skout happens to be the facilitator of a location based service dating and social networking app and website. Skout also happens to be one of the very first mobile people discovery and dating apps to underscore theorized user location. Available for Android and iOS systems, some other properties of Skout include, nightlife app, Nixter and Fuse. In 2013, it was reported that over 500 million connections we made through the Skout app.

Skout utilizes the GPS of cellphone’s to assist users in finding other users that are within a certain area of one another. The app never identifies the user’s actual location, and the users can decide not to use the location tracking that is featured. Global positioning system location is only available in the grown-up or adult community. When a search is done, users can see the profile of current activities of other users they’re interested in. The app additionally permits users to message or provide a virtual gift to one another. Skout is divided between its teen and adult communities and is available in 14 different languages in 180 countries.

Skout additionally has a paid or premium travel features which allows for meeting others while traveling. Yet another feature that’s available on Skout is the “Shake to Chat” feature. This feature connects users who may be shaking their cellphones simultaneously. The users profile is anonymous for at 40 seconds after the chat conversation starts.


Skout was founded in 2007 as a mobile web social network by Niklas Lindstrom and Christian Wiklund. Respectively, they are Skouts chief technology officer and chief executive officer. The network was relaunched in 2009 as a people discovery and dating app and website subsequent to recognizing that over 80% of the users were utilizing Skout as a means to get dates. The iOS application was launched in February 2009. At this time, it was available for non iOS devices via its website. The app for Android was launched in August 2010.

The company raised nearly $22 million in venture capital in April 2012 from Andreessen Horowitz. Before this investment, Skout collectively raised $4.6 million in angel investments.
The company acquire Nixter in May 2014. Nixter lets users locate nightlife events for New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Fuse was launched in June 2014, this app allows resources for users to create their own network which functions of their address book on their tablet or smartphone.