October 2015

Why Are There Starving Artists In The Modern Day Art World?

The term starving artists became popular during the 1970s. Artists from all over the world would produce quick works of art and sell them on street corners or at small art shows. They called themselves starving artists because they sold their work cheap, and they didn’t care who bought it. In other words those artists were terrible at marketing their work and not good at producing it either. But those days are long gone. The art world is booming and artists all over the world are making money.

Art collectors are buying works of art from unknown as well as well-known artists just to say they collect even though their collection may be just two works or three that hang on a wall in their living room. Because there is such a surge in the appreciation of art, the amount of artists that are starving is exaggerated. In fact, it has always been exaggerated. For the most part, artists that want to make a decent living selling art can, but they have to be dedicated to selling in order to make money.

But most artists don’t care about the money. They don’t care what kind of car they drive, or what kind of home they live it. They live to create, and they do it where and when it feels good. There are great artists all over the world that paint or sculpt to expression their subjectivity not to make a dollar. True artists never starve. Their work feeds them with the desire to express and live to experience that expression.

Other artists paint to make money. They know their work is worth money to someone and they go after it. They visit galleries and do shows to be recognize, and at some point they find an investor like Adam Sender, the hedge fund manager turned art aficionado. Sender is an art collector’s, collector. Over the past 20 years, Sender has collected more than 800 works of art, and he has helped some of those starving artists make a lot of money. Last year, Sender sold some of his collection through Sotheby’s auction house in Miami for $70 million.

The artist represented in that sale had a huge payday thanks to Sender. Sender got his original art investment back and more, plus the artists got recognition and the knowledge that their future work would be worth more. So there are no starving artists in the art world unless they want to call themselves by that name. Most artists work for the satisfaction of creating beautiful works of art not to eat.

Manage Your Online Reputation with Status Labs Image Management

When you have a public persona, your biggest asset is your reputation. Status Labs works harder than any other public relations firm to ensure your online reputation yields positive results.

Areas of Specialization

Our areas of specialization include Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Crisis Response and Online Reputation Management. Status Lab’s Online Reputation Management one of our most sought-after services because we actively manage your online reputation. This is extremely important for public figures as the first page of search results is likely the first impression users have of you and/or your business. We make sure your first impression on the internet is a positive one.

Search Engine Optimization is another popular service offered by Status Labs. If you own an internet-based business or have an online presence then search engine optimization is an essential element to maximize profits and usability of your website. Much like Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization is key to putting your website on the first page of the most widely used search engines. This is essentially the first impression of your website and Status Labs works to make sure your company is what shows up first.

Let Us Help You Enhance Your Online Brand Image

During the free consultation offered by Status Labs, we work with you to determine the goals for your online media presence and formulate a detailed plan on how we can help you reach those goals. We provide regular status updates so you can feel confident that we are doing all we can to enhance your brand image. Status Labs takes your career and business ventures as seriously as you do and we know the importance of maintaining open and continuous communication with our clients.

In addition to getting better results and enhancing your brand image, Status Labs Image Management also effectively deals with crisis situations (often referred to as Damage Control). We have worked with numerous Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies in providing crisis response and management. When our clients find themselves in a situation that could potentially damage their reputation, we work tirelessly to repair any negative effects on their online reputation.

Status Labs Image Management is a trusted provider of digital image management and you can be confident that our experience and high level of attention to customer needs will garner the best outcomes. Status Labs Image Management has international reach and serves satisfied customers in over 35 countries.

Brian Bonar, The Notable Finance Executive

Finance encompasses fiscal means of funding assets of a firm and how people, companies, and different governments manage the flow of money. It explains how people get and allot resources for various activities. Finance as a field of study is still evolving. Practicing executives and scholars have also contributed to the advancement of finance.

When we mention finance, scholars such as Brian Bonar come in mind. Mr. Bonar has served as a financial officer in several corporate entities. His career commenced back in 1995 as the director of Dalrada Financial Corporation.Currently, he serves as the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation where he is in charge of the development of color management software. He also integrates and service organization for digital imaging hardware. He has taken the company to a new level with his skills in analyzing the company’s financial activities.

Brian Bonar’s success can be clearly understood by his background. He graduated successfully from James Watt Technical College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. He got his Masters Degree from Stafford University where he studied Mechanical Engineering. He specializes in mergers and acquisitions; this enabled him to work in various firms before finding success at Dalrada Financial Corporation. Mr. Bonar enjoys boat trips and golf; he is also a responsible parent who spends good times with his family.

Trucept Incorporated

What it does

They aid in bringing solutions to firms by being in charge of their payroll, employee benefits, and human resources are also managed by them. Trucept also offers temporary and long-term staffing solutions. The business focuses on the business aspect of the firm while Trucept does the rest. It makes plans for an organization while respecting the distinctive nature of the organization. Trucept makes packages to help organizations with their payroll and taxes. It maintains the human resources documents for an organization. They also play a role in risk management as this is a vital part in starting and maintaining a business.

Finance and business entities

Investments, this is also known as investment management. Companies set aside resources to buy assets in the hope of adding value or maintaining their value. When an organization invests in the physical and financial assets, they obtain good returns.

Financial Markets and Institutions, they majorly aid in the transfer of money from excess to deficient users of money. They are links between those that save and those that use the money for business ventures.

Corporate Finance, this area of finance combines all the activities undertaken by an organization during decision making, concerning finances and investments. It is centered on the sources of finance and measures company executives take to increase organizational value to shareholders. Corporate finance ensures maximization of the firm’s wealth and the stock value.

James Dondero Shows The Way to Development of Highland Capital Management

James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management and acts as the president of the company. This seasoned investor has made strides in the area of alternative investment by spearheading Highland Capital to attain high growth. Dondero has been in the industry for a long time and possesses a wealth of experience that he applies in the management of credit investments. He has helped a multitude of investors in making decisions concerning ventures.

Highland Capital started as a small company and today it has set its foundation as a global entity serving in the area of alternative investment. The immense leadership that it has gained from Dondero attributes to Highland Capital’s success. Highland Capital was first established in 1993 and went through vicissitudes before it stood tall to be a leader in the market.

It focuses on investment that touches on hedge funds and fixed markets. The company has emphasized on providing investment in structured products and leveraged loans. It also extends its arm to cover the bonds, which yield high returns. Highland Capital has a market command in investment on distressed ventures.

While its investment efforts have not been without challenges, it has strived to see opportunities and explore them before other competitors. It has a strategic plan that has allowed it to expand to be a multi-million entity. This is demonstrated by its investment assets, which ranges about $21 billion.

Managing such kind of investment takes a lot of experience and understanding of the spheres of alternative investment markets. Together with an investor known as Mark Okada, James Dondero thought of investing in this market. They formed a small venture and which has been the stepping-stone for the Highland Capital formation.

Both Okada and Dondero had something in their vision, which they could translate into a big investment company. However, they needed to start from somewhere, and that’s when they began the small entity in a joint partnership. The small entity mainly focused on offering services in the area of senior secured loans.

When they saw the potential the entity had, they tried seeking partnership so that they explore the opportunities of growth. They partnered with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO) was formed from a merger of the entity belonging to Okada and Dondero with Protective Life Insurance.

In this agreement, Protective Life Insurance had more shareholding than Dondero and his colleague. Protective Life Insurance took 60 percent while Dondero and his partner took the rest of stock holding, which was 40 percent. Eventually, Dondero and his co-partner bought the shares of Protective Life Insurance and changed the name of the company to Highland Capital Management. That was in 1993. Today, the company has widened its operations and invested in the Asia markets.

Highland Capital has helped in developing credit-oriented solutions to not only retail but also institutional investors. It has been branded for offering award-winning products such as hedge funds, private equity, mutual funds, and separate accounts. Dondero has taken other leadership roles and served as the chair Cornerstone Healthcare. He also chairs Nexbank and CCS Medical.

Eric Pulier and the CSC Acquisition

Eric Pulier founded the IT company Service Mesh and soon made it so good that it garnered the attention and eventual purchase of the IT giant Computer Sciences Corporation. They bought the establishment for $260 million, retaining the services of Pulier in the CEO position. Pulier is delighted with this move, viewing it as the best thing that could have possibly happened to Servish Mesh. CSC is widely considered the top IT company in the world and currently services 70 countries. Service Mesh’ marriage with CSC will definitely be taking them to ever higher horizons.

The acquisition is also very good for CSC. Service Mesh is the world leader in self-service IT solutions. In addition, Service Mesh is the internationally known leader in cloud-based IT solutions. Service Mesh is amazingly the first IT company to explore this area of technology. With CSC’s enormous platform, these self-service products can’t help but spread throughout the world like wild fire. It is almost universally considered by industry experts to be a perfect marriage and one that there is no question will produce abundant offspring. And this is not CSC’s first marriage. The IT behemoth has a history of merging with small but extremely promising and innovative companies and individuals.

The CSC-controlled Service Mesh now has access to clients and industries never before known to it. The united company not only delivers IT solutions directly to companies where they operate; it also offers cloud-based IT solutions and enables cyber security. It will also do more for business than working on computers; it will also spend time in company data analysis and consulting.

CSC may be thrilled with this recent acquisition of Service Mesh, but it may be even more delighted in retaining the services of Eric Pulier. He may be the most respected man in the IT industry. The leaders of CSC are confident that he will take them far.

Introducing Lime Crime’s Velvetines and Venus Palette

Lime Crime is a 100% vegan, cruelty free and one of the most unique makeup brands that is best known for their matte liquid lipsticks called Velvetines and Venus eyeshadow palette, also known as the grunge palette.
Lime Crime was one of the first companies that started the matte liquid lipstick trend and their Velvetines are one of the favorite matte lip products on the market. They are quite easy to apply, much easier than other lipsticks of this kind and they are really long lasting – you can eat, drink and the product stays on for almost eight hours without fading. Lime Crime offers a variety of unique and beautiful colors – the selection includes amazing colors such as deep purple, orchid, olive, purple beige, chocolate brown and so on! The packaging is also beautiful with the velvet bottle with rose details. All the colors are very bold and unconventional but they are very wearable on any complexion. The formula is quite opaque, it is not drying and it goes on without clumping.
Venus palette:
When it comes to makeup, the Venus Palette is a true masterpiece. The palette contains eight beautiful, very pigmented shades that would bring out all aspects of natural beauty. All shades blend together flawlessly giving a soft, glowing painted look with an edge of the 90s.The palette is incredibly versatile as it contains deep dark shades as well as bright ones with neutrals in between. Bright shimmery shades in the palette are perfect for highlight on the eyes as well as on the cheeks. Venus is also named the grunge palette as it contains rusty red shades that are suitable for giving the grunge 90s look. Most of the shades in the palette are matte and the shimmery ones have more of a dewy finish. Neutral shades have a twist on the classic version as they are also on a reddish side. All she shades are pigmented, very easy to work with and blend seamlessly. They are a bit powdery but not chalky and go on quite smooth. The color is incredibly pigmented, so you need only a small amount that could easily be built up even without eyeshadow primer. With this variety of shades you can create bold smokey looks and, on the other hand, completely neutral ones. The packaging is also amazing and a real work of art. This palette is a must have as it is vegan and also, unlike most palettes, it has a perfect balance of shimmers and mattes. Shimmery shades complement the mattes perfectly, which makes the overall looks seamless and amazing. The shades are also warm toned, and when everything mentioned is taken into consideration, this palette is a true perfection as it can create numerous looks with only eight shades.
Every makeup lover will be a fan of Lime Crime, as the great advantage of this brand is that it gives you freedom to be as creative as you want and express yourself the way you want.

Ken Griffin Succeeds In Hedge Fund Management through His Firm Citadel

Ken Griffin is the man who heads Citadel Investment Group, an investment company based in Chicago. He is a renowned hedge fund investor and has traded stock options since when he was in college. Born in Daytona Beach, Florida in 1968, Griffin studied at Harvard University.

Today, Ken Griffin has an average of $25 billion in investment that he manages through his firm Citadel. This company is a leading alternative investment firm. Griffin’s talent may not much be tied to the analysis of marketplaces, but mainly evaluation of formations, which he believes are practicable and achievable.

In college, he studied economics and attained a degree in that field. Upon graduating, he secured himself $1 million from a renowned investor Frank C. Meyer to trade in options. Meyers is the founder of a company called Glenwood Capital LLC and identified Ken Griffin on wsj as a potential guy who can make a big impact on his option trading activity.

Griffin spent much time in college trading options, and he even installed the internet connect through satellite dish network so that he could be able to have real-time access on market data about stock options. This shows the kind of determination and enthusiasm he had to see himself succeed in this financial market.

The strategy he applied enabled him to preserve capital, which he used when the stock market dipped in 1978. Inspired by his successful trading strategy in stock options, Griffin started his company Citadel in 1990. In this company, he invested a sum of $4.6 million and in a short time, it grew to great heights.

By 1998, Griffin had created himself a wealth amounting to over $1 billion. The company expanded employing over 100 employees. Recently, Citadel was recognized as being among the leading ten outstanding work environs within the financial services sectors.

Griffin was also recognized for his work of creating a culture that promotes productivity and service delivery among employees. He created a collaborative environment by giving his employees incentives that enhanced their performance such as museum tours, free lunches, personal gifts, fitness programs and others. He takes part in philanthropic causes and has donated close to over $500 million aimed at assisting various projects in the community.

Griffin awarded his former University, Harvard with $150 million to help support undergraduate students achieve their education goals. Griffin loves buying artwork like paintings from famous artists. As of May 2015, Griffin was estimated to have a net worth of $6.6 billion and has been recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the valued individual money managers.

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Eric Pulier

The world of business requires people to demonstrate many varied skills. Someone in this field must demonstrate a knack for spotting opportunity, motivating employees and demonstrating their ability to manage funds from many kinds of sources. Anyone who wishes to start a business of any kind must also be prepared to confront all kinds of challenges that may arise during the course of the business day and be fully prepared to respond to them effectively. The person who is able to accomplish all of these tasks is one who will flourish and do well in any area of business they choose to enter.

One such entrepreneur and skilled executive is Eric Pulier. Pulier, a native of Teaneck, New Jersey, has been working as entrepreneur since grade school. He has a long history of acquiring new skills and spotting opportunity in unexpected and unique places. His work history spans many years and includes ventures in many varied fields. Pulier is a graduate of Harvard University in Boston, where he majored in the humanities. His studies here focused on the world cf communications and how best to convey ideas of all kinds to others who may be interested in what another person has to say. His studies here also focused on using the power of the written to help inform, amuse and change the way that people look at the world.

After graduating from Harvard, Pulier decided that he wanted to be involved in various business ventures of all kinds. His work since that time has focused on the field of start-ups and helping to create economic opportunity of all kinds in the field of business. Under his leadership, he has done much to help begin several companies that have done well in the business world. Pulier’s particular focus has been in bringing together the field of technology with the fields of business, education and health care.

Pulier started the company People Doing Things, a company that aims to help make issues better through the use of technology. He has also founded many other kinds of companies in several kinds of fields including media. In addition, Pulier is also one of the authors of a book about service oriented architecture. His effects also include work with many kinds of charities such as a camp that helps to provide a safe space each summer where ill children can meet and relax as well as efforts to help advance the world of problem solving by offering prizes for those who are able to demonstrate new and innovative solutions to old problems. As a result, he has been widely hailed for his efforts to help make the entire a much better place.

James Dondero’s Road to Success

From the University of Virginia, Beta Gamma Sigma graduate James Dondero exited with a degree in Finance and Accounting. This degree would play a large role in his path to success over the years. As a Certified Management Accountant, James had every distinction needed in order to be a part of large organizations and their financial operations. Dondero has had extensive training in financial studies, leading him to different opportunities with many big name companies throughout the United States.

Dondero is the current standing President of Highland Capital Management. This company is a leading provider of investment advising that currently has an abundance of assets under supervision. Specializing the credit strategies, Dondero’s company also assists with other financial matters such as credit hedge funds, CLOs, and other private investments. The company has spread to a global success and is a reliable source for investment security. For companies that are in need of credit advising, Highland Capital Management is a jewel. Reliable, reputable, and backed by years of experience, Dondero’s company has made a name for itself in the financial world.

Highland Capital Management is only a small portion of James Dondero’s successes. Over the course of 30 years, Dondero has made his way to the top by involving himself with many different forms of investment and financial advising. As a standing board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote Corporation, Dondero has a large voice in how these companies conduct everyday financial business. James is Chairman of the Board of Directors for NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical. Through these companies, Dondero has extended his experience from large financial organization to the medical field among others. Dondero has played a large role in the growth of companies over the course of his career.

Over his lifetime, Dondero of jimdondero.com has worked hard to ensure that his success covered a large array of areas. His degree in Finance has allowed him to delve deep into an investment world that provides assistance to some of the largest names in business. His business, Highland Capital Management, has gained and kept the trust of firms in need of financial advise. He is responsible for a large sum of assets, in which he has successfully protected for clients for decades. Highland Capital Management has gone beyond the scope of national recognition and serves on a global level. Dondero’s potential has definitely gone beyond what most would consider successful within the United States.

Electronic Device Etiquette In Business

We are tethered to our mobile devices. Carrying them with us wherever we go. Sometimes, without even consciously thinking about it, I will respond to a notification or message when I should not. Are there times that we should set our phones on silent, and resist the urge to check our device every five minutes? Absolutely. Marc Sparks, an entrepreneur with 40 years experience, has written a blog that lays out exactly when to leave your phone in your pocket.

His advice is to never answer a call or message during a job interview. If you do, it sends a clear message to the person conducting the interview, that your phone is more important than the prospect of being hired. Common sense dictates that if someone is giving you their undivided attention, it should be reciprocated. I was surprised to read that people actually do this. Apparently, it is more common than I thought. Sure I carry my mobile device everywhere with me, but I would never tell my boss to hold on a second so I could quickly respond to a friends text. If I did it during an interview, and it was abruptly stopped, I would have no one to blame but myself.

Another distraction is allowing laptops in a meeting. Sparks says that it blocks a person’s body language, allowing them to basically hide behind their computer screen. Add in mapping of keys, constant mouse clicks, and no eye contact, it is a recipe for disaster. I totally agree with Sparks about note takers in business meetings. They are so busy keeping track of what has been said, that they rarely contribute anything relevant to the topic at hand. Always one step behind in the conversation. Each person is invited to a meeting to contribute, not for endless tappings on a keyboard. I have witnessed this on a few occasions. It is very irritating, to say the least.

There are many times when we are expected to give people our total concentration, devoid of any diversions. We want others to pay complete attention to us. It is a form of respect. This blog does a great job of explaining why, in the business world, we should unplug from our constant flow of electronic information.

Source: Marc Sparks Blog