December 2015

Handy Surpass Million Customer Mark With Eyes On A Growing Future

Described as the ‘Uber for home services’ by CEO Oisin Hanrahan, Handy is poised to take off globally if it continues to grow over the next few years. The app is already settled into three different international markets: the US, Canada, and the UK and is thriving in 28 cities. It seems that the niche market unearthed by Hanrahan is one that truly was aching to be filled.

Handy is a platform that allows consumers to find handymen, home services, cleaning services, and similar item. Conversely, it also allows those same tradesmen and women to find clients without joining an organization and paying the overhead. In the long run everyone makes out by getting the service they need, and it seems that people love the app. Last summer Handy booked its millionth job, and is estimated to make tens of millions every year. While the official public valuation of Handy is not public knowledge, it is estimated to be about $500 million.

Hanrahan cites two reasons for the success of the app platform. The first is the fact that there is a real need for an app that guides people to home services. Before Handy he flipped homes and apartments in the UK and Budapest and found that locating a trustworthy handyman was a lengthy and tedious process. After leaving that business he moved to the US to attend Harvard and discovered the process was just as hard in America.

Noting the global potential he started working on Handy with a few friends who have since left the company to pursue other things. It turns out the need was just as great as Hanrahan noted. Handy makes it simple because it does all of the legwork for its customers.

This is the second reason why it succeeds: because Handy is very careful about the potential professionals it allows to use the app. It protects its customers by thoroughly vetting all applicants for Handy. The company has received about 750k applicants, out of which they admitted about 3% after background checks, interviews, and reference checks. This ensures that their customers always walk away happy, and a positive experience means plenty for business growth.

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Avi Weisfogel Treats The Most Severe Cases Of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is one of the most dreaded disorders that anyone can suffer from. The disorder steals people’s sleep in the night, and it can cause a lack of breathing that has killed people in the past. The treatment for sleep apnea has changed mightily over the years, and anyone who has worn an oxygen mask at night knows that they would prefer more progressive treatments. The treatments rendered in the offices of Dr. Avi Weisfogel are more progressive than those of his colleagues, and he has developed a reputation for helping people get a good night’s sleep again. This article explains how Dr. Weisfogel has changed the lives of all his patients.

#1: Dr. Weisfogel Completes Thorough Consultations Of All Patients

The most important part of Dr. Wiesfogel’s practice is the consultations. Dr. Weisfogel studies and questions every patient because a treatment is prescribed, and he may choose to do a sleep study on the patient before prescribing treatment. Anyone who comes to Dr. Weisfogel’s office will help the doctor collect a massive amount of information before coming to a final decision.

#2: Dr. Weisfogel Attempts Many Progressive Treatments

Dr. Weisfogel is willing to attempt progressive treatments that other people would not. These treatments can be quite new for some patients, but they might include protocols that do not include oxygen tanks. Oxygen tanks and breathing machines have long been a treatment for sleep apnea, but there are other medications and forms of breathing apparatus that may be used in their place. Dr. Weisfogel is willing to step outside the box when finding a new treatment for his patients.

#3: Sleep Apnea Doctors Offer A New Lease On Life

Sleep apnea doctors offer a new lease on life that patients need to stay well. Getting treatment for sleep apnea allows patients to get a full night’s sleep, and it allows all patients to go back to a new sleep routine. The routine will help people lead a productive life once again, and patients may go in for routine checkups once their treatment is complete.

Someone who is in need of help getting a long night’s sleep must see a sleep apnea doctor who is capable of providing the proper treatment. Anyone who is concerned about how they sleep at night must visit doctors like Avi Weisfogel for progressive treatments that will help provide rest that has been hidden for so long.

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Across Pennsylvania, Jon Urbana Makes an Impact

A man of many talents, Jon Urbana holds the prestigious distinction of being recognized with the FAA’s Airmen Certification Database for exceeding education, licensing, and medical standards. This puts Urbana in the ranks of the pilots who are recommended by transportation safety experts to fly with, to ensure the skills that reduce error and danger. FAA standards are among the highest in the world.

Jon uses a more recently discovered avenue for his creativity in crafting original music, with only the humblest of gear, to garner support for his many charitable undertakings. MTV Artists is one of Urbana’s many social media presences where he offers his own mixes for free, embedded at a site also recognizing his support for Earth First.

Another of Jon’s passions, Earth First works to promote awareness, and mobilize youth, to become proactive in understanding and protecting the natural resources and environment, especially the natural beauty of the planet. Urbana’s many interests intersect here as well, as he also works closely with youth to share his skills in lacrosse.

Next Level Lacrosse Camp was founded by Urbana, who has not only played Villanova lacrosse, but earned honorable mention All-America honors in 2004. He also was selected as the Colonial Athletic Association’s Defensive Player of the Year. Jon Urbana was a lead player for the Villanova Wildcats while they were at the top of their conference. And he began his accumulation of other special honors in the sport in High School.

He chose to share his talents by coaching young people in the sport and offering them an opportunity to train with some of the top pro’s in the game. More on his lacrosse biography and a chance to register can be found at the camp’s website .

Could there be more? Lots!–Too much to mention here, even. But lets not miss a chance to consider Jon Urbana’s considerable photography portfolio, much of which is available for free viewing at several of his self-managed websites. Urbana demonstrates a refined vision for creating elegant, original scenes to capture with perfect lighting and crisp resolution. Visit Jon’s WordPress blog, called Jon Urbana’s Official blog, for a tour of some highlights.