January 2016

Is George Soro’s Prediction about the Global Markets right?

Investors need to be very cautious as global markets face a crisis according to George Soros when he was talking to an economic forum in Sri Lanka. According to Soros, China’s struggle to find new growth model and the recent devaluation of its currency is already leading to problems in the rest of the world. Soros thinks that developing countries are facing a challenge to return to positive interest rates which was a similar situation in 2008. The global currency, commodity markets and stock are under great pressure in the first week of the year. With the loss of value of the Chinese currency (Yuan), almost $2.5 trillion was wiped from the value of global equities this year.

According to George Soros, the China’s adjustment problem is enough to be called a crisis. He believes that the serious challenge China is facing reminds him of the crisis of 2008. Soros had made a previous warning before. In September 2011 before a panel in Washington, he emphasized that the Greece to European debt crunch was being handled poorly regardless of it being catastrophic than the crisis of 2008. According to Bloomberg Billionaires, Soros hedge-fund firm gained about 20 percent in 1969-2011. Soros is started to be worth about $27.3 billion by the magazine. The article is found here http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-07/global-markets-at-the-beginning-of-a-crisis-george-soros-says

Do people need to believe George Soros this time, the answer is yes but we may not be in the financial crisis yet? People have the right to feel worried that the economy is not in the right track and that something need to be done. George Soros is also the founder and chairman of Open Society Foundation, which involves various partners, project and foundations in more than 100 countries. Open Society is non-governmental organizations which Soros believes with make an impact in terms of promoting an open society where government is accountable, rights are respected, and no one has the monopoly of truth. For more information, the main website is available here https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros

However, his organizations has been banned in Russia despite all the good intentions. In a statement released by the Russia’s general prosecutor’s office, two charity organizations owned by Soros – Open Society Institute (OSI) and Open Society Foundations (OSF) were banned for being deemed as ‘undesirable’ by the Russian state. The Russian government cited the two organizations OSI and OSF are a threat to the Russian constitution system and the security of the state. Soros has received similar criticism from the Hungarian government from his initiative to help the refugees. The Hungarian homeland accused Soros of supporting illegal immigration. Find more from this article http://www.cnbc.com/2015/11/30/russia-bans-george-soros-charity-as-security-threat.html

Despite all the criticism, Soros has been promoting democracy and access to information about the financial markets. His alarm about the financial markets is only meant to ensure governments make the right decisions that would not put the world into a crisis.

How Does White Shark Media Resolve Conflicts With Its Clients?

White Shark Media has hundreds of clients spanning the world who use their web design and marketing services. The company has made a name for itself with online services that create beautiful websites, marketing plans and ad revenue tracking. White Shark understands that they cannot please all the people all the time, but they have a conflict resolution policy that helps them serve their customers better. This article explains how White Shark Media checks their own reviews to ensure problems do not happen twice.

#1: White Shark Keeps A Blog

The White Shark Media website has a blog where customers may read musings from the office. The blog is a unique place where customers may ask questions, or customers may choose to air their grievances in comments. White Shark checks the comments on their blog to ensure that complaints are received, and customers are encourage to bring their problems to the White Shark staff.

#2: Their Review Page

White Shark Media has its own review page that customers may visit at any time. There are other review sites online that White Shark checks on a regular basis, but many customers come to their own review page for customer care. White Shark checks every new complaint, and the complaints all receive their own responses. This policy prevents customers from getting lost in the system, and anyone who has a problem gets a quick response to their issue.

#3: Clients And Employees Work Together

The employee who was in charge of an unhappy client’s account will go back to the client to begin resolution of their case. The problem could be a simple miscommunication, or it is possible that the client did not receive all the customer service they were entitled to. The staff at White Shark Media will continue will work with each client until the client is happy. These clients tend to stay with White Shark Media, and the company has one of the smallest attrition rates in the industry.

#4: Open Door Policy

White Shark Media has an open door policy on complaints and collaboration. The executives at White Shark would prefer to hear from their customers directly, and the policy helps everyone come together to resolve their issues in a professional manner. Most complaints from White Shark Media do not make their way to the Internet, and the complaints are resolved internally in a matter of days.

The complaint and conflict resolution policy at White Shark Media is a revolutionary process that allows customers to get their problems resolved with help from the White Shark staff. No one is left out in the cold during this process, and customers get the customer service they are entitled to in every case.

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Jon Urbana Updates Blog With Quality Photos And Videos

Jon Urbana, co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, is a Denver area blogger with an active lifestyle and a diverse collection of charitable hobbies. Jon was a star athlete, playing for the Villanova lacrosse team in college, and now works on fundraising for several charities when he is on Facebook, blogging or working for Ellipse. The WordPress blog that Jon updates regularly is filled with quality photos of his camp and videos as well as Twitter posts from Jon’s creative mind, displaying an eye for Urbana’s superior and fascinating subject matter. The warm response he received at Yahoo Answers also shows that others feel the same way.

A recent January video on Jon Urbana’s Vimeo channel and his WordPress blog called “Sunday snow by Bill Newsinger,” features slow dance doo-wop style music and footage of families playing in the snow. The video includes some slow motion shots of snow ball fights and sledding, with distinct muted coloration throughout the video, which you can also find on his LinkedIn page.

Jon added another video blog post on the same day, “Watcheye Studios: Demo Reel 2016 by Watcheye Studios,”featuring the principles and ideas of Watcheye Studios. The video is narrated with thoughtful explanation and uplifting music paired with sweeping views of regular everyday life and epic nature shots from around the world as he uses his FAA Airmen Certification to fly his small plane.


A breakfast photo posted by Jon shows off details and warm subject matter in a simple photograph blog post entitled“Pic: Poached egg avocado toast.” The photo shows a meal prepared in a rustic setting with cool and warm colors coming together in the center.

An action shot photo blog post entitled “Pic: The Splash,” was posted by Jon, showing a simple action caught mid occurrence. The photo is sharp and high quality with no blurring or unclear part of the water splashing out of the cup.

In contrast with the warm photos previously posted to Jon’s WordPress blog and his Soundcloud page on the same day, he featured a dark and serious photo entitled “Pic: Strawberries.” The macro shot of the sliced berries includes close up detail of the interior and exterior of the fruit.

Charles Koch Expresses His Views

Prominent businessman Charles Koch expresses his disappointment with the candidates for the 2016 election in a recently released interview. Although the billionaire is expected to spend roughly $900 million to endorse select Republican politicians, Koch revealed his troubled thoughts regarding the support of public figures such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

According to Koch, many of the Republican politicians are refusing to address the most concerning issues in the United States. During the interview, he criticized Donald Trump for his belief that Muslims should register with the government. Koch claimed that this unnecessary requirement would greatly hinder our free society.

Koch also disagreed with Republican candidate Ted Cruz’s proposal to eradicate Isis with continuous bombing. Koch is concerned that destroying approximately 1.6 billion Muslims around the world would encourage more terrorists among the Muslim community.

Despite presenting a list of addressable issues to the candidates, Koch has seen very little results even with his substantial monetary donation. One of the most pressing topics is the United State’s military’s presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. Koch believes that the invasion has resulted in more worried American citizens; therefore, he advised the Republican politicians to examine the current military strategies. Koch is still waiting on a viable alternative to invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

Koch hopes that the interview will pacify the newspapers, media, government officials, and democrats who maintain opposing opinions on some of the above topics. He really wants the American people to understand his strong viewpoints. He concluded the interview by urging the Republican candidates to have a more positive influence on America.

About Charles Koch
Charles Koch is the current co-owner, chief executive officer, and chairman of the board of Koch Industries, which is a multi-billion dollar business that he inherited from his father. His brother David Koch serves as the executive vice president of the company. Koch Industries is involved in oil refining, ranching, and commodity trading while simultaneously producing pollution control equipment, chemicals, fertilizers, and forest products. Additionally, the business is responsible for manufacturing an extensive collection of popular brands such as Dixie Cup, Stainmaster carpet, and Quilted Northern tissue.

Alongside his profound business pursuits, Koch is a supporter of many educational organizations, Republican politicians, and multiple charitable foundations. He is also actively involved in reforming the criminal justice system as he strongly believes that many of the prisons have unfairly targeted unprivileged communities.

HomeJoy Declares Bankruptcy While Competitor Handy Prospers

A recently started company, Handy, has raised more than $110 million since starting in 2012 and $50 million in just the November 2015. Handy is a website and app that allows users to book appointments for house cleaning, repairs and other household services. By all accounts Handy is doing pretty well for itself and its investors, which include Highland Capital Partners, Fidelity Management, Research Co. and General Catalyst Partners, unlike its competitor HomeJoy that offered similar services.

HomeJoy announced in July 2015 that it would be shutting down. The company recently also declared chapter 11 bankruptcy. HomeJoy offered many of the same services as Handy such as house cleaning and repairs. The company was based out of San Francisco and founded by a brother-sister team, Adora and Aaron Cheung, a year after Handy. Although the company never indicated the exact reason for the shut-down and bankruptcy, one founder said it was partially because of worker classification lawsuits. These lawsuits threaten to reclassify contract workers as employees in turn driving up cost of business and, therefore, causing price increases for customers. Other reasons may have been funding and financial issues.
Handy does not seem to be suffering any of these challenges. The company was founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua and was previously known as Handybook. Hanrahan realized how hard it was to find trusted professionals to complete work when he was renovating apartments in Budapest. Handy was designed to aid customers looking for trusted, reliable professionals needed for a service whether it was cleaning, painting, furniture assembly or home repairs. Handy pre-screens professionals to make sure they are right for the job. They also offer a money-back guarantee to customers. Users can book appointments and pay through the website or app and even leave tips if they appreciate the work done.
Handy has several locations in most major cities in the United States. They also offer services in London, Toronto and Vancouver and expect to expand soon.

A Good Smile For A Healthy Life

Showing the world a nice smile is not just about having a healthy mouth, but it also plays a role in one’s confidence level. Dr. Avi Weisfogel understands this on many levels and feels that everyone should have one or the means to obtain it. That is why he is a huge supporter of Operation Smile, which receives donations from his GoFundMe campaign.

Not everyone is born with a healthy mouth and the ability to display a great smile. For example there are many children and adults that have been born with various facial deformities such as a cleft lip or palate. Not only does this lower a person’s self-esteem, but disorders such as these can lead to feeding, speech and even hearing issues. Recently we learned that Dr. Avi Weisfogel who is a long-time practicing dentist, has a passion for the charity called Operation Smile. This is not too surprising to learn, as this organization ensures that individuals all over the world receive the needed surgical procedure to correct this type of birth deformity.

In 1982 Operation Smile was established by plastic surgeon Dr. William P. Magee who along with several volunteers, traveled to the Philippines to perform surgeries to repair cleft palates and lips on individuals in need of them. Once Dr. Weisfogel learned of this charity, he did what he could to lend his support, which includes recently starting a GoFund Me web page specifically for Operation Smile which encourages anyone and any company to donate needed funding and supplies.

Avi Weisfogel established his successful dental practice in Old Bridge, New Jersey, but providing great oral care for individuals was not enough! With an interest in various sleep disorders, he next studied up on different forms of research that indicated how dentists may help people with insomnia issues. After spending his time in this area of studies, he established Dental Sleep Masters Seminars, which focuses on insomnia problems and their treatment.

With more than sixteen years dedicated to sleep disorders, Weisfogel next created Healthy Heart Sleep, which looks into how individuals can be treated for this problem. Next he founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients and Dental Sleep Masters, which informs the many ways that oral devices can aid those suffering with sleep issues. Watch Avi’s favorite Vimeo video below and follow him on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on his campaign.

Keith Mann: NYPD Philanthropist

When it comes to helping others, few people do it better than Keith Mann. As a well-known philanthropist, Keith has helped numerous causes over the years. Whether it’s working with Uncommon Schools helping kids gain the skills needed to begin a career after college or donating money to Hope and Heroes, Keith has demonstrated a willingness to make the lives of those around him better. However, it was his kind gestures directed at the NYPD recently that demonstrated just how giving and supportive he is to others.

With police departments around the nation reeling from various issues and outcries from the public, Keith decided to show the men and women behind the badges that they are still respected and admired for their courage and dedication. On two occasions, Keith bought lunch for the entire 54th Precinct, thanking them for their service and willingness to protect others. Because Keith’s wife Keely has an uncle who is a detective in Staten Island, this is a cause he considers to be extremely personal on many levels. Therefore, he is determined to show the police department that the silent majority of society still supports them wholeheartedly through both good times and bad.

In addition to his philanthropic work, Keith is also quite busy as the founder and CEO of Dynamic Search Partners. Since 2001, he has been working as a consultant in executive searches and hedge funds, ensuring that financial services firms around the globe are able to have the most qualified and motivated people available working for them. Along with this, he has become known worldwide for his expertise in finding and helping his clients hire the very best marketing, investment, and strategic planning personnel, and in fact fills more than 200 client requests per year.

By letting his actions speak louder than words, Keith hopes to inspire others to follow his lead and help others out as best they can. Whether it’s donating money to a worthy cause or buying lunch for a deserving police officer, Keith Mann indeed continues to stand head and shoulders above others when it comes to kindness.

Yeonmi Park Recalls her Feelings of Seeing Her Life in Book Form

Yeonmi Park is one of the most influential figures in this generation. She has gone through a lot of trauma. Usually such series of traumas could inflict a lot of permanent damage on any person. However, Yeonmi Park was able to recover, thanks to the help of her mother. Yeonmi Park was also eventually able get the Youtube exposure needed to tell people about one of the worst places to live in the world which is North Korea. She is now sitting with various people to tell people about the unheard of issues that she has dealt with on account of North Korean ruler Kim Jong-il. One thing that Yeonmi Park has admitted on NY Times to is that she was actually quite reluctant to tell her story. She has merely wanted to forget the traumatic experiences that she has gone through and live on as a normal person. However, she was convinced that it was needed for her to tell her story to millions of people and get exposure. One of the things she thinks about now that he story is out is that she might not find someone who will look at her as a normal human being. There is often a stigma attached to women that have been through all kinds of trauma. Yeonmi Park has given up everything to get the story out about the oppressive nature of North Korea. She has also faced a lot of humiliation in letting out her experiences to the many readers. Yeonmi Park knows that there will be questions about her upbringing and especially her time being trafficked. However, she does see a huge gain in getting the story out. It empowers people to talk about it more. A lot of North Korean women are trafficked and treated as objects in China. While she has overcome a lot, she did have her time to hurt. There were some hangups that she had to overcome about men. It took her a long time. She didn’t start to overcome these hangups until she has began to write her book. Writing her book has proven to be a great form of therapy for her to overcome the effects of her trauma.

James Dondero and opinions on The 2016 Stock Market position

It’s another year, and the share trading system forecasts have as of now started. Will it go up, or will we see another scaled down accident such as we found in the fall of 2015? Yes, everybody is nervous, of course, and some forecasts run the extent from a blast to bust and all over the place in the middle.

Jim Dondero, President of Highland Capital, on the other hand, enjoys the way things are looking in 2016. Why? It’s all because, in spite of some troubling signs (as not out of the ordinary as we abandon the Subsidence), the new year could likely hold some uplifting news of an extraordinary nature. No, Jim doesn’t have a crystal ball by any methods, yet he sees indications of a rise that has a considerable measure to do with an adjustment to the brain science of some key speculators. Watch Jim and the Highland Team ring the NYSE Closing Bell beneath.

Yes, 2015 finished on a flatline, in a year that saw some real swings. The primary portion of 2015 was hollow as a temperament of specialist financial confidence assumed control. That all finished, on the other hand, as a smaller than normal accident hit the business sector in the fall. Despite the fact that the enterprise sector recouped after the lows of August to October, oil costs fell, which included new stresses.

There’s a silver covering to the majority of this, in any case, as Jim Dondero rushes to call attention to. A percentage of the primary development organizations fell in the last weeks of 2015, yet the uplifting news is that they didn’t tumble to hazardously low levels. Following these stocks didn’t fall to levels that would flag a bear market, the sign is that they will stay relentless and head up in the new year. Yes, that is uplifting news for every one of us.

Yes, there could be some genuinely positive news of an unusual nature in 2016. We’ve moved from a demeanor of smug confidence to suspicion as we audit where the business sector is at, and in all honesty, that is a slick spot to be. The supposition is that 2016 will be a decent year for financial specialists. That is something that ought to make everybody grin as the year gets in progress.

This article recapped  http://www.forbes.com/sites/johntobey/2015/12/31/how-2015s-flat-stock-market-boosts-2016s-prospects/

Shaygan Kheradpir, the True Face of a Leader

As much as leadership is described as a God-given ability, it entails self-drive and specific traits in a person. Among the termed successful leaders in our globe is Shaygan Kheradpir. He is one of the most outstanding leaders who have held vital positions in several renowned companies for over twenty-eight years; hence, referring to him as a veteran executive can as well suit him.

Shaygan’s outstanding qualities have not only helped him climb different levels up the ladder of leadership in various fields, but have also helped him secure an excellent job for a renowned international company. His expertise and quality assurance leadership has enabled him to secure the position of the CEO and the president of Coriant, which is the above named successful international company. Among the many viewed values to choose the appropriate person for the position, was the capability of the individual to drive Coriant to the next level of growth. Indeed, owing to the strategic plans and insight of Shaygan, he is the appropriate person for the task. Such a position and the aimed task needs a person who is trusted thus it is quite vivid that as a leader, he has been able to win the trust of not only his colleagues, but also the world at large. This confidence is a product of the successful work at various levels of leadership in previous work areas. His top notch leadership ability kicked off at the beginning of his career at GTE Corporation. He was appointed as an executive in the leadership team where he was expected to drive systems of innovation and initiate original product initiatives. Holding such position and successfully managing projects of several billion dollars cash without embezzling the capital has led to Coriant selecting him for this vital position.

The background of Shaygan traces back from his firm foundation of education and finally managing to secure not only a degree, but also a Ph.D. and masters in Bachelor of Engineering. His vast adorable leadership traits perhaps were gotten while he pursued this course in Cornell University. Being a member the university council means that he was involved in making vital decisions for his fellow students and also being in such a position exposed him to several successful leaders hence molding him into the adorable personality. As a leader, analyzing situations and making decisions forms the basis of the scheduled task. As a selected member of the advisory board of the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology, this established a cornerstone in Shaygan of analyzing situations and giving the relevant advice. Owing such a capability, Shaygan held a leadership role at Barclay’s Bank where he was involved in the creation of the transform program that has so far been essential to the growth and success of this bank globally. Being a leader who lays strategic plans and executes pillar projects in big companies, the background of Shaygan in his career traces back to Juniper Networks where he held a position as a CEO. Shaygan is not only a role model leader, but also a legend to be forever recalled.