February 2016

Trained to Succeed

I have been working for Stephen Murray CCMP Capital for a few years now and I feel like in my head I’m always picking out new employee candidates. We are not the type of company to be hiring constantly, but it is always good to have a few individuals in mind in case a position opens up one day. I myself happen to have a few friends who have obtained their bachelor and associates degree in accounting and law so they would be a great asset to our team at CCMP. Although I probably don’t even have 1% of the say in who is hired here, at least I can get them an application and put in a good word for them to the CEO. The application process is pretty extensive so no matter what the CEO has to follow certain guidelines before hiring somebody.

I remember when Stephen Murray was the CEO here at CCMP. He was an awesome guy to be around at the office because he would take everything you said into consideration, even people you send his way with an application. Although he was a very strong-minded businessman, he was also empathetic at that same time. If any of his employees needed a day off for personal reasons, he would not judge them nor dig into their personal life. He certainly would not put up with asking for a day off all the time, but when it was needed, it was given. There was a few times where my father ended up in the hospital and I personally had to ask for a week off all at once. When I brought it to his attention there was no hassle at all. It was an okay, a pat on the back and out the door I went.

Out of all jobs I have worked at in the past, CCMP Capital is at that top of my favorites list. Not only are the employees amazing, but I am very comfortable with the atmosphere that surrounds me here. It has always been hard for me to transition into a new job, but when I came here I was instantly at home. Although the work can get tough at times, I have worked here long enough that I have the confidence that it takes to succeed in something I am having difficulty with. Sometimes people thrown their hands in the air when they can’t figure something out, but me and the rest of the employees here were trained to keep going until we got it and that is exactly what we do.

The Recession Is Over – NYC Real Estate Is Great

Since the recession is over, the NYC real estate industry is seeing great growth. The buyers and sellers are seeing a remarkable upturn. It might be you that is next for finding the right home to purchase, or to sell yours, if that is what you want.

A Good Real Estate Agent

What does a good real estate agent do? They listen to you, and they find out what it is you are looking to do. A good agent will never stop working until they have found you a wonderful place to live, or they have sold your home so you can move on.

Town Residential Real Estate

Our agents at Town Residential Real Estate are tops in the field. They have the background and the training to get the job completed. They listen to you at every step of the way with good feedback and excellent work ethic. Be sure that you are open and honest with them on what your goals are, and the process will go quickly and smoothly, giving you a wonderful experience in the real estate industry.

Our Goal Is To Serve Our Clients

Customer service is a key part of our business. We love to assist our clients so that they are happy with what they purchase or sell in the industry. Never be afraid to ask a question because we want to make sure that you are happy with your experience with either buying or selling a home. In every way, we will work closely with you so that you can find just what you are looking for. It will be our pleasure to assist you in any way that we can in the real estate market as it continues to improve.

Town Residential Real Estate is at your service. We want you to succeed in what your goals are. If they are to purchase a home or sell one, we want to make that process as easy as possible. You will find that we are congenial to work with, and we can accelerate the time schedule so that you get what you are looking for fast.

Beneful covers your dogs protein needs

Protein is among the 4 essential food groups for dogs, and each meal should come with a healthy dose of, at least, one meat-based product. While dogs are omnivores, like you and me, protein is a crucial component that is required for bones, energy, skin, fur and healthy organ function. Beneful, a popular dog food brand, covers a wide range of protein sources, between land and sea.

Branching from Purinastore dog food corporation, Beneful provides dry and wet meals. They also have a line of various treats and biscuits. The meat-based protein found in puppy and adult formulas include chicken, beef, lamb, pork and salmon. Beneful processes these, and accent ingredients, in a variety of ways. Food comes dry, wet, thinly sliced and in large chunks. Just as we appreciate texture in our food, your dog will too, and Beneful covers every crunch and all the moist bites to satisfy many palates.

Beneful also provides dairy forms of protein sources, like eggs and cheese, and other fun alternatives, like peanut butter! Their Baked Delights snacks combine many of meat-based and dairy protein together for a treat your dog will beg for, and one you’ll be glad to give. Watch how fast they will be willing to obey commands when a Beneful treat hangs in their line of vision.

Go ahead and see how Beneful’s coverage of the food groups satisfies your dog’s mind and body. And notice that each bag prints “real” before the protein source. These include by-product and organs, which dogs love and would eat in the wild if there were no owners lovingly caring for their every need.




Raising Awareness of Autism with Music

Autism Rocks was created by Sanjay Shah in 2014 to help raise awareness and aid in the research for Autism. His son was only two years old when he was diagnosed and ever since, he’s wanted to find a way to help out with the disorder. He wanted to make sure that his son received the best possible treatment available, but understand that some people don’t always have that option. He was lucky because he had the necessary funds in order to get his son the best help, but wanted to do more. That’s when Autism Rocks was created as well as a gofundme account.

He was stumped for a bit as to how he wanted to help. He had been donated his own money to the cause, but wanted to do more. The famous music artist, Snoop Dogg, was in the area and stopped by his house in Dubai one afternoon. Shah has always had a love for music, and had been out of the industry for some time. Snoop Dogg urged him to get back into the industry, and stage concert gigs with some of the most famous music artists to help raise money for the cause. That is when Autism Rocks was developed. Since then, he’s been able to state gigs with Lenny Kravits, Michael Buble, Prince and Elvis Costellos, among many others. He continues to work hard with other musicians to set up events so he can continue to raise money.

The Autism Research Trust (ART) was created for the donations that come from Autism Rocks. Shah is able to send some of the funds to the Cambridge University which helps with the research, development as well as the helps families and patients with the effects they may experience with Autism. Shah isn’t interested in find a cure, he loves his son the way he is, but he wants to be able to help him in any way that he can. He wants to educate himself as much as he can as well as help others understand the condition, so they are more prepared and can look for the signs early on.

Famous YouTuber Focus: Wengie

Over the past few years, as YouTube has gained tremendous popularity, some YouTube stars have emerged. Popular YouTube channels are able to generate millions of views and subscribes which results in that person becoming YouTube famous. Ray William Johnson is the number one famous YouTuber with his show Equals Three. By 2012, he had over 6 million subscribers. Nigahiga is another popular channel where Ryan Higa turn everyday situations into comedy. His channel was the top YouTube channel until Ray William Johnson knocked him into second place.
With the rise of YouTube stars, makeup and beauty tutorials have become extremely popular to viewers. One of the channels worth mentioning is Wengie. This Australian beauty blogger has tutorials, reviews, and trends. Wengie has over 1 million subscribers but not all of her videos are just makeup tutorials. She also has a site called the Wonderful World of Wengie where she posts her videos and reviews as well. Aside from her beauty and health channel, she also has a more personal channel dedicated to Vlogging and giving advice.

Wendy Huang, known as Wengie, has become extremely popular with Australian beauty. Wengie became interested in beauty and fashion at a young age and is inspired by everyday things around her. The majority of her audience is Korean but her tutorials can really apply to anyone wanting to create new makeup looks. Viewers love that not only does Wengie show fresh and new makeup ideas, but also that she goes over things like dieting and fashion. Her channel is the most subscribed Asian Beauty Channel in Australia. She believes that beauty starts from the inside and that’s why taking care of overall health is so important. AS YouTube gets even more popular, there will be more to see from Wengie’s channel.

Darius Fisher Is An Up And Coming Figure In The Public Relations Sector

Darius Fisher is a rising star in the public relations and digital communications field. The young entrepreneur has co-founded Status Labs, which has quickly become known as a leading provider of digital crisis management. If you are suffering from an online reputation crisis, Darius Fisher is the man you want to call. His company is the firm that you want to handle your case. Status Labs offers much more than just online reputation crisis management though. Fisher’s company deals with public relations campaigns, advertising and reputation management. Crisis management, however remains Darius Fisher’s Tour-de-force and he is getting much attention for it.

So who is the man behind Status Labs? What makes his approach so unique and his company so successful? Fisher was an excellent student at Vanderbilt University. He studied economics there and graduated among the top in his class. After college, Fisher found work as a copywriter at Agora Publishing, where he gained valuable skills in copyright law and business. Next, Fisher worked as a political consultant for various political campaigns in the United States. As a political consultant Fisher saw that the reputation of an individual played a major part in whether a candidate was successful or not in a campaign.

Leaving behind political consulting, Status Labs was born and Fisher has been at the helm ever since it was founded in 2012. Darius Fisher has seen the company grow year after year. Headquarter in Austin, Fisher has helped expand the firm to additional locations in the United States and abroad. The digital reputation and advertising company now has offices in Brazil as well as a second office in the United States in New York City.

Darius Fisher believes that Status Labs can continue expanding. The reputation of an individual, particularly on the web is only going to grow more important and more accessible in the future. Fisher has already worked with clients in over 35 countries and has conducted successful campaigns in languages besides English. Digital reputation and crisis management is a global issue and there is a global market for the services offered by Status Labs. Visit Darius’ website for information and news.

Koch Brothers At War With Trump

Charles and David Koch, collectively known as the Koch brothers, have stated that everything is on the table in terms of the 2016 Presidential election, including sitting out the election if the wrong candidate in the Republican party comes up.

For the Koch brothers, the wrong candidate is Donald Trump. The two sides have been continually escalating their arguments with one another in recent months with Trump stating that any candidate who takes the Koch’s money will be beholden to them and their puppets. Trump was actively trying to get their endorsement originally though, along with their campaign contributions, when they have continually distanced themselves from him. For one, the Koch brothers don’t like his anti-Muslim stance and secondly feel as if he doesn’t share the same ideals and concerns for the direction of the country as they do.

Charles Koch is surprised at the run that Trump has had to date and did not consider him to be a serious candidate in the election, only to be surprised by the campaign that he has run and its success. Now they are not only considering withholding their money from the election cycle, but also in spending some of that money towards targeting Trump in the hopes of getting other Republican’s nominated instead. This may infuriate some of Trump’s supporters who are also funding the Koch brothers super Pac’s and this is therefore still be deciding on, as they don’t want to alienate anyone and fear that this strategy will support Trump’s stance that he is acting out his role as an outsider in the election.

The Koch Brothers are descendants from Fred Koch who started Koch enterprises, Charles is now CEO, a diversified firm and have given significant amounts of money to candidates who support their beliefs included the smaller size of government and lower taxes. During the 2016 election cycle the Charles Koch has raised $900 million and sitting out the campaign would mean a significant shift in the campaign and its finances.

With the 2016 election cycle not going as planned and failures getting Mitt Romney elected in 2012 against Barack Obama, Charles Koch is publicly stating that they don’t feel as if their campaign contributions are providing them much of a return on their money, but still believe in the United States and in standing up for the constitutional ideals that they have, which namely circle around a free market perspective.

Highland Capital: Some Changes In Holdings In The Third Quarter

According to Octa Finance, Highland Capital Management recently filed its quarterly 13F. The filing revealed that their portfolio had lost 1.49 billion dollars in value since the second quarter. In the second quarter, the portfolio was valued at 4.91 billion dollars and by the third quarter it had decreased in value to 3.42 billion dollars. This equity exposure that was reported on the 13F is about 22.73 percent of Highland Capital Management’s total assets.

The hedge fund changed some of its positions during the third quarter. They increased their position in American Airls Group, Patterson Companies, Burlington Stores, Ldr Holding, Kinder Morgan, Corning and Salesforce Com. The hedge fund decreased their position in a few companies, including Spdr Series Trust, Nexpoint Cr Strategies Fd, McKesson Corp, Envision Healthcare Holdings and Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings.

James Dondero is the President and Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management. Jim now lives in Dallas, Texas but before he started his career, he was a student at the University of Virginia. In college, Dondero studied Accounting and Finance. He graduated from the University of Virginia’s Mcintire School of Commerce with the highest honors. Since his days in school, Dondero has gotten certification as a Certified Management Accountant, a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Public Accountant.

In 1984, Jim began his career in the Morgan Guaranty training program as an analyst. In 1985, he started working for American Express as a portfolio manager and corporate bond analyst. Dondero continued with American Express until 1989, when he moved became the Chief Investment Officer of the Protective Life GIC subsidiary, which he helped to create and by 1993 he had helped them reach over 2 billion dollars.

In 1993, Dondero decided it was time to found his own fund and so he started Highland Capital. Highland Capital Management prides itself on how it has always and continues to pioneer credit oriented solutions for worldwide retail and institutional investors and development of the market for Collateralized Loan Obligations. The firm is also proud to offer everything from private equity and mutual funds to hedge funds and REITs. With more than 30 years of experience, Dondero knows distressed and high yield investing in the equity and credit markets. Because of this experience and knowledge he has been able to lead Highland Capital Management to increased success.

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