March 2016

James Dondero’s Argentine Connection

After its default and legal troubles, Argentina will return to the international debt markets in 2016 and James Dondero will be there to help out. Jim is the founder of Dallas-based legendary asset management firm Highland Capital Management. The firm currently controls over $19 billion dollars in assets under management. Using its distressed debt platform, it is one of the largest holders of external Argentine debt. They are a firm believer in this resource rich economy and will continue to invest.

The debt that is issued this year will again be issued under New York law and should yield about 6% interest rates, which is very good for sovereign debt. Highland Capital does not necessarily anticipate that their the debt will be restructured again, but is satisfied that they will be protected in any case.

Highland Capital is already a big winner. After the debt was restructured this year by U.S. District Judge Thomas Griesa, the firm returned over 20% annualized from their initial investment in 2014. That is because they were purchased at around 70% of par value and were then paid off at par. James Dondero’s prediction that an intermediate solution to Argentina’s debt problems proved correct, and the firm’s investors were the beneficiaries.

James has lead a storied career founding and building up Highland Capital Management to become the success it is today. However, it was not always the case. The firm was founded back in 1990 with Mark Okada and Protective Life as a small, long-term investment management fund. In 1997 its name was changed from Ranger Capital to Highland Capital Management. They began to make a large impact in the market by structuing 39 CLOs/CDOs totaling approximately $32 billion. The firm also rapidly expanded its asset management capabilities. Today, in addition to its headquarters in Dallas, it has offices in New York City, São Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul. Its making an enormous impact on the market and leading the way for other investors to follow.

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CCMP Capital Sad For The Loss Of Their Longtime President Steve Murray

CCMP Capital an investment firm majoring in private equities is saddened by the loss of their esteemed president Steven Murray. Murray has been with the company since 1989 when back then it was known as Chase Capital Partners to JP Morgan Partners until the now CCMP Capital. Murray was the chief executive officer and the president of the company and has been with the firm as a major in private equity for a long time. He left the firm for health related reasons but did not have the privilege to go back to the company until his demise. The Stephen Murray CCMP Capital team is reported by the Wall Street Journal to be still sad about his death in March 2015 but has continued his regime by electing Greg Brenneman the CCMP chairperson to act as the president of the company.

CCMP Capital majors on private equities and ventures in different divisions from partnerships, chemical capital ventures and manufactures. The firm specializes in buyout and growth equity investment together with its team of management who are exceptionally skilled. The ventures in Stephen Murray CCMP Capital spread to North America and Europe but also is influential globally; globally CCP Capital has invested in over $16 million in buyout and growth equity, and they have been an independent firm since 2006 with the private management portfolio of JP Morgan Partners. Their most major targeted sectors include chemicals and energy, consumer and retail, healthcare and industrial. CCMP Capital has development from the team membership efforts to becoming the world class industrial investment partner.

From the CMP Capital chairperson, Stephen Murray was the best president they had for the time he was with them. He was the best deal maker and partnership establisher, in addition, was perfect in buyouts and private equities because it has been his career field for a long time. Murray passed on at the age of 83 years leaving back his four children and his wife who according to Greg were the best part of his life that he loved and appreciated all his life. Murray studied economics at Boston College and also earned a master in the Columbia school of business. He has been in private equities and also worked as a credit analyst in Manufactures Hanover Corporation, and he was part of the founding team of CCMP Capital Partners with JP Morgan. He was also an active philanthropist who supported make a wish foundation in metro New York. Before his passing, Murray was also active in board membership of Pinnacle Foods and Aramark. He has left a great legacy in the private equity sector globally.

iFunding is Triggering Growth in the Real Estate Industry by Offering Alternative Investment Opportunities

iFunding is a platform that has revolutionized the real estate industry. It is based in New York City. The platform provides an opportunity for investors to engage in valuable real estate deals with minimal capital investments. The platform creates a perfect environment that is likely to increase the number of participants and profits accrued from the real estate industry.

iFunding strategy

iFunding services compile a detailed and well-articulated report concerning the property, its developer, and the real estate market status. In addition, quality investments are identified and documented. The platform is planning to increase the number of potential investors willing to purchase the properties so that developers can concentrate on property development. iFunding manages a secure website that presents an opportunity for accredited investors to view available deals and invest via the online platform.

Terms offered

iFunding charges administrative fees as well as listing fee from sponsors after the fundraiser is completed. Moreover, investment deals that exceed one year are charged an asset management fee. The fee may be waivered in case the term is estimated to be less than one year. The terms are open for negotiations. Distribution of profits can take place either monthly or quarterly.

Financing categories as outlined on CrunchBase

• Preferred equity: after the project is implemented and it begins to generate a profit, the first 8%-12% is divided among investors who contributed the capital. When the project exceeds the set threshold profit, both iFunding investors and sponsors will share the profit according to pre-negotiated terms.

• Senior debt: this must be paid first and is usually secured by collateral.

• Mezzanine debt: this is a layer of capital falling between senior debt and equity.

About William Skelley

William Skelley is the Founder and CEO of iFunding. He coined the accredited crowdfunding term back in 2012. Accredited crowdfunding enables approved investors to invest in large-scale opportunities using as low as $5,000 capital. He is a resident of Boston and New York. He communicates in fluent Spanish and English. He started his career as an executive intern at Bain Capital. He has previously worked at Rose Park Advisors as the principal. Other firms he has worked for include Olympus, Bain Capital, and General Electric.

His Roles at iFunding outlines that William is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing business development activities. Skelley advises clients on making intelligent investment decisions and dealing with transactions that exceed $2B through the capital structure. Skelley is a talented speaker who motivates investors during industry events. He handles topics on crowdfunding and real estate finance. His specialty is to fundraise from accredited investors.

Slyce Reports On Its Wonderful Year In 2015

Yahoo! Finance first reported the yearly review from Slyce, and Slyce has come a long way from a small search image recognition firm. Slyce has fought off attempts from investors to purchase their company, and they have created new partnerships with several retailers to strengthen their brand. Everyone who loves shopping will benefit from using Slyce, and this article explains how the report lays out the massive success of Slyce.

#1: Slyce Is Partnering With Large Retailers, Neiman Marcus, Urban Outfitters and Shoe Carnival are all working together to bring better search results to the app. App users will be given preferential results from these retailers, and users may go to the results for only those companies. Someone who loves to shop with any of these retailers may choose the tab for the retailer, and the results will appear only for that retailer.

#2: Slyce Updates Its Universal Scanner

The Universal Scanner at Slyce has been updated several times over, and there are many companies who have been vying for the technology. Slyce has been sitting on some of the most promising scanning technology in the world, and they have begun to roll out the technology to their partners. Slyce Link will use the scanner to help create proper results, and users will see the amazing shopping finds that Slyce offers.

#3: 3D Object Recognition Software

The 3D object recognition software created by Slyce will allow users to ensure they get the best results from a 3D picture. There are many shoppers who do not find the best products because of the low picture quality, and 3D object recognition allows people to see the exact product that they have photographed. Slyce has been on the cutting edge of the visual search world, and adding 3D technology to the app helps customers.

Customers who are searching for the best shopping outlets online must ensure that they are receiving the most current results. There are several different people who are using Slyce to shop for new items, and the pictures sent through the system allow users to save quite a lot of time.

Kevin Seawright Partners With Newark Works and Banks to Giving Youths Summer Employment

Kevin Seawright has been on the move to help youths from Newark attain basic skills and earn a foundation for financial success. This is by establishing partnerships with Newark Works, Santander Bank, and Td Bank, this year the program that has been giving 3000 jobs to youths will increase to 3500 jobs. The summer youth employment plan by Kevin aims to motivate students to attend college and increase the number of graduates around the Newark community. With the program youths will be trained on the job on hand, there will be an empowerment program, financial literacy lessons, and college readiness program. The program will run for six weeks during the summer and students will receive minimum wage for the job done.

Kevin told LocalTalkNews he looks forward to making the city incredible through boosting college graduate numbers and performance he and the whole group of Newark CEDC are proud to participate in the program. To participate and apply for the programs youth will be required to make the online application and so far they have received more than 300 applications.

Exposure of the students to the job market will increase their professional expertise, especially in finance a skill that will be of great benefit to them after graduating. The summer youth employment plan will run for 6 weeks from 5th July to August 16th. Kevin Seawright sees that motivating student in this way will be a good strategy to developing Newark.

Kevin Seawright is the chief financial officer of the Newark community economic development corporation located in Newark New Jersey. He has been very supportive in the field of education and economic development of Newark. He has been the catalyst for the great development of Newark city and has been a lead in real estate development. He also worked in Maryland’s department of recreation and parks where helped allocate more than $50 million for the operations around the city. He has huge experience e in financial management, accounting, and capital operations. Kevin has been a propagator of many developments in the city.

Seawright joined Newark CEDC in May 2015 after the company realized how great he is when it comes to financial development. He loves working for the development of his community and has worked in promoting education in Baltimore and Washington DC. Kevin has been very supportive to youths through coaching a local youth’s sports team and was also a member of the board for Babe Ruth Museum with the role of an advisor. Newark CEDC has the right person in the position to help its operations. The program run by Kevin will help many youths embark on a journey to realizing their professional dream and develop their capacity. Kevin has gained recognition by many after completing his leadership training program at the University of Notre Dame.  Follow Kevin on SoundCloud for podcasts and new music releases.

Not Liking the Ghostbusters Reboot Doesn’t Mean You Hate Women

The trailer for the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot has been released, and it has created quite a bit of tension amongst fans. The film is a reboot featuring four female leads.

Let’s get something straight. There are some men out there who hate the idea that women are starring in this movie just because they’re women. Those men are idiots. We all know that. But that doesn’t mean that any man who thinks this movie looks terrible hates women.

Dan Newlin and people who think this movie is going to be awful have three main issues with it:

1. Why is this a reboot, wonders Dan Newlin on Twitter?

The whole idea of making this a reboot seems completely unnecessary. Why would they toss out the old continuity? What is the point? Why not just make these women the new recruits?

2. Dan Newlin believes their jumpsuits look stupid.

Why on earth do they have those reflector lines on them? It just doesn’t look right. It doesn’t look like Ghostbusters.

3. That trailer just wasn’t funny.

Did that trailer make anyone laugh? Everyone looked stiff as a board. It was a total mess. What’s amusing is that a fan re-cut the trailer and made the movie look ten times more awesome.

Let’s all relax a little bit. Just because a movie stars four women in it doesn’t mean it’s automatically bad.

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Highland Capital Reveals New Portfolio Holdings

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) requires that all institutional investment managers that have a value of at least $100 million in assets under management, file a quarterly 13F report. The Form 13F provides a position level disclosure of all mutual fund holdings, U.S. listed equity, ETF and other securities in the manager’s portfolio. Highland Capital Management’s (HCM) CEO, James Dondero, has revealed that its hedge fund has a reported portfolio value of $3.42 billion, a decrease of approximately $1.49 billion from the previous quarter. The filing represents only 22.73% of the company’s assets.

Highland’s New Purchases and Increased Positions
Fund managers like Jim Dondero are skilled at evaluating stock market strategies and will often purchase stocks they feel are undervalued, being careful to keep positive exposure to the equity markets. Some of HCM’s largest new positions include $67.07 million in Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr (Call) (SPY), $23.35 million in Amazon Com Inc (AMZN) and $17 million in Danaher Corp Del (DHR) and Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc (EGRX) each. The funds top three sector weights are now 20% in healthcare, 18% in information technology and 18% in finance.

James Dondero Balances HCM’s Portfolio by Selling Stocks
Mr. Dondero has been successful in risk management of distressed and high yield investments, with a keen insight in rebalancing the firms overall portfolio. Since the founding of HCM in 1993, Mr. Dondero has pioneered the investment strategy of Collaterized Loan Obligations (CLO). A CLO is a security backed by a pool of debt, and while the investor assumes most of the risk, they receive scheduled debt payments from the underlying loans. It is unknown if lack of momentum or better positions were the reasons for Mr. Dondero’s stock sells, but his decisions rest on 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets. The company has sold out it stakes in Envision Healthcare, Mckesson Corp., Nexpoint Cr Strategies Fd, Spdr Series Trust (Put) and Laboratory Corp Amer Hldgs.

About James Dondero
Jim is a graduate of the University of Virginia with honors. He worked at American Express moving quickly through the ranks to eventually becoming Portfolio Manager. Before starting his own firm, HCM, he was instrumental in building out the GIC Subsidiary of Protective Life from its beginnings to over $2 billion in assets under management. Presently, Jim is also chairman on other boards such as CCS Medical, Nexbank and Cornerstone Healthcare.

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Charles Koch Op-ed High On Consciousness: A Mission To Demobilize Power Play In American Politics

Senator Bernie Sanders and one of America’s richest billionaires Charles Koch have finally agreed on a political point. Koch submitted a detailed op-ed to the leading news house, Washington Post sharing his deepest insight on American politics. Politico reported that Koch stressed how inequality has destroyed the nation. He’s not specifically apportioning blame to discredit the government or politicians as they’re not acting alone. Sanders somewhat understands the consequence of such actions, pointing out how the privileged continues to enjoy immunity. Meanwhile, citizens facing social and economic hardship continue to struggle. Charles Koch strongly argued that Republicans and Democrats contribute to this divergence. So, what problems has this caused? The poor has no avenue to elevate their life as they’re punished wickedly for any mistakes while the fortunate gets pardoned.

Largely, today’s progressive business community continue to influence these policies. Apparently, these mandates, regulations and handouts rule in the favor of well-connected, privileged Americans. The difference in opinion comes where Wall Street has contributed. Sanders openly apportioned blame to the policymakers and Wall Street as a whole. Meanwhile, Koch expands the scope to include a wider population, particularly the influential business industry. Income equality is an area that both synonymously highlighted recognizing how the wealthy pushes the poor deeper into poverty. It’s untoward that Sanders and Koch had this momentary insight knowing their history of opposing each other. In fact, Sanders has long opposed the Kochs for their sponsorship approach turning supporters against the group. He specifically argued that the group invest millions to alienate society against federal aid, social security, Medicare and other programs. The Kochs spent $889 million last October on policy and politics. While Sanders opinion calls to question the group’s aim, further investigation confirmed that their contributions fund scholarships, education programs, and research.

Forbes named Charles Koch the world’s twenty-ninth most influential profile. With an estimated net value of $41 billion, Charles co-owns Koch Industries where he also took up office asc0 chair and chief executive. He’s an MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) BA (Bachelor of Arts) and Master’s degree holder of the sciences. He’s humble to an extent, measuring up his literalist campaign to that of civil rights activists. Koch Industries primarily invested in chemicals and oil refining before David and Charles took over the business empire. Today, Koch Industries compete on multiple verticals, including consumer/forest products, pollution/process control technologies and equipment, ranching, fertilizers, fibers/polymers, commodity services/trading and minerals. The group manages prominent brands such as Quilted Northern, Lycra, and Stainmaster.

Besides running Koch Industries, Charles is an active supporter of educational organizations such as George Mason University, free-market oriented program, Mercatus and the IHS (Institute for Humane Studies). Additionally, the founded the organization, namely Koch Cultural Trust with Elizabeth, his business partner, and wife. The institute funds creative artists and projects. Charles continues to endorse libertarian factions, charities, and Republicans. As a prolific business mogul, he authored a book in 2007, “The Science of Success,” which shares Charles philosophical management strategies. In 2015, he published another inspirational book, “Good Profit.” Today, aspiring entrepreneurs look to Charles for mentorship and guidance.

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My First Year in Jacksonville

I moved to Jacksonville, Florida last year to make a change in my life and as much as I love it here, I tend to miss home more often than not. I try and talk to my family once or twice a week to let them know I and doing okay. To communicate with them, I use Talk Fusion so that way I don’t have to worry about glitches and because I love being able to see my parents faces when I talk to them. Sometimes my niece and nephew will be over there visiting when I call so I get to see them and how big they have gotten since our last conversation. My nephew is only two and my niece is 3, so needless to say they grow very quickly in just a short period of time.

Without Talk Fusion I would not get to have these luxuries in life like watching the little ones in my family grow or being able to see my parents clearly rather than just listening to them on the phone. If I wasn’t able to do this, I highly doubt that I would still be in the state of Florida. I would have left within the first month of being down there. My family is big on communication and being together during the holidays, so thankfully I came across Talk Fusion to help us be as close as possible. Even though I love the software and my father as well, my mother still doesn’t like the fact that she can’t hug me. This is something we are working on at the moment.

I am not sure how long I will stay in Jacksonville. It all depends on how much work lies ahead and whether or not I can find another job after this work runs out. If everything works out in my favor and I decided to stay here, at least I have Talk Fusion on my side to help me keep in touch with my family members. Thankfully, I do go home on the holidays and holiday season is just around the corner. We all just need to hold on a little bit longer and we will see each other in no time at all. It is just going to take a whole lot of patience and phone calls.

Keith Mann’s New Endeavor: Helping Students Attend College

Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience working in the executive search industry. Mann is an expert in staffing, hiring, and hedge fund compensation. In 2002, Mann founded the Alternative Investment Practice after stating that the hedge fund industry was a rapidly growing market that was not properly served by the search community. Eventually Keith Mann decided to pursue a career in the private equity industry.

In 2009, Mann founded Dynamics Search Partners as a top executive search firm with the purpose of working with alternative investment firms. Mann presently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Dynamics Search Partners. Mann is responsible for the daily management of the firm. Dynamics Search Partners works with different firms throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. Dynamics Search Partners has over 200 client mandates every year.

Recently, Keith Mann announced the Keith Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This award is to honor the next generation of leaders. Mann also announced a collaboration with Uncommon Schools, an organization based out of New York City. Uncommon Schools start and manage public schools that work to prepare low income students for college.

Mann will provide a scholarship to one graduating senior every year at one of the Uncommon Schools’ Brooklyn based schools. Mann is happy to provide a scholarship to help a student attend college.

In order to apply for the scholarship, all applicants are required to write an essay on how earning a college degree will help assist them in their future. Mann is a philanthropist as well.

Mann’s scholarship is open to graduating seniors attending Uncommon Charter High Schools in Brooklyn New York. The winner of the scholarship will be announced in March.

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