April 2016

The Success of Keith Mann

There are a lot of people who have had success at a high level. However, few people actually like to give back to others in their community. Keith Mann has had a great career as a business owner and entrepreneur. He recently announced the formation of a scholarship to recognize lifetime achievement awards. This is a great initiative by Keith Mann for several reasons. Not only will the money be put to good use, but there are a lot of great candidates to get this award. Over the past couple of years, there are a lot of great candidates for the award.

The life of Keith Mann is one that shows just how diverse a career he has had. Over time, he has been able to start and run a lot of successful companies. This is great because he can now use that experience to help other people who are interested in starting and running their own companies. Keith Mann is passionate about helping other people with their finances and business. Often times, starting a business is a great way to get out of the current economic situation that you are in. However, starting a business requires a lot of hard work and ability to take risk. Anyone who wants to learn from the best in this area should talk to Keith Mann. There are a lot of great things that people can learn.

One of the things that separates Keith Mann from others is the fact that he loves to help others. This is a great thing for many reasons. Through his help, he has been able to help a lot of other business owners get started. With the recent announcement of a scholarship fund, he will be able to help a variety of other people with their companies. There are a lot of people who are thankful for the advice that he has given over the years. He is a great example of how to give back to the community that you are a part of over the long term.

The GoFundMe Campaign Made To Contribute To Operation Smile

Operation Smile is initially set up to help children and young children who have issues such as the cleft lip, the cleft palate as well as many other facial deformities. The objective is giving these kids hope for a better and brighter tomorrow. GoFundMe is a globally based medical charity that provides free surgeries for the children. The campaign was thought up and set up by Dr. Avi Weisfogel with the intention of coming up with $2,000 as a support strategy.

Operation Smile is a well-known charity organization, founded in 1982 that works hand in hand with the resident doctors and leaders as well as the local government and medical institutions to reach as many children as possible. The organization opts for this as it is better to communicate with their patients when they are on the ground. The charity travels around the world with their equipment and specialists trying to help as many children that they can access during their visit for the entire time that they are on their mission.

After being founded in 1982 by Kathy and Bill Magee in 1982, the couple was dedicated to helping the children in the Philippines. However, as time went by, they built a great international network that had thousands of volunteers from more than 80countries. Till date, they have performed up to 220,000 successful procedures.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist at Old Bridge Dental care and specializes in sleep disorders as well as the treatment. After his practice in the year 1999, his curiosity to handle various sleep disorders led him to start Healthy Heart Sleep. By the year 2012, he came up with Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient that was aimed at teaching more dentists on how to handle the disorder.

His passion for giving a helping hand to the society motivated him to launch the GoFundMe Campaign. This organization was directly beneficial to the Operation Smile mission. He strongly believes that all children should be treated fairly and should receive the best care the world can provide. He emphasizes that they require hope for the future.

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The Benefits of Video Marketing

A study conducted by Relevancy Group, indicates an increase in video marketing. Revenues in the video marketing world have gone up by 40%. It is worth noting that video marketing has proved to be an effective tool and method for connecting and networking. The study has also shown that video in an email has also led to an increase in open rates by about 20 %. It is said that a video is much more reliable and effective than a text message. The reason behind this, is that an email provides some sort of satisfaction.

Through a video, one can easily and comfortably publicize their brand’s personality. According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, a company can easily earn approximately 1.8 million through a 60- second video embedded in an email. http://hellotesla.com/arent-using-video-email-marketing/ reported on this research by Relevancy Group.

Video marketing world has experienced the influx of many companies and individuals. Talk Fusion is among these companies with others such as Streamsend and Get Response. It was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina who is its Chief Executive Officer. When Bob Reina tried to send a 10- second video to his friends through an email, he found it to be impossible. With the help of a friend who was well versed with IT and they developed a way of embedding videos into emails. This then became the birth of Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion has simplified video email process. Through it one can access templates that have been custom made for every situation. Thus if one wishes to send an email with a video in order to pass a message, Talk Fusion will avail this service with so much ease. Users of Talk Fusion also have the opportunity to customize their own templates and thereafter use them. This is made possible when a user has got some bearings.

If you are seeking to market your brand or business, marketers are being encouraged by Talk Fusion Chief Executive Officer to try it. It assures a marketer of an engaged, exciting and entertaining experience. It promotes a brand’s attributes and helps it gain the public attention that it deserves.

Oisin Hanrahan Meets Customer Demands for On-Demand Home Services

Handy has grown to tremendous heights in recent years. The company is based on a very simple, basic concept. Clients who needs work done in the home can book and pay for services via a smartphone app. (The same tasks can be performed through the company’s website for those who prefer to use a computer) The co-founder of Handy, Oisin Hanrahan, has noted in interviews people want to take advantage of on-demand services. By placing Handy into that on-demand realm, he has boosted the ability to people unable to perform tasks on their own to hire professionals capable of getting the job done. A solid interview with Hanrahan can be read at The Next Web.

Customers have responded tremendously well to Handy and its outstanding booking options. The company is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. As competitors file for bankruptcy even after major marketing pushes, Handy continues to draw in more and more clients.

Hanrahan drew from his own life experiences to come up with the plan for Handy.

During an extended stay in London, Hanrahan noticed people taking a liking to ride-service companies that presented online bookings. People are busy and have little time to spend making phone calls. They may not have an interest in dealing with a dispatcher. A great many customers do not like to pay (or carry) cash. Hanrahan realized a little creativity and effort could help change the home cleaning and maintenance industries. He just had to deliver to people what they wanted.

While scores of well-established companies sat back and avoided getting too involved with on-demand services, Hanrahan and several Harvard Business School friends raised $50,000 to launch Handy. Handy turned out to be a monstrous success story.

Handy has also done a wonderful service to professionals looking to expand their business opportunities. Handy allows the most qualified of professionals advertise their wares in a new and reliable venue.

James Dondero Recruits Terry Jones as the President of Institutional Products

The Dallas-based Highland Capital Management has hired Terry Jones. The former lead director in charge of Highland Funds will be the new president of institutional products. Based on the organizational chart of the corporation, Terry shall be reporting to James Dondero. With over 25 years of expertise on financial services, Jones’s is expected to create solutions that will augment business development besides broadening the institution’s sales platform.

He is expected to align the portfolio risk management. In addition, Mr. Jones has to optimize the risk management infrastructure of Highland Capital Management through identification, assessment and mitigation of contingencies. The corporation has the financial muscles and strategic plans to contain the current market dynamics. Through its investment in below-investment grade credit, hedged equities and distressed securities as well as infrastructure and experience, Highland Capital Management has all it takes to outperform the market.

On his speech, Mr. Jones could not hide his joy for working with the innovative team at the corporation. He reiterated his immediate objective of ensuring that together with the team, he customizes client solutions and connects the company’s capabilities with the needs of the clients. He added that Highland’s interactive risk management competencies are able to address the market volatility levels. This way, consumers will be provided with transparent information regarding any potential risks and opportunities.

On his part, James asserted that the corporation anticipates that through Terry’s leadership, the risk-adjusted performance will be improved, as clients will be provided with solutions that satisfy their utility. Terry has been on the board of Genworth Life Insurance Corporation of New York. He has also sat on the board of SEI AIC III. Battersby Capital Management and Goldman Sachs have enlisted Mr. Terry’s expertise in management of hedge funds. The economics graduate from Columbia College has managed a Hedge Fund of approximately $8 billion. Mr. Terry earned his MBA from the esteemed Columbia Business School.

James Dondero is the co-founder and current president of Highland Capital Management. The firm, which is an investment adviser as registered by SEC, has about $18 billion worth of assets. James Dondero’s experience in matters of credit and equity markets spans over 30 years. The University of Virginia graduate in finance and accounting is among the pioneers of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO).

The Certified Public Accountant worked at the American Express and Protective Life. At protective Life, he managed to start the firm from inception and grew it to a fund worth over $2 billion. His career started as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty training program. Currently, the Chartered Financial Analyst serves as the chairman of CCS medical, NexBank and Cornerstone Healthcare.

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Charles Koch Makes more Donations to George Mason University

Republican billionaire and donor Charles Koch, of Koch industries gave George Mason University about $48 million between 2011 and 2014. According to a Yahoo Finance report, the public school located outside Washington, DC has quietly grown to become a conservative bastion for economics and law. Tax records indicate that Charles Koch gives nearly $20 million a year to hundreds of schools in the US. In 2013, George Mason received a total of $44.6 million in fiscal contributions, a report by the Council for Aid to Education showed.

In 2014, Charles Koch foundation gave George Mason $16.8 million to fund the Institute for Humane Studies. The donation by the foundation amounted to 30% of all monies GMU received from private donors. In line with the Feb 31 donations, George Mason University also received $20 million from an anonymous donor to rename the university’s law school in honor of the late conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

It has become a fairly common practice for the ultra rich individuals to make contributions to schools, to support various research activities. Early this year, the co-founder of Nike, Inc, Phil Knight announced a $400 million scholarship to Stanford University. The continued support from Koch to GMU has attracted the ire of Democrats nationally, but Virginia Democrats are unperturbed. Koch’s new liking for GMU, founded in 1972 coincides with his growing focus on philanthropy.

Charles Koch, is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist and leading republican figure head. According to CharlesKochFoundation.org, Koch is also the board chairman and CEO of Koch Industries. The company employs over 100,000 employees globally, with 6% of them based in the US. The multi-faceted group is involved in fertilizer; chemicals and biofuels; commodity trading; technology; polymers and fibers; energy and electronic products and other sectors. Since 2003, Koch Industries has invested over $65 billion in acquisitions and capital expenditures.

The brands operated by the Koch industries include; the Dixie cups, Stainmaster carpet and Quilted Northern tissue. The success of the company can be traced to Koch’s interest and commitment to social and scientific progress. Over the years, Koch has done a lot to support academic and public research. This is evident in his numerous donations to organizations that focus on providing market based solutions to social problems. Koch holds a bachelor’s degree in general engineering and two master’s degrees in chemical engineering and the nuclear.

White Shark Media Review – 2 Reasons This Company Continues To Thrive

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that has made quite a name for itself. In 5 short years it has grown into one of the most successful marketing agencies in North America. They were able to do this because of their unwavering commitment to providing every client with the best experience possible.

After receiving a bevy of not so flattering complaints, White Shark Media decided it was time to refocus and recommit to improving customer experience and results. To do this they had to revamp their services and rethink some of their offers. Instead of being offended by some of the feedback they received, they took it seriously and used to improve marketing solutions and better serve their clients.

Here are 2 things they did that have helped them continue to thrive:

#1 – Offer Detailed Reports To All Clients

As a client your number one focus is results. You want to be able to easily see if a campaign is working. White Shark Media now offers detailed reports to all clients. Each report will break down how your campaigns are performing so you will know whether or not you are getting the best return on investment.

#2 – Improved Overall Communication

One of the most common reviews: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Employee-Review-White-Shark-Media-RVW9193789.htm received from White Shark Media clients was an inability to easily address issues they were having. To improve overall communication with clients White Shark Media implemented a new phone system. The new phone system has direct extensions which allows clients to quickly get in contact with their account rep.

They also started doing monthly conference calls with all clients. Conference calls are done through GoToMeeting and they allow the client to easily see what’s going on with their campaigns.

Get A Free Adwords Performance Evaluation

Would you like to learn how you can increase your Bing Ads by Microsoft performance? If so the White Shark Media team can help. With a free Adwords performance evaluation you will be able to speak with a certified specialist about an Adwords strategy that will meet your business goals.

The evaluation will take place via GoToMeeting which will allow you to easily see the specialists screen and follow along every step of the way. When the evaluation is complete you will have new insights on how you can improve your Adwords campaign. To learn more about White Shark Media and to schedule your free Adwords performance evaluation visit www.WhiteSharkMedia.com.



The Origins of Lime Crime Cosmetics

A new line of cosmetics seems to pop up at least once a day. The different colors and formulas boast about instant results and a huge confidence boost. Sadly though, all these new cosmetics look just like the old ones. Sure, the packaging may be different and maybe they added a little shimmer to the mix, but each new lipstick looks alarmingly similar to the one you bought last week. Enter Lime Crime. This line of products will never be compared to another because it is something completely different. Thanks to internet personality Doe Deere we will never again have to worry about paying for the same color eye shadow again.

Lime Crime Cosmetics is different than other companies for a reason. They want to make sure their customers know that it is good to be unique and separate themselves from the crowd. Facebook indicates it was founded in 2008 as an alternative to typical beauty trends. The bold vivid colors that are offered can be worn as an expression of mood or personality. Lime Crime urges everyone to be their best selves and their makeup helps to show the world who they really are. A dark mood might go well with dark lips, just as a bright mood would pair well with some glitter eyes shadow. Self expression is something Doe Deere herself wants to help people with. After all, her fans are called unicorns for a reason.  Lime Crime has a huge Pinterest following for much the same reason.

Unicorn Lipstick is a perfect name for such a product. The mythical creatures need shades that remain true to their name. With colors such as blue, pink and yellow it will not be difficult at all for fans to please their inner unicorn. Liquid eye liner can be used to accent the already fantastic lips with bold shades that are sure to make eyes stand out. With so many options it is no wonder that Lime Crime has been gaining popularity so quickly.

Self esteem and self expression go hand in hand. Just because it is not in a fashion magazine or in the front store of a window does not mean your tastes are wrong. It means you are unique and you should show the world what you like. Lime Crime can help. Check out the Amazon website today and see for yourself. Become a unicorn with Lime Crime Cosmetics.

The US Money Reserve is A Well Known Provider of U.S. Government Issued Coins

There are a variety of ways that people can acquire hard to find coins. In addition, people interested in starting or building a coin portfolio on goldnewsnetwork.com understand the importance of locating and utilizing trustworthy sources for all coin transactions. In the coin industry, there are numerous organizations that provide information and coin related services. One of these organizations is the US Money Reserve, which is a leading supplier of U.S. government issued silver, gold, and platinum coins.

The US Money Reserve provides services that are highly needed in the coin industry. With over 100 experienced and knowledgeable coin veterans who understand the coin industry, US Money Reserve provides solid information concerning a wide range of issues concerning high quality coins.

Moreover, people interested in high quality coins on manta.com routinely seek out the assistance of the US Money Reserve because the organization has an outstanding reputation within the coin industry. Some of the primary reasons why people seek out the US Money Reserve include:

1. Current clients of the US Money Reserve are given notification of any high quality U.S. government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins whenever the coins hit the open market.
2. Regarding all United States government issued silver, gold, and platinum coins that are purchased through the US Money Reserve, the coins come with a 100% money back guarantee.
3. The US Money Reserve ships physical coins to the purchasers of U.S. government issued coins.
4. The US Money Reserve provides people access to some of the highest quality U.S. government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins on the market.

When dealing with coin organizations in the coin industry, there are several essential business traits that people look for related to the organizations. These traits include trustworthiness, high quality inventory, good customer service, dependability, and a proven track record. The US Money Reserve has demonstrated to the coin industry as a whole that the organization has all of these traits along with numerous others traits that are desired.

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