June 2016

Better Reputation Builds Good Relationships With Customers

Today businesses need a good online social media presence. With social media sites like Facebook and YouTube businesses can build a solid presence quickly. The only problem is that often positive and negative results are commonplace. As quickly as a business build a good reputation, someone can attack and destroy it.

When your online reputation needs fixing, an online reputation management company can help. They have the ability to fix negative pr mistakes and help prevent disasters. Reputation management companies help promote your brand, products, and services in a positive way. When negative events come your way, they can help you deal with the problem.

Online reputation management companies have the ability to help you control search results on the Internet about your business. They help maintain the positive message about your business and never allow anyone to misuse or misrepresent your identity. Whether you have a small or large business reputation management can help keep you on the road to success.

Reputation management companies manage negative comments and reviews and manage your online reputation. They will help with search engine optimization and management. If there are negative reviews they can counter them with positive information and often remove the negative press. Reputation management companies can write good quality content that helps promote and market your company.

Often they monitor and help you clean up your social media network so that your responses are appropriate and helpful. They often find how social media affects your reputation. They can increase your sales and help manage negative press. These are just a few of the many benefits of using reputation management.

Better Reputation is relationship management company that meet with clients and accesses their needs. They give free quotes on all services and never charge a fee for estimates. They help companies manage a variety of online social media and help control the results. They help with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Linked In. All their employees work in the US and have several years of experience in reputation management.

Cloud technology is not easy to manage. Better Reputation can help companies using cloud technology manage it efficiently. When a project takes longer than estimated they keep working with no charge to the client. Contact Better Reputation using Twitter or filling out their online form.

Sanjay Shah’s Project to Facilitate Autism Awareness.

Sanjay Shas is a top entrepreneur, who is based in the U.K and runs several businesses across the world. His ventures are spread across The Cayman Islands, Malta, Dubai, The British Virgin Islands and London. His main company is Solo Capital, and it is certified by the United Kingdom government as a brokerage firm. The company is productive and currently has a net worth of about 15.54 million pounds and its cash flow and assets are 30.26 million pounds and 67.45 million pounds respectively. Mr. Shah got a profit of 19 million pounds in the year that closed in March 2011, which was before the incorporation of the company. His current net worth as approximately 280 Million dollars.

Sanjay is a generous individual, and he is involved in various charity organizations. He has been a benefactor of different programs that support children in India. The tycoon is also the founder of Autism Rocks, which started its operations in 2014. He started the organization with a primary objective of raising resources to be used in educating people about the causes of autism and how it can be controlled as well as facilitating research on the neurodevelopmental disorder. The motivation of starting the charity organization came from his son, who was diagnosed with the disease in 2011.

Eric Dyes, who hosts a business related program on the Enterprise Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio, recently featured Sanjay in an interview. Eric’s the show is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs to gain business knowledge, motivation, and ideas of how to manage their firms efficiently. Sanjay made contributions on how one can be successful in his or her business and also spoke on the founding of Autism Rocks and its future events.

Autism Rocks supports its mission by raising money through throwing concerts. The notion of using gigs to come up with funds was initiated by Snoop Dogg, and it has been successful. The organizations started by holding its debut concert in 2014 and invited Prince and other artists to the event. Other famous individuals who have been involved in the foundation’s activities include Drake, Lenny and Michael Buble. Autism Rock has planned this year’s concert in a way that it will be favorable for families to attend. There will be several enjoyable activities at the event, and Tyga and Florida have been invited to entertain the crowd. Mr. Shah urges the public to visit Autism Rocks’ website for more information on its undertaking.


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The Class Dojo App Creates Communities

Kids are wired in. They have so much technology in their homes. They have access to television, computers, smartphones and tablets. All of these things makes it difficult for them to scale things down to books, paper and pencils in the classroom. This is why there are smart boards, tablets and electronic response buzzers for many of the exams that kids take in school. This electronic world of teaching has proven to be quite effective. There is also a high level of effectiveness that goes with communicating to parents through technology.

The Class Dojo app allows parents to do this with a greater level of efficiency. The app is currently being used in as many as 180 different countries. This shows that there is a huge need for communication between teachers and parents. With the Class Dojo app teachers are able to share videos of what is going on in the classroom. They can also securely send messages to parents. That is huge because so many notes get loss between the school and home when messages are sent with the children.

What the Class Dojo has managed to do is create an app that is vital to the new age of technology. Many parents are supporting this type of application because it gives parents a sense of empowerment. So many parents may have felt helpless before they discovered the Class Dojo app. Now they have the ability to learn about more about what is going on in the classroom through their smart phones.

The app has become valuable because it saves time. Every parent is not a stay at home mom. This means that everyone is not able to come to the classroom for the various events that unfold inside of class. The Class Dojo app gives people the chance to actually see classroom events without taking off work to do so. This is priceless to some parents that may have felt like they were missing out.

Teachers are also thrilled with this app because it gives them a sense of support. It can be a challenging experience to go forth with some school projects when the parents are not on board. The Class Dojo app creates a positive atmosphere for communication and this is a great intersection for teachers and parents to meet. The grades for children are bound to get better when the Class Dojo app is used.


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Kate Hudson Is A Fashionista

Just when someone may think that Kate Hudson has done it all, she continues to surprise. Kate recently set down with Marie Claire and told the magazine all about the new things the fashion world should expect from her. Kate is coming out with some fashion items for all the busy women of the world. She is creating a line of athleisure dresses. See: http://www.fabletics.com/collections

Plus she is creating a new line of swimsuits of Fabletics. The dresses are a great way for women to still be active but also comfortable in what they have on. So the athleisure dresses are wonderful for a date night or taking a walk on the beach. Some of the dresses even have a bra built-in to the dress. So this would be amazing for people who do not want all the bulges that many bras give under athletic apparel.

Kate’s Fabletics line is known for having top quality products at lower prices for active women. Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson founded Fabletics when they saw that there were not any cost efficient, quality workout gear on the market. They wanted everyone to be able to afford being stylish when they worked out.

Fabletics has a membership program. This program helps to keep the prices as low as possible. The first thing that someone would do to join is to take a short quiz. This way Fabletics can see what kind of personality the person has and what kind of clothing they would be interested in. There is a VIP option available. One of the benefits of this option is it gives people 40-50% of the retail price and other perks along the way. If someone is looking into purchasing some cool, quality workout gear they should be sure to take a look at Fabletics. This line encompasses everything workout gear should be. 
Source: http://www.fabletics.com/the-summer-refresh.htm

Fabletics Steals the Show With Stunning New S/S 2016 Athleisure Collection

When it comes to active wear, also known as athleisure wear, you can thank actress Kate Hudson. The pretty and fit star has turned the active wear market up on its head with the gorgeous Fabletics company she co-founded.

The online subscription retailer of Fabletics features stunning leggings, tops, tanks, swimsuits, rompers and dresses that all bear her signature style, vivaciousness and quality guarantee. Every piece is exclusively made with Fabletics’ in-house designers.

The best part of all, Fabletics is so on-trend and affordable and winning fans around the globe, according to a great post by TheClothesMaiden.com.

The right work-out wear is not always easy to find. These garments are either too loose, too tight, see-through and just plain uncomfortable. Kate Hudson wants women everywhere to join the Fabletics community and sign up for VIP membership, because then you will see how amazing her athleisure tops and bottoms fit. There is nothing that tugs at your behind but instead a smooth, comfy fit. You can do yoga in Fabletics fashion, run a mile and climb a mountain. You can even go out on the town in Fabletics’ new s/s 2016 collection, because Kate Hudson has helped design the ideal casual-chic active wear on http://www.m2woman.co.nz/2-kate-hudson-reveals-7-super-easy-moves-to-achieve-her-envious-body/.

TheClothesMaiden.com rates Fabletics highly, because the prints and colors are bright, and the fabrics are all quality made. Each Kate Hudson inspired piece is stylish and functional, no matter where you might happen to be. The beauty of Fabletics’ online subscription feature is in the VIP status, and it’s so easy to join the global community. To begin, the Fabletics website asks you to take part in their brief quiz, so they can start creating personalized outfit recommendations that merge beautifully with your lifestyle. As a Fabletics VIP member you’re privy to incredible offers and fabulous active wear perks – like getting a major 40-50% off the retail price!

For your first athleisure outfit as a VIP, all you pay is $25, and you can’t beat the stunning new monthly styles. Plus, you’re getting free shipping which is always welcome. Just remember to log in by the fifth of the month to check out any new styles you desire, or skip the month altogether. If you don’t shop or skip the month by that date, then $49.95 will be charged to your Fabletics account, until you cancel. That amount will be turned into a credit to spend or save.
 See: https://www.couponcabin.com/coupons/fabletics/

How Does James Dondero Invest In International Bonds?

For any company or corporation to succeed, it must have shrewd leadership and abilities at the top management team. One such individual is James Dondero is among the founding partners and the current CEO of the Highland Capital Management firm. Together with his co-founder Mark Okada, the founded the firm in 1993, and as of March, 31, 2015, the company had an asset base of about $21 billion. He has a thirty-year experience in handling matters of equity and credit markets with a strong portfolio of management expertise, emerging markets, common and preferred stocks, mortgage backed securities, and derivative markets.

Highland Capital Management is based in Dallas and is registered with the Securities Exchange Commission and an investment management firm. It is an alternative credit management firm and offers clients with practical and knowledgeable solutions in the industry. It has a has a long history as a major asset supervisor with emphasis on the health care sector, and is currently managing, over $2.3 billion in healthcare assets worth of mutual funds and institutional funds.

The company has a diversified client base that includes states and people with a high net worth, corporations, financial institutions, and hedge funds. Highland Capital Management, L.P has always focused on developing a robust and long term management relationships based on trust with customers across the world. Other than having a main office in Dallas, it has stretched its wings to Singapore, Sao Paulo, Seoul, and New York.

Dondero studied at the prestigious University of Virginia where he majored in accounting and finance. He also holds a Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant titles. He was an employee of the American Express in charge of fixed income funds before founding Highland Capital Management. After working for the American express, he went to Protective Life, a subsidiary of GIC as he chief investment officer. While here, Dondero grew the company for a humble beginning to over $2 billion net worth in just five years. Since then he has managed to display flawless prudence in managing huge funds.

James Dondero is the chairman of the board of three corporations namely; Cornerstone healthcare, NexBank, and CCS Medical. He recently appointed Terry Jones to become the head of institutional products and Highland Capital Management. James believes that Terry has leadership skills needed to boost the firms risk adjusted performance on top of devising client based solutions.

Dynamics Search Partners Announces New Professional Achievement Scholarship

The founder of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann has launched the Keith & Keely Mann Professional Achievement Scholarship. This is an award meant to identify the next innovative business leaders generation.

Dynamics Search Partners are happy to partner with a New York-based non-profit charter management organization, Uncommon Schools, in the implementation of this scholarship opportunity. It is available yearly to a single graduating senior from any of the “Uncommon Schools” high schools that are based in area of Brooklyn.

Uncommon Schools initiates and runs well-performing urban charter public schools designed to narrow down the achievement gap. They are geared towards preparing and helping low-income students to successfully graduate from college. Uncommon Schools manages a charter public schools network spread across New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, and serving in excess of 14,000 students.

Application Procedure

Scholarship applicants are requested to prepare an essay of 1,000 words on how acquiring a degree will be of aid to them in terms of realizing their professional and career goals. Keith Mann, the Dynamics Search Partners Founder is committed to the identification of strong leaders and then having them paired with leading companies to nurture their professional success. Mann is a well-known education advocate and philanthropist.

The new scholarship is open to graduating seniors who are attending Brooklyn’s Uncommon Charter High School in New York. The process of application remained open up to Feb. 29, 2016. The ultimate winner, who was announced by the close of March 2016, received a scholarship worth $5,000 to be used in meeting their college tuition requirements.

About Keith Mann

For over 15 years, Keith Mann has been involved in the executive search industry in hiring and staffing strategy. He is also a hedge fund compensation expert. In 2003, he launched within Dynamics Executive Search, the Alternative Investment Practice. This was after realizing that the fast growing hedge fund market industry was being underserved by the broader search community.

Mann expanded the practice in 2006 into the private equities industry, and in 2009, he launched Dynamics search Partners (DSP). This was a premier executive search company that was exclusively dedicated to alternative investment firms. Currently, he is the DSP Chief Executive Officer, responsible for the firm’s day-to-day management.

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Eric Pulier: An Entrepreneur Who Helped Changed the World

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, and over all business man. Eric was raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. He began learning how to program computers at a very young age, and started his first business, a database computer company, in high school. He continued his desire to learn and become successful when he began studying at Harvard University in 1984. Me majored in English, and wrote for The Harvard Crimson, as well as attending another nearby school.

After Eric finished school, he moved to Los Angeles in 1991. This is where Eric carefully created his next big idea into a company, People Doing Things (PDT). PDT was a company that addressed issues from health care to education, all through the use of technology. In 1994 he created his next business, Digital Evolution, which later merged with US Interactive LLC. Eric later took part in creating a social network called Starbright World. Starbright was a private social network designed for chronically ill children to talk to each other, blog, share content and meet other children who are also chronically ill.

Other business ventures include co-founding ServiceMesh, Inc. As well as currently being the Chief Technology Officer, Secretary, and Director for Santa Monica Media Corporation.

In 1997 Eric was selected to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition called “The Bridge to the 21st Century”. After the exhibition, he participated in Al Gore’s health care and technology forum. Eric is also a supporter and participant of the Clinton Foundation.

As you might have figured out by now, Eric Pulier is more than just a bright entrepreneur, he is also a warm hearted individual. The participation in Starbright World helped chronically ill kids all around the world connect, and feel better about themselves. Eric has also been involved in politics, and attempting to make the world a better place.

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Year’round Activities Will Improve the Village of Squaw Valley and the Community

Squaw Valley and Alpine Ski Resorts have been two of the world’s most popular destinations for winter sports ever since the Olympic Village was built in 1969 for the Winter Olympics. Thousands of tourists visit every year to enjoy the breathtaking mountains while simply enjoying the beauty of the area.  Learn more about Andy Wirth:: https://about.me/andywirth  and https://www.crunchbase.com/person/andy-wirth#/entity
But this isn’t enough Andy Wirth, the Village at Squaw Valley and the residents who would like to be a year-round destination, Together, they have been working diligently within the community of North Tahoe to introduce this year ’round concept. The Auburn Journal reports that Andy, Wirth, who is Chairman of the Board of the Reno/Tahoe Airport Authority, has reached out to the locals to make the area inviting to visitors year-round, while creating jobs for those who live here year-round.

Andy moved to Lake Tahoe from Colorado in 2010, when he became president and CEO of Squaw Valley Resort. He immediately began a renovation program to make the Reno/Tahoe area one of the most desirable in the world.

Andy Wirth does not know the meaning of the word “quit.” He is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys living on the edge of life. His first job after graduating from the University of Colorado was as a Park Ranger in the Rocky Mountains, and then he found his niche when he began in management at the Steamboat Springs Ski Resort, and he remained there for 20 years before coming to Squaw Valley.

In 2013, Andy Wirth was involved in a terrific accident where he almost lost his arm in a skydiving event. After months of recovery, he did the unthinkable and began training with the Navy Seals. Read more: Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley CEO and Philanthropist and Another View: Community input shaping Squaw Valley’s future

As a declaration of confidence, he formed an Ironman Competition in Lake Tahoe, which he participated in himself. Mr. Wirth has the drive and determination to accomplish whatever is put in front of him.

This new project is designed to create 1,400 new jobs for locals and generate over $25 million dollars in tax revenue that will benefit the entire country.

Dick DeVos is Improving Michigan State through his Foundation

Being born in a family of an entrepreneur, his father exposed him to business when he was young and he has proved that business can be transformed into an empire with determination and a force and will to move towards prosperity. He has ever since evolved and eh now owns various firms that operate globally. Dick DeVos is a philanthropic person and has significantly improved Michigan his birth place.


Apart from being an entrepreneur, he is also involved in various philanthropic activities. Through the family foundation they are able to fund and donate to various funds that participate in giving to artistic, religious, educational, community, and the free economic market activities. Some of the organizations the foundation has been funding since 1990 have proved positive achievement more so in the aviation industry.


Dick DeVos is so passionate about improving the livelihood of other individuals in the society. With a passion for flying and his wife’s love for education, they were able to start the West Michigan Aviation Academy. It is a unique venture since students are taught free of charge. Being a chartered school he has maintained his position that he wanted to make Michigan a state where interested students would attain the feeling of attending an aviation school.


Dick is involved as a chair in the various organizations that admires his leadership roles. He is passionate about the health of the rest of the economy, and he has been in a position funding various hospitals in the country. Through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation they have intensely contributed to the good causes that are aimed at improving healthcare provision.


He loves youths, and Dick DeVos has set various projects that are intended to making the youth productive. He is involved in politics but most of the time he has been dedicated to improving the general welfare of the individuals in the economy. The aviation academy has proved that it can improve the entire county. Since its inception in 2010, it has managed to train student in aspects of leadership and also to encourage them to follow their passions after they leave the academy.