December 2016

How Jason Hope Is Changing Lives In Arizona

Technology is always evolving and making an impact on society. Subtle advances to simple concepts change the way people live on various levels. A creative mind is able to do amazing things when presented the opportunity and resources. Jason Hope is an example of such a philosophy and wishes to provide the same opportunity to other aspiring entrepreneurs. Jason is a futurist who believes that technology shapes the future in ways no other industry does in the world. He Prides himself on being a progressive thinker in relation to ideas that can make an impact on the community and business.

Jason Hope committed his own resources to developing talent within the world of technology. There are many great concepts that do not get realized because they are not given the proper foundation to build on. Launching a new business is extremely difficult. It requires careful research and planning in order to avoid the pitfalls that come with managing a startup enterprise.

Jason dedicates his personal expertise to young technicians who are looking to innovate within a current industry or venture out into bold new territory. He provides grants to seniors in high school who have created exciting ideas and need assistance with getting their projects off the ground. This is the sort of support that is needed in order develop a basic technical theory and allow it to grow into an industry changing phenomenon.

Desktop software, mobile apps and gaming concepts are the types of technology that affect the human condition. The basic activities of day-to-day life intertwine with how people use their electronic devices. These pieces of equipment dictate the rate of communication that happens between individuals around the world. Every society has developed a habit in relation to some type of software. It is used for communication, entertainment or convenience. Simple luxuries that are provided by basic software applications have made them staples in day-to-day living.

Money is the tremendous barrier that stands in the way of many brilliant ideas. Jason Hope (@jasonhope) is committed to using his personal wealth to support others and make a positive impact in the Arizona area. He has committed monumental amounts of personal time to mentor those who are in need of guidance. His experience and expertise are as valuable as the dollars Jason has been willing to contribute. These actions assist the development of local startup businesses. The result is a healthy working community that inspires growth and positive change.


The Latest Incentive For Talk Fusion Independent Consultants

Talk Fusion has found a way to motivate its independent consultants to reach their business goals in 2017. The direct sales and online business opportunity announced in November 2016 that they were offering a new vacation incentive package to Milan, Italy which includes airfare and first class room and board. The luxury trip is for business associates who have participated in the World’s First Instant Pay Compensation Plan by Talk Fusion. The company already had an impressive lineup by offering Rolex watches, white gold and diamond recognition rings, and Mercedes cars.


Independent consultant get an opportunity to be part of an exciting business opportunity that is boundless. The innovative product is designed for anyone and can be used in 140 countries. Talk Fusion offers an all-in-one video marketing system to consumers with a free trial. Customers can learn about the program with no risk and the CEO feels that once people use the presentation software they will love the product. Consumers can create video emails, video newsletters, video chats, and set up live meetings for their businesses, charities, or personal lives using thousands of professionally designed templates. The videos play like a movie so viewers will be focused and interested.


The company formed in 2007 by Bob Reina who is the company’s CEO. It aims to offer business solutions worldwide with its innovative marketing techniques designed to gain attention and deliver compelling information. The direct marketing business opportunity motivates its base of independent consultants by offering them instant pay for commissions and bonuses and attractive incentive packages. By sharing the all in one marketing system, consultants can qualify for the trip to Milan and get a chance to earn other incentives. Since there is no risk for customers to try the system, many of them are willing to take a chance and try the program after talking to a Talk Fusion independent consultant.

How To Take Control Of Your Online Reputation

Are you dealing with derogatory comments or negative evaluations regarding your company? Searching for a proven way to get rid of adverse material as well as establish your credibility? Maybe you want to find a reliable company that can help you set up your online reputation management system.

Managing your online reputation online is extremely crucial and also offers all of the exact same advantages as handling your track record offline. And also that’s why online reputation management solutions can aid you.

A favorable track record or online reputation will certainly assist you in several methods, both in your professional as well as personal life.

Having control of how individuals see you in search results as well as on social media sites doesn’t have to be difficult. If you are an entrepreneur or a professional, a positive reputation, online as well as offline, is obviously essential to your business and also professional success. Many people research online before purchasing a product or service and they have the tendency to believe what they are presented with online.

The Internet and social networking websites could overwhelm customers with information, good or bad. Anything unfavorable or derogatory reviews or content, especially if it shows up in top placements in search results, could have a damaging effect on your success.

Businesses and organizations have been ruined as a result of their online track record, but some business owners have not taken steps to safeguard their online reputation. A potential client who searches for you or your company online is looking for the very best provider or expert for the job.

There are Online Reputation Reviews and management professionals that have been assisting business owners and firms repair their credibility,build great image and manage their reputation. These experts have a good understanding of keyword-rich content creation strategies and search engine optimization, which allow them to place favorable reviews high in search results while subduing adverse web content.

Before choosing a company or professional to handle your reputation management, you need to do your research and find one that has great expertise in the field.


Brad Reifler Gives Investment Firms Something To Think About

One of the most competitive areas in the financial industry is the investment sector. The firms in this part of the financial industry compete for investment dollars from investors. The amount of money that a good investment firm can earn in a year runs into the millions. Investments are big money and investment firms know how to make money from investments.

One of the things that the financial industry does and in particular the investment sector is to group investors into two separate groups. The groups are defined solely on financial terms. The two groups are defined as accredited and non-accredited. Investors in the accredited group have a net worth that is over 1 million dollars, and the investors earn over $200,000 per year. The investors in the non-accredited group have a net worth less than 1 million dollars, and the investors earn less than $200,000 per year.

Investment firms go after investors in the accredited group for a variety of reasons regarding investment opportunities. One of the main reasons is that accredited investors are able to meet the investment objectives set by the investment firms. Even though accredited investors makeup only around 1% of all investors, the financial industry as a whole focuses on accredited investors.

While leaving around 99% of the investor population outside most investment opportunities would seem strange to most people, investment firms do not focus on the number of investors. The focus is on the amount of money. In general, the accredited investor group is where the vast majority of investment dollars are located.

Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capital. Brad Reifler has guided Forefront Capital for many years, and Brad Reifler is considered an outstanding executive. He has provided Forefront Capital with excellent leadership, and the firm has made tremendous profits under his executive guidance.

Brad Reifler has started to make investments available to non-accredited investors in the past few years. His objective is to give non-accredited investors the opportunity to invest in some very good investment through his investment firm. The non-accredited investors invest in the investments by investing a small amount of money each month.

Does Martin Lustgarten Believe the Chinese Yuan Can Become the International Reserve Currency?

Empires rise and fall. The Greeks controlled the international currency more than 2,000 years ago. Will 2017 be the year when the United States dollar is replaced by the Chinese yuan as the international reserve currency?

“American Century”

Some political economists claim that 1900 to 2000 was the “American Century.” This is after the American industrialists had advanced the nation through steel, oil and railroad development. World War I allowed the United States to claim dominance over England.After World War II, the United States was able to develop the United Nations, patrol the world’s oceans and establish the dollar as the international reserve currency with the Bretton Woods agreement. But, power might have shifted after 2000.

“Chinese Century”

Throughout the United States, the “Made in China” label is prominently displayed on many products. Cheap Chinese labor has led to the United States transferring contracts from its shore to Mexico, South Korea and China. China has prepared carefully, it even uses two currencies to protect its home markets.

China has invested in the IMF, BRICS, AIIB and even opened up the Shanghai gold exchange in 2016. The Chinese understand that while their productivity is high, their currency is not fully convertible. Furthermore, many international trade contracts use other currencies.In fact, the Petrodollar hegemony required oil-producing nations to use the United States dollar for energy. China is trying to have these contracts rewritten and some minor oil producers, like Nigeria are willing to use the yuan for pricing.

“SDR International Reserve”

Another option is that the IMF SDR will become the international reserve currency. Having one superpower can lead to “abuse of power.” With the IMF SDR, power would be more distributed. This alternative course might have been advanced with the yuan’s addition to the IMF SDR currency basket in 2016.

Investment banker Martin Lustgarten can help guide your decision-making. You might want to diversify your portfolio, by using different currencies. The yuan is becoming more convertible and positioning itself for more of a role on the world stage. Empires rise and fall – the wealthy plan ahead.

Updating The Fitness Wardrobe With Fabletics

When the active woman needed a better way to update her fitness wardrobe, in stepped Fabletics. With the rise of the amount of time people are spending at the gym it leaves them less time to spend shopping. More people are adopting a healthy lifestyle and they need clothes that work for them at the gym and when they hit the street before moving on to their next activity. Fabletics offers affordable gear that is fashion forward and easy to take from the yoga studio to the grocery store at an amazing and impressive price point.


The clothes that are sold on are already composed into outfits, making it very easy to visualize how something will match together and it eliminates one step for the shopper. She doesn’t have to spend time figuring out what top is going to work with what bottom because the choice to purchase it together is already there. Some of the outfits are composed of two pieces, a top and bottom, and some have three, including a sport bra that can be shown off under a low back top.


The pieces are also easy to mix and match together which becomes a major asset to the VIP member should she choose to be. The shopper has an option to be a part of the VIP club which not only offers very low pricing on the outfits but gives them the ability to update the wardrobe once a month. VIP members will find that several outfit selections are sent to them once a month based on the kind of athletics they do and their personal style. This is a really efficient and effective way to shop, letting her choose what she likes in just five minutes or so instead of the fifty minutes she might have spent in the store.


As they choose their outfits they will notice that the pieces were meant to work together and their outfits become increasingly easy to mix and match if they choose to do so. After six months the Fabletics VIP member has much more than six outfits to wear because they can mix and match everything making 18 different outfits! The pieces are also fashion forward making all of the pieces very easy to incorporate into any existing fitness wardrobe, and the edgier pieces can even be paired with jeans to wear out in an “athleisure” style.


Thor Halvorssen Used Sony Hack To Attack Kim Jong Un

Thor Halvorssen is the 39-year-old founder of the Human Rights Foundation. The man is clearly emerging as the leader of human rights activism in the 21st century. His incredibly smart leadership has put the Human Rights Foundation on the map with the cunning use of pop-culture and social media.

In 2014, the movie The Interview was released. The film focused on the reclusive leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kim Jong Un. The Human Rights Foundation, under Thor’s leadership, quickly jumped on the moment.

The leader of North Korea had ordered the cyber attack on the Sony company. Sony was the production house responsible for the movie The Interview. The hack was successful and came along with a variety of threats.

The threats were so loud that the movie The Interview was not released in theaters due to a fear of a terrorist attack.

The news led with this story almost every night. It was newsworthy of front-page headlines around the world. So as the world paid attention to the reclusive leader of North Korea, the Human Rights Foundation sprung into action.

Thor Halvorssen traveled to a town just south of the North Korean border in South Korea. His small team linked up with others trying to fight the oppressive dictator. Using large balloons, the Human Rights Foundation floated in supplies. These supplies included educational pamphlets, money, and entertainments DVDs. The goal was to educate the people of North Korea about how much oppression they were experiencing. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Il and, personally threatened Thor Halvorssen with retribution. And that’s how you know you’re human rights activism is working, when you get the attention of one of the world’s most brutal unilateral role dictators. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

It is the savvy use of pop-culture that is catapulting Thor Halvorssen into the spotlight. The Human Rights Foundation employs a relatively small staff. But with the cunning use of pop-culture and social media, Thor Halvorssen is able to turn the world’s attention to his passion — seeking justice for human rights violations.

It is this kind of leadership that should catalyze human rights activism around the world. Never before has a human rights leader emerged that can make seeking justice around the world seem so attractive. And the man has come along at a perfect time in history when millions around the planet can communicate instantly. Justice should spread like wildfire.

How Eric Pulier Mixed Tech And Charity

An Exception To The Rule

The tech industry defines the world around us. Just about everything we do revolves around the use of computers and the software developed for them. Our phones, our tvs, and even our lights are often connected to the internet in some way. The people who made this possible aren’t ordinary men and women. Often times they began as child prodigies and honed their talent into a professional career.

Eric Pulier a great example of such talents. At the age of 9 Pulier began writing his first programs. He took that talent to Harvard and developed the skills he would need for his career in software development. Through countless innovations spanning everything from APIs to remote desktops Pulier has proven himself a giant of industry.

A Man Of Many Talents

The career of Eric Pulier is filled with all sorts of breakthroughs and financial success. Since the early 90s Pulier has created some of the most important innovations in his field. A great example of this is the world’s first private social network Starbright World. Starbright World wanted to help its younger chronically ill patients connect to other with similar afflictions. Thanks to the work of Pulier Starbright World gives children treated in over 70 hospitals a way to connect to each other and bond.

All too often the pioneers of the software industry are depicted as heartless profit-minded capitalists. The work of Pulier and other software developers like him proves this misconception is serious wrong. Pulier makes millions of dollars off his inventions, but he doesn’t let that take away the priority of chilanthropy. When all is said and done Pulier wants to make the world a better place for his children and others. The way his story reads it looks as if he has achieved this.

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