With Unique Curriculum That Encourages Scholars Involvement, Success Academy Continues to Record Excellent Results

In a common core-aligned exam done recently in New York, Success Academy scored 64 percent in English and 94 percent in math. Since its establishment in 2006, Success Academy has continued to record magnificent results. It is one of the rapidly growing charter schools, with 41 schools ranging from elementary to high school. Success Academy has a presence in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens.


Unique Curriculum


The good results being recorded in Success Academy schools is due to the approach that the schools adopt. The schools focus most on the content of what they teach and the method used to relay this knowledge to the scholars. Success Academy has a unique curriculum that is aimed at making learning fun and enjoyable as well as relating to real life experiences. In the elementary schools, there is a blocks curriculum where scholars work in groups to make architectural sketches and constructions using blocks. These projects provide a relation with the buildings present in the world today. Another curriculum that is unique to the school is an English Language Arts curriculum known as the THINK Literacy. This approach focuses mostly on enabling scholars to read independently while building knowledge and vocabulary. THINK Literacy combines four segments: Reading Workshops, Guided Reading, Read Aloud, and Shared Text. Success Academy ensures that scholars spend at least 2 hours daily on this approach. Each grade in the elementary schools includes two units on project-based learning where students are expected to do a project based on a specific subject.


Other Subjects


The math curriculum in the school is designed in line with Common Core Standards. It involves questioning and multiple students-involving activities that are aimed at enabling scholars to learn and master new concepts each day. The school encourages students to use their strategies in solving math problems. Most effort is exerted in the early grades to input the necessary arithmetic skills. The science curriculum is experiment based. The scholars are involved in hands-on projects in sports, arts, and music. Success academy’s good results can also be attributed to the teachers who undergo rigorous training. The school also has the latest technology that ensures good coordination between teachers, students, and parents.

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