Timothy (Tim) Armour Advise to Investors

Warrant Buffet, according to Timothy (Tim) Armour the chairman and the CEO of Capital group, was wrong to invest $1 million in charity. Armour claims that simple investments are likely to do better compared to the pricey and mediocre funds that shortchange investors. The mistake that most investors make is to try and earn money at a fast rate. According to Timothy Armour, purchasing simple investments and holding them for the long terms is the way to go. He also says that Americans needs to save more for their retirement and also get and stay invested. He gives the reason why there are poor returns on investments as excessive trading and management fees that are high. The key to getting good returns are low cost and more information click here.


The other thing that people think about before making an investment is whether it is active or passive. Armor agrees that this is not the best way to make an investment. One needs to look extensively at the business that does better and compare it to the one that they plan on investing. Though it is not easy to predict the outcome of these companies, the low expenses and high ownership or the manager are some points that will help you know that the business will do better. With the way most investments are failing if the young Americans are not cautious they will end up with not saving enough for their retirement.


Armour attended Middlebury College where he was awarded a Degree in economics. He has been working for Capital group from the year 2015, and one of the top investors in the world claims that Warren Buffett should have made an investment in a small upcoming business that shows potential. Armour has the knowledge and expertise in the world of competitive financial industry. The aim of the firm is to ensure that they have created quality investment products that will serve the clients and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.


For investors to do well, they need to follow and learn from the people who have been working in this industry for a long time. Armour is an example of an entrepreneur who has been successful for many years. Armour does help not only upcoming investors but also those who have been working in the investment for many years and are in need of guidance and learn more about Timothy.

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