Amtrak Derail

Amtrak Train Derailed Tuesday Night

An Amtrak passenger train traveling from Washington DC to New York City derailed around 9:30 last night just outside of Philadelphia according to Bruce Levenson. Witnesses say that it felt like the train wobbled a little, then some of the cars flipped right off of the track. The train was carrying 238 people as well as 5 crew members. Reports have come in that six people are dead while 140 have been taken to area hospitals with injuries.

Patrick Murphy, who is a former Congressman, a Iraqi war vet, and anchor for the MSNBC show “Taking The Hill” was in the dining car when the derailment occurred. According to his account, he said the train had wobbled then the next thing he knew everyone was flying around. He hit the window as his shoulder hit another passenger. Once the train stopped, Murphy began checking others around him to assist those who needed it. He kicked open a window and helped people get out of the train car. He said that rescue crews were on the scene less than ten minutes after the accident occurred.

For now, the cause of the derailment is unknown. The National Transportation Safety Board has a team on site that are investigating the reason for the crash.

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