The Class Dojo App Creates Communities

Kids are wired in. They have so much technology in their homes. They have access to television, computers, smartphones and tablets. All of these things makes it difficult for them to scale things down to books, paper and pencils in the classroom. This is why there are smart boards, tablets and electronic response buzzers for many of the exams that kids take in school. This electronic world of teaching has proven to be quite effective. There is also a high level of effectiveness that goes with communicating to parents through technology.

The Class Dojo app allows parents to do this with a greater level of efficiency. The app is currently being used in as many as 180 different countries. This shows that there is a huge need for communication between teachers and parents. With the Class Dojo app teachers are able to share videos of what is going on in the classroom. They can also securely send messages to parents. That is huge because so many notes get loss between the school and home when messages are sent with the children.

What the Class Dojo has managed to do is create an app that is vital to the new age of technology. Many parents are supporting this type of application because it gives parents a sense of empowerment. So many parents may have felt helpless before they discovered the Class Dojo app. Now they have the ability to learn about more about what is going on in the classroom through their smart phones.

The app has become valuable because it saves time. Every parent is not a stay at home mom. This means that everyone is not able to come to the classroom for the various events that unfold inside of class. The Class Dojo app gives people the chance to actually see classroom events without taking off work to do so. This is priceless to some parents that may have felt like they were missing out.

Teachers are also thrilled with this app because it gives them a sense of support. It can be a challenging experience to go forth with some school projects when the parents are not on board. The Class Dojo app creates a positive atmosphere for communication and this is a great intersection for teachers and parents to meet. The grades for children are bound to get better when the Class Dojo app is used.


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