Video Marketing is a Great Option for Businesses of All Sizes

Talk Fusion is using the latest and most responsive marketing tools to help businesses increase their sales and potential clientele. Video marketing is the newest type of marketing and advertising, used online to help businesses create the best picture of their brands and products. No matter what type of business you have, an online presence is important and needs to be managed, and a company like Talk Fusion has created a streamlined system that businesses of every size can utilize.

Video marketing can be the tool that best speaks to the type of clients that a business is having a hard time reaching. Breaking into a new area with clientele that you weren’t reaching before is always important to the growth of your business, and to the way you manage your advertising dollars. With a single video you can reach an unlimited number of individuals without having to repeat the same work or pay additional advertising dollars to disperse anything.

The beauty of a system like Talk Fusion is that they are able to teach businesses and individuals how to create video marketing campaigns of their very own. Learning a new way to do something that has worked for a long time isn’t always easy, nor is it something that many small businesses have time for. With their proven materials anyone can begin creating video campaigns that can be sent via email, posted directly to websites for advertising, or take center stage on your website. These tips and skills are used by some of the best marketing firms in the business, and will have a noticeable effect on your own revenue stream.

ClassDojo Receives Prestigious Fast Company Design Nomination

Recently, Fast Company recognized the contribution of ClassDojo to schools and parents by nominating it a finalist in the Design Award. As such, ClassDojo is selected as a finalist for Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Awards, which acknowledged products that help solve today’s unique business problems.

The problem solved by ClassDojo is related to the communication gap between teachers and parents. Because schools are places where children learn to develop their social and emotional skills, parents may feel alienated from the environment once their children are in school. To bridge the gap between parents, children and teachers, ClassDojo, has introduced a variety of products that help relay real-time pictures and videos from schools to help parents feel a part of the team.

The award is presented in recognition of two particular software, Class Dojo and School Dojo. Both these software can provide glimpse of the special moments in class that help parents understand the class environment. It is also interesting to note that the award is special because nearly 1,700 applicants from around the world, in 43 countries, competed in 11 categories. In addition, the acknowledgement from some of the brightest design minds in the world is an honor for the company.

Commenting on this special occasion, Monica Harvancik, designer at ClassDojo, insisted that these software help parents to feel part of the team. Besides, it also help them develop important social and emotional connections with their children and school teachers. She also claimed that few seconds of video can spark a positive discussion, which helps bridge the communication gap. Ms. Harvancik also credited Fast Company for the acknowledgement because the publicity from these awards help companies like ClassDojo to create more inspirational community-oriented products for schools around the world.

The finalist are highlighted on In fact, additional publicity will be generated by showcasing ClassDojo in the October issue of the popular print Magazine, Fast Company.

Who is ClassDojo?

In less than five years, ClassDojo has become one of the fastest growing companies in its industry. Since 2011, it has created several ground-breaking products for classrooms around the world. The focus of these product is to develop the social-emotional skills of children. The continued progress of ClassDojo is evident because nearly 2 in 3 schools in the United States rely on ClassDojo to enhance their relations with parents and school children. Already, several of the company’s products are used in approximately 180 countries.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

A study conducted by Relevancy Group, indicates an increase in video marketing. Revenues in the video marketing world have gone up by 40%. It is worth noting that video marketing has proved to be an effective tool and method for connecting and networking. The study has also shown that video in an email has also led to an increase in open rates by about 20 %. It is said that a video is much more reliable and effective than a text message. The reason behind this, is that an email provides some sort of satisfaction.

Through a video, one can easily and comfortably publicize their brand’s personality. According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, a company can easily earn approximately 1.8 million through a 60- second video embedded in an email. reported on this research by Relevancy Group.

Video marketing world has experienced the influx of many companies and individuals. Talk Fusion is among these companies with others such as Streamsend and Get Response. It was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina who is its Chief Executive Officer. When Bob Reina tried to send a 10- second video to his friends through an email, he found it to be impossible. With the help of a friend who was well versed with IT and they developed a way of embedding videos into emails. This then became the birth of Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion has simplified video email process. Through it one can access templates that have been custom made for every situation. Thus if one wishes to send an email with a video in order to pass a message, Talk Fusion will avail this service with so much ease. Users of Talk Fusion also have the opportunity to customize their own templates and thereafter use them. This is made possible when a user has got some bearings.

If you are seeking to market your brand or business, marketers are being encouraged by Talk Fusion Chief Executive Officer to try it. It assures a marketer of an engaged, exciting and entertaining experience. It promotes a brand’s attributes and helps it gain the public attention that it deserves.

Oisin Hanrahan Meets Customer Demands for On-Demand Home Services

Handy has grown to tremendous heights in recent years. The company is based on a very simple, basic concept. Clients who needs work done in the home can book and pay for services via a smartphone app. (The same tasks can be performed through the company’s website for those who prefer to use a computer) The co-founder of Handy, Oisin Hanrahan, has noted in interviews people want to take advantage of on-demand services. By placing Handy into that on-demand realm, he has boosted the ability to people unable to perform tasks on their own to hire professionals capable of getting the job done. A solid interview with Hanrahan can be read at The Next Web.

Customers have responded tremendously well to Handy and its outstanding booking options. The company is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. As competitors file for bankruptcy even after major marketing pushes, Handy continues to draw in more and more clients.

Hanrahan drew from his own life experiences to come up with the plan for Handy.

During an extended stay in London, Hanrahan noticed people taking a liking to ride-service companies that presented online bookings. People are busy and have little time to spend making phone calls. They may not have an interest in dealing with a dispatcher. A great many customers do not like to pay (or carry) cash. Hanrahan realized a little creativity and effort could help change the home cleaning and maintenance industries. He just had to deliver to people what they wanted.

While scores of well-established companies sat back and avoided getting too involved with on-demand services, Hanrahan and several Harvard Business School friends raised $50,000 to launch Handy. Handy turned out to be a monstrous success story.

Handy has also done a wonderful service to professionals looking to expand their business opportunities. Handy allows the most qualified of professionals advertise their wares in a new and reliable venue.

My First Year in Jacksonville

I moved to Jacksonville, Florida last year to make a change in my life and as much as I love it here, I tend to miss home more often than not. I try and talk to my family once or twice a week to let them know I and doing okay. To communicate with them, I use Talk Fusion so that way I don’t have to worry about glitches and because I love being able to see my parents faces when I talk to them. Sometimes my niece and nephew will be over there visiting when I call so I get to see them and how big they have gotten since our last conversation. My nephew is only two and my niece is 3, so needless to say they grow very quickly in just a short period of time.

Without Talk Fusion I would not get to have these luxuries in life like watching the little ones in my family grow or being able to see my parents clearly rather than just listening to them on the phone. If I wasn’t able to do this, I highly doubt that I would still be in the state of Florida. I would have left within the first month of being down there. My family is big on communication and being together during the holidays, so thankfully I came across Talk Fusion to help us be as close as possible. Even though I love the software and my father as well, my mother still doesn’t like the fact that she can’t hug me. This is something we are working on at the moment.

I am not sure how long I will stay in Jacksonville. It all depends on how much work lies ahead and whether or not I can find another job after this work runs out. If everything works out in my favor and I decided to stay here, at least I have Talk Fusion on my side to help me keep in touch with my family members. Thankfully, I do go home on the holidays and holiday season is just around the corner. We all just need to hold on a little bit longer and we will see each other in no time at all. It is just going to take a whole lot of patience and phone calls.

Handy Cleaning is Great for People that Hate Cleaning

The Handy Cleaning Services Company is my favorite business to contact when I need some cleaning done. This company has allowed me to maximize my time. I don’t mind paying someone to do this because I have never been good at cleaning. When I was a teenager I told my mother that I couldn’t wait until I became an adult and got a job. She said that I was the typical lazy teenager, but I didn’t care. I hated cleaning. I knew I would hire cleaners when I got a job. I couldn’t stand that thought of cleaning toilets and scrubbing tubs. I can mop okay, but I couldn’t make a bed at all. I am thankful to Handy because this organization has people that do those things well.

I am have always been impressed with the work that Handy has done. This is a company that has managed to provide some quality service without requiring customers to pay a fortune. Even if this was expensive I would still probably pay the extra for the service because the workers do such a good job. I have experienced some other maid service companies, but not of these other organizations have done the quality job that the Handy contractors have done.

I have also had some painting done for a couple of rooms. I sold my old house last year, and Handy contractors did an awesome job with painting several rooms in the house. It gave the home a bright and inviting feel. I certainly do believe that it was their work that allowed me to sell the house sooner. I had tried to sell it before I had Handy to come in and paint. After I got it painted the house sold right away.

I like the professional touch that this company provides for any work that they do. I also like the money back guarantee that I get from working with this organization. I remain loyal to Handy because this company has been good to me. The service is always very good.

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HomeJoy Declares Bankruptcy While Competitor Handy Prospers

A recently started company, Handy, has raised more than $110 million since starting in 2012 and $50 million in just the November 2015. Handy is a website and app that allows users to book appointments for house cleaning, repairs and other household services. By all accounts Handy is doing pretty well for itself and its investors, which include Highland Capital Partners, Fidelity Management, Research Co. and General Catalyst Partners, unlike its competitor HomeJoy that offered similar services.

HomeJoy announced in July 2015 that it would be shutting down. The company recently also declared chapter 11 bankruptcy. HomeJoy offered many of the same services as Handy such as house cleaning and repairs. The company was based out of San Francisco and founded by a brother-sister team, Adora and Aaron Cheung, a year after Handy. Although the company never indicated the exact reason for the shut-down and bankruptcy, one founder said it was partially because of worker classification lawsuits. These lawsuits threaten to reclassify contract workers as employees in turn driving up cost of business and, therefore, causing price increases for customers. Other reasons may have been funding and financial issues.
Handy does not seem to be suffering any of these challenges. The company was founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua and was previously known as Handybook. Hanrahan realized how hard it was to find trusted professionals to complete work when he was renovating apartments in Budapest. Handy was designed to aid customers looking for trusted, reliable professionals needed for a service whether it was cleaning, painting, furniture assembly or home repairs. Handy pre-screens professionals to make sure they are right for the job. They also offer a money-back guarantee to customers. Users can book appointments and pay through the website or app and even leave tips if they appreciate the work done.
Handy has several locations in most major cities in the United States. They also offer services in London, Toronto and Vancouver and expect to expand soon.

Handy Surpass Million Customer Mark With Eyes On A Growing Future

Described as the ‘Uber for home services’ by CEO Oisin Hanrahan, Handy is poised to take off globally if it continues to grow over the next few years. The app is already settled into three different international markets: the US, Canada, and the UK and is thriving in 28 cities. It seems that the niche market unearthed by Hanrahan is one that truly was aching to be filled.

Handy is a platform that allows consumers to find handymen, home services, cleaning services, and similar item. Conversely, it also allows those same tradesmen and women to find clients without joining an organization and paying the overhead. In the long run everyone makes out by getting the service they need, and it seems that people love the app. Last summer Handy booked its millionth job, and is estimated to make tens of millions every year. While the official public valuation of Handy is not public knowledge, it is estimated to be about $500 million.

Hanrahan cites two reasons for the success of the app platform. The first is the fact that there is a real need for an app that guides people to home services. Before Handy he flipped homes and apartments in the UK and Budapest and found that locating a trustworthy handyman was a lengthy and tedious process. After leaving that business he moved to the US to attend Harvard and discovered the process was just as hard in America.

Noting the global potential he started working on Handy with a few friends who have since left the company to pursue other things. It turns out the need was just as great as Hanrahan noted. Handy makes it simple because it does all of the legwork for its customers.

This is the second reason why it succeeds: because Handy is very careful about the potential professionals it allows to use the app. It protects its customers by thoroughly vetting all applicants for Handy. The company has received about 750k applicants, out of which they admitted about 3% after background checks, interviews, and reference checks. This ensures that their customers always walk away happy, and a positive experience means plenty for business growth.

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Reading Up On Android Apps Makes Sense

To say there is a huge number of apps available for the Android operating system would be a major understatement. Time and time again, new apps are developed for the consumer market. Some apps are free and some come with a fee. The various “subjects and genres” of available apps is breathtaking. Whether someone wants to download an app to play games or to support important business duties, there are apps to select from.

Procuring any app is not the right strategy though. Just because someone makes an app does not automatically mean the app is going to deliver. To ensure only the best apps find their way to a mobile device, it is critical to check out reviews and published reports about how good the program actually is.

The reviews or reports can be found on a host of well-written blogs. Blogs written by tech fans can be very intriguing. These blogs, however, are known to lack polish and professionalism. That should not disqualify the blog, but those seeking really serious and detailed information may want to turn their attention to major websites and online magazines.

When a review of an app shows up in the online version of a major newspaper, then it is really important to look closely at the words noted in the review. The writer surely did his or her research and, likely, knows a lot about apps and how they work. The writer also knows what people who use the apps want to get out of them. In short, the review or article is going to cover all the points about the app in a detailed manner.

An example of a really helpful review is the one that appeared online on AdWeek’s “Social Times” section. The review focused on the outstanding dating and social media app Skout. The article gets across the main things that Skout users are able to take advantage of including meeting people and taking part in effective communication capabilities. The layout of the Skout site is described along with the many features the site presents. The unique “points system” of app-currency that is used on the Skout platform is clearly described in detail on the article. In short, the article covers all the necessary bits of information a reader would find helpful and interesting.

The AdWeek article brings up another point. Reading reviews and articles about a particular app do more than just inform the reader how good the app may be. The review sheds light on the various features and functions of the app. Not everyone is aware of all the things a particular app can do. By knowing all the features associated with an app, the user can take advantage of the app to its fullest.

Why Skout Is Liked By Many

When combined with the internet, mobile phones have played a very integral role in making communication easier. The emergence of mobile applications that have the ability to perform different functions on a single handset has also changed earlier perceptions that mobile phones can only be used for calling and sending text messages. In fact, mobile phones are at this day and age being used by people to read and send emails, to do affiliate marketing and to perform more complicated functions like online Forex currency trading. When it is about matters related to social networks, mobile communication devices have been attributed to helping more than 70 percent of the total social network users gt easy access.

There exists very many social networking applications and sites, but none beats Skout. This unique application was initially developed as a tool for any person travelling to connect with other people while on the safari. The app developers fathomed that people who love travelling are always pushed by the need to improve their social circles. During the first year the app was introduced, it had more than 100 million users who began using it as just a fun activity by taking virtual journeys by being assisted by other users who hailed from the regions they are travelling.

Skout on instagram is today a worldwide phenomenon that has completely changed the way people interact and make new friends. It is particularly liked by young people who consider it a social and flirting app rather than the travel app it initially was. Many refer it to as the adult ‘penpal’ platform because with it, they can easily make new friends from the many different parts of the world effortlessly. The interesting and funny bit is the fact that when many people interact and get to know one another on Skout, they end up doing virtual trips in person to meet with users from the other end.

The best thing about this app is the fact that it supports different languages, therefore, giving many people from different countries with the opportunity to use it. It is readily available in App Store and Google Play for easy downloading. One year ago, the company banned users from uploading bathroom nudes as a way to enhance better user experience. That move was after the company realized that when users post such photos, their popularity takes a nosedive which is something the company does not advocate for.

Skout does not like branding itself as a flirting app necessarily; the company likes its users making use of it as a social, travel and networking app. When users from near the location a user is log in, he/she gets a notification that can be used to spark a conversation that can end up becoming a long lasting friendship. Users who have used the app are hooked to it because it is easy to use and exciting at the same time. It is a perfect example of an app that has made both travel lovers and people after making friends and networking fall in love with.