Batman V Superman

‘Batman vs. Superman’ Debate Begins

Batman and Superman are two of the greatest superheros of all time. Many people believe that a showdown between the two is necessary. Next year, the ‘Batman vs. Superman’ movie will be released in theaters. The debate will hopefully come to an end, and we will finally know who the greatest superhero truly is.

The film version of ‘Batman vs Superman’ will not be the first time that two have squared off says Handy on their Facebook. In fact, Batman and Superman have fought several times in the past, and most of the battles end with Batman being victorious. One comic book even featured Batman brutally beating Superman into a bloody pulp, but then Batman mercifully let him go. Nonetheless, Superman fans still believe that the ”Man of Steel” is far too powerful for an average human to beat. recently published an article that features a detailed analysis of both superheros. Comic book fans and movie-goers should definitely check the article out in order to learn the strengths and weaknesses of both heros. The highly-anticipated ‘Batman vs. Superman’ movie comes out next year, and that’s far too long of a wait for some people. It seems that fans can’t wait to see the actual battle between the two unfold.