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Lime Crime Outdoes Itself With Velvetines


Many great creations in history came out of necessity, and that was no different for Lime Crime, a revolutionary make up brand that has taken the industry by storm. Its founder and CEO, a vibrating Russian woman by the name of Doe Deere, moved to the United States as a teenager with the dream of becoming a musician, but ultimately fell in love with fashion.

Lime Crime was born after she couldn’t find the bright and bold colors of make up she had envisioned complementing her designs, having instead to resort to making her own products. This was at a time when the fashion industry was still very conservative with colors, saturating the market with subtle, natural tones. After getting hundreds of questions about the make up she used, Doe realized there was a huge demand that wasn’t being met, and in 2008 she began selling her newly created make up products online.

The unique, playful and brash color palettes that came to be won over the public almost instantaneously, allowing thousands of young people to express themselves more diversely. The Unicorn Lipsticks became the first line of make up to introduce radically different colors to the market, becoming an overnight success among the younger generations. Looking to reach an even wider public, in 2012 Lime Crime introduced a new, innovative line of liquid to matte lipstick by the name of Velvetines, all of which available on Love-Makeup. Not a common product by any means, it has the amazing property of being applied as a liquid but drying completely matte. Available in a wider array of colors, it can be adapted to all types of looks to infuse them a healthy dose of colorful brightness.


Touch-proof, transfer-proof and long-wearing, Velvetines are a durable and high quality lipstick capable of keeping up with an active lifestyle. As full and exuberant as it looks, the Velvetines lipstick has the texture and lightness of a rose petal, making it as easy to wear as lipgloss. Created by vegan standards, this is a cruelty-free product that allows you to look youthful, impactful and stunning without causing any type of harm.