Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath Is Still Awaiting The Return Of Bill Ward

Bill Ward, the drummer of Black Sabbath is refusing to rejoin the band until the lead singer, Ozzy Osbourne gives him a sincere apology. Since 2012 Bill Ward has refused Black Sabbath because of false accusations and statements that came from Ozzy in some of his public announcements. WetSealInc said one hurtful statement that was announced by Ozzy about Ward was that he was incredibly overweight. Ward feels that these comments were uncalled for and because of them he would like an apology made public from the band. Ward has missed playing with the band over the years but feels that he would be letting himself down if he rejoined the band without the apology he has been searching for. As for the rest of the band, they feel as if getting Ward to rejoin has become to much of a task for them to handle. Although they are in desperate need of the drummers return, they refuse to beg Ward any further.