Better Hair with WEN

Summer is here, and unfortunately for our hair that can mean dried out locks that lack body. Although there are many products on the sephora beauty market claiming to rejuvenate parched hair, it is hard to be sure of the claims until shelling out money for them and simply hoping for the best. WEN hair by Chaz Dean is one of those cleansers, and Emily McClure wrote an article for Bustle recapping her experience with the five-in-one shampoo and conditioner.

Those of us with fine hair know that it is quite easy to weigh our hair down with too much product. It ends up looking greasy, limp, and ultimately makes for a pretty bad hair day. Emily noted that she has fine hair, and was a bit alarmed with the amount of product that WEN suggests using. The first day she used it, it was apparent even from photos that her hair was squeaky clean with a whole lot of body. This was a good start to the experiment.

The next few days, Emily said that washing her hair with WEN at night was just not a practical option. It gave it a great amount of shine, but weighed hair down in the morning after sleeping on it for eight hours. Emily noted that washing in the morning provided fantastic results, it just was not something that would mesh with her routine. The bottom line seemed to be that thicker hair may respond better to occasional washes with Wen hair, but finer hair may have to cleanse more frequently. WEN Hair Care products are also available at eBay.

The next time you see WEN on that fun little infomercial, you can know that those results are not faked, and super hydrated hair can be yours if you pick up that dial. Give it a shot, and take a week to get to know WEN! Buy Wen hair on Amazon today!

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Famous YouTuber Focus: Wengie

Over the past few years, as YouTube has gained tremendous popularity, some YouTube stars have emerged. Popular YouTube channels are able to generate millions of views and subscribes which results in that person becoming YouTube famous. Ray William Johnson is the number one famous YouTuber with his show Equals Three. By 2012, he had over 6 million subscribers. Nigahiga is another popular channel where Ryan Higa turn everyday situations into comedy. His channel was the top YouTube channel until Ray William Johnson knocked him into second place.
With the rise of YouTube stars, makeup and beauty tutorials have become extremely popular to viewers. One of the channels worth mentioning is Wengie. This Australian beauty blogger has tutorials, reviews, and trends. Wengie has over 1 million subscribers but not all of her videos are just makeup tutorials. She also has a site called the Wonderful World of Wengie where she posts her videos and reviews as well. Aside from her beauty and health channel, she also has a more personal channel dedicated to Vlogging and giving advice.

Wendy Huang, known as Wengie, has become extremely popular with Australian beauty. Wengie became interested in beauty and fashion at a young age and is inspired by everyday things around her. The majority of her audience is Korean but her tutorials can really apply to anyone wanting to create new makeup looks. Viewers love that not only does Wengie show fresh and new makeup ideas, but also that she goes over things like dieting and fashion. Her channel is the most subscribed Asian Beauty Channel in Australia. She believes that beauty starts from the inside and that’s why taking care of overall health is so important. AS YouTube gets even more popular, there will be more to see from Wengie’s channel.