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Mike Baur’s Business Career

Mike Baur’s career in business has consisted of frequent participation with startup companies. Today, Mike is the co founder of the company known as Swiss Startup Factory. This company has been one of the leaders in providing high quality consulting services for startup businesses. Before Mike became an entrepreneur, he spent a number of years investing in startup companies. By investing in startup businesses, he was able to get lots of first hand experience with these new and emerging companies. When he first started his career, Baur worked in the banking industry where he would provide financial guidance and funding for businesses. With these experiences, Mike Baur has established himself as an expert at helping startup companies.


When Mike started his career in the banking sector, he provided financial guidance to a number of individuals looking to start a business. He would often provide loans to help companies get the money necessary to start up. As well as helping new businesses, Baur would provide loans to established businesses that are looking to expand. Baur provided advice and feedback on financial affairs of businesses as well. He would help them find ways to better manage their capital and find the best ways to pay their loans. After working in the banking sector for over two decades, Mike decided to move on to another venture.


The next thing that Baur would do is invest in startup companies. During a span of ten years, Mike would invests his capital in a number of new companies that were starting up. He would evaluate these companies and find out more about their profit potential and the market demand of their products and services. This venture was a success for Mike as he would frequently make high profits by investing in startup companies. Investing in startups helped give Mike an idea for his own business. He would eventually stop investing in startups and start up his own companies known as Swiss Startup Factory.


Baur’s company Swiss Startup Factory is a new and innovative firm that helps provide mentorship and coaching to a number of businesses. The company first holds an event that allows entrepreneurs an opportunity to talk about their idea for a business. Once the presentation is over, Mike and his company will then agree to provide a lot of assistance to these business owners. Mike will then provide advice on things such as product development, finance, marketing and management. As a result, many businesses have benefited form the assistance provided by Mike and his company Swiss Startup Factory.

Sawyer Howitt and his contributions at Meriwether Group

Sawyer Howitt is the Project Manager at Meriwether Group, an organization owned by his father. An entrepreneur, Sawyer has been able to contribute a lot to his father’s company. David Howitt who is Sawyer’s father is the founder of Meriwether Group. The company provides acceleration, funding and also exit strategy assistance for business and startups that aim to expand and grow. Meriwether Group funds businesses and companies with debt or equity. The company has employed a 12-member team that is talented and that is committed to steer the company to achieve its strategic goals. Meriwether Group normally sees entrepreneurs as the heroes of the modern day.

Sawyer Howitt shares the same vision with his father about making a huge impact on the community through the services and products that they create. Together with his father, they have been able to assist many entrepreneurs in achieving success. Sawyer Howitt considers himself fortunate to have a father who was able to pave a path for success. Sawyer Howitt (@sawyerhowitt) schools at the Lincoln High in Portland, Oregon. Together with his colleagues at Meriwether Group, Sawyer has been able to assist many businesses and startups acquire massive success. They also offer management consulting to such institutions in order to help them create consumer brands that are successful.

A young business enthusiast, Sawyer Howitt has been trusted a lot by his father about key issues in his company. Sawyer is passionate, ambitious, disciplined and hard working. He says that these are the most important factors to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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