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George Soros Said To Have Made a Triumphant Return to Politics and Business

The relationship between George Soros and U.S. politics has not been an easy one, Politico reports the Wall Street financial specialist is known as one of the biggest donors to Democratic candidates but also backs the End Citizens United campaign to reduce the influence of wealthy political donors. George Soros has been reported to have emerged during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election cycle as one of the most important and dedicated donors to the campaign for Hillary Clinton, which he is reported to have backed with a total donation reported to be around $25 million; although this may sound like a large amount of money to donate, but in 2004 George Soros provided around $27 million in funding for the campaign of Democrat John Kerry. Learn more on about George.

There are a number of reasons why George Soros has decided to return to the political giving in 2016 that include both his friendship with Democrat Hillary Clinton and the antipathy the financial expert feels towards Donald Trump. As far back as the nomination cycle Soros was vocal in his anger towards Donald Trump and his fellow Republican Ted Cruz whose rhetoric Soros felt has the chance to do the work of ISIS for the terrorist group. The chance to bring equality to the most powerful position in the world is one Soros has remained committed to as he backed the campaign of Hillary Clinton in her quest for The White House, which comes amid a political friendship that has stretched over 25 years. The Hungarian born Wall Street expert has spent a large amount of time with Clinton in recent years as he assisted in preparing her policy choices as she prepared for the Presidential elections; Soros has gone so far as to admit he should have backed the former Secretary of State during the 2008 election cycle instead of throwing his weight behind the candidacy of former President Barrack Obama.

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Forbes reports George Soros has been in control of his own hedge fund since 1969 when he established the find that would eventually morph into the Soros Fund Management company that is now thought to be worth around $30 billion. Not only has Soros provided a number of impressive donations to the campaign of Hillary Clinton, but he has also given a large amount of funding to groups supporting the protection and advancement of voting rights for minority groups across the U.S. Among the donations made by George Soros in 2016 was a $3 million donation made to the Immigrant Voters Win PAC that fights for the rights of Hispanic and African American voters who face increasing regulations to prove their right to vote.

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Who is Adam Milstein and what makes him Famous?

Very few successful people have the heart of helping the less provided in the society. Instead, many choose to live a luxury life and ignore the plight of the poor. People are poor in many aspects of life. It could be politically, socially and even economically. On the other hand, there are people who are blessed in these aspects compared to others. Furthermore, while some people are better in only one aspect, there are those who happen to be better all round. This matches the profile of Adam Milstein. Over his life, he has had a good political life, social life, and even an economic life. Instead of enjoying the success alone, he has let in other people to enjoy the ride with him. Because of his good nature and his good heart, he was recognized by the Jerusalem Post as an influential Jew. He was particularly recognized for his actions with the Israel-American Council and the Adam and Gila Foundation. Other than these just two, Adam Milstein has had a hand in other Jewish Organizations such as the Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, and birthright Israel.

Adam Milstein is also a learned man. He holds a degree in Business and Economics from the prestigious Technion College. He has used this knowledge from school to make a living for himself as he specializes in the real estate business just like his father. After graduating from the university, Adam Milstein furthered his education with a master’s of Business Administration from the famous University of Southern California. His first job when he moved to the United States of America was working as a Sales agent. Today, he has experienced tremendous success in this sector as he is responsible for accounting and financing at a firm called the Hager Pacific Properties where he is a partner.

In the Jerusalem Post, Adam Milstein was recognized alongside other Jewish leaders such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Philanthropists Haim Saban as well as Sheldon Adelson. When asked to comment about the recognition, Adam thanked his wife Gila for the continued support and motivation. He also acknowledged the role that the various organizations has had in making hum the person he is today.

Chopper Trading’s Success Under The Leadership Of Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando has extensive knowledge on financial markets. He is the proprietor of Chopper Trading. Raj is aware of the bustling, intense, and stressful nature of trading. To this end, the CEO appreciates the need to have a favorable working environment for the employees. This is because it enables his team of 150 employees to get along in the 3,000-square-foot office. Chopper Trading embraces a rigorous hiring process. This unique recruitment strategy is distinct from that used by other organizations. The process aims at getting the ideal employees that are likely to work and retire from the firm. His prime objective is to have employees that will identify with the goals of the organization. Chopper’s recruiting team has expansive experience in identifying the perfect candidates to fill different positions in the company. This information was originally mentioned on SBN Online as explained in the following link

About Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is the founder and chief executive officer of Scoutahead. He has excellent leadership skills. Under his stewardship, Chopper Trading recorded low staff turnover. In addition, he improved operations and ensured that employees interact within the workplace by engaging in different extra-curricular activities. This strategy saw the firm rank as one of the largest global exchanges. This success highlights Fernando’s knowledge in the financial industry. Raj is conversant with international financial markets in addition to technological innovation. Moreover, he has been heavily involved in enhancing policies of different organizations. Fernando’s love for conservation and music has seen him serve on numerous Board of Trustees, including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He has also been on the Board of Directors for PAWS Chicago, which provides shelter to homeless animals.

Fernando is a graduate of the esteemed Beloit College. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and History. Raj began his financial career while still in college. He started as a volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where he performed exemplary, thus earning himself a promotion to various position. He worked his way up and become a member of the Chicago Board of Trade. Raj has contributed immensely to the success of the U.S. Commodity Trading Futures Commission (CFTC). The entity provides the public with transparent, competitive, and financially sound markets. This information was originally mentioned on Markets Wiki as expounded in the link below


Adam Milstein; a Jewish Cultural and World-Peace Pioneer

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel. He joined the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971 and served during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. After his compulsory army service, Adam enrolled in the Israeli Institute of Technology, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in business and economics in 1978 (Cum Laude). Milstein joined his father Hillel in growing their real estate development business. Adam married Gila Elgrably in his hometown Haifa in 1974. The couple moved to the US in 1981, with their two daughters. Adam earned his MBA from Southern California University in Los Angeles and immediately started work in the real estate sector as a sales agent.

Adam Milstein alongside his wife co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The Foundation offers charitable services, partnership development, and fundraising to support Pro-Israel advocacy, Jewish education, and the Jewish continuity. The organization stands in solidarity with the Israeli state, Jews, and the Israel-U.S relationship.

Adam Milstein is also the National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. Additionally, he sits on the Board of several associations, including, Hasbara Fellowships, Israel on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs, Jewish Funders Network, and AIPAC National Council. Adam and his wife Gila formed Sifriyat Pijama B’America, a firm that offers free Hebrew books that teach Jewish values to the Jewish-American families every month.

Adam serves as a managing partner for Hager Pacific Properties, a company that was co-founded six years ago in California. The real estate company owns over 100 properties all over the United States. Adam is also a co-founder at Sifriyat Pijama B’America; a program based on Jewish literature that ships free children’s books from age 2-8 from Israel to America for the Jewish community living in the US.

Adam also contributes articles to the Huffington Post (US edition) regularly. His latest article which featured this month talks about the need for Christians and Jews to unite to fight Surging Anti-Semitism. Adam shares his Jewish values and reiterates how Christians and Jews have their values deeply rooted from the early Christian days and the holy scripts of the Old Testament as well as the teachings of Jesus Christ. He says we must act now as a unified entity, against the evil forces that threaten the world. Adam believes in fighting for the right course.

Dynamics Search Partners Announces New Professional Achievement Scholarship

The founder of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann has launched the Keith & Keely Mann Professional Achievement Scholarship. This is an award meant to identify the next innovative business leaders generation.

Dynamics Search Partners are happy to partner with a New York-based non-profit charter management organization, Uncommon Schools, in the implementation of this scholarship opportunity. It is available yearly to a single graduating senior from any of the “Uncommon Schools” high schools that are based in area of Brooklyn.

Uncommon Schools initiates and runs well-performing urban charter public schools designed to narrow down the achievement gap. They are geared towards preparing and helping low-income students to successfully graduate from college. Uncommon Schools manages a charter public schools network spread across New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, and serving in excess of 14,000 students.

Application Procedure

Scholarship applicants are requested to prepare an essay of 1,000 words on how acquiring a degree will be of aid to them in terms of realizing their professional and career goals. Keith Mann, the Dynamics Search Partners Founder is committed to the identification of strong leaders and then having them paired with leading companies to nurture their professional success. Mann is a well-known education advocate and philanthropist.

The new scholarship is open to graduating seniors who are attending Brooklyn’s Uncommon Charter High School in New York. The process of application remained open up to Feb. 29, 2016. The ultimate winner, who was announced by the close of March 2016, received a scholarship worth $5,000 to be used in meeting their college tuition requirements.

About Keith Mann

For over 15 years, Keith Mann has been involved in the executive search industry in hiring and staffing strategy. He is also a hedge fund compensation expert. In 2003, he launched within Dynamics Executive Search, the Alternative Investment Practice. This was after realizing that the fast growing hedge fund market industry was being underserved by the broader search community.

Mann expanded the practice in 2006 into the private equities industry, and in 2009, he launched Dynamics search Partners (DSP). This was a premier executive search company that was exclusively dedicated to alternative investment firms. Currently, he is the DSP Chief Executive Officer, responsible for the firm’s day-to-day management.

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Eric Pulier: An Entrepreneur Who Helped Changed the World

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, and over all business man. Eric was raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. He began learning how to program computers at a very young age, and started his first business, a database computer company, in high school. He continued his desire to learn and become successful when he began studying at Harvard University in 1984. Me majored in English, and wrote for The Harvard Crimson, as well as attending another nearby school.

After Eric finished school, he moved to Los Angeles in 1991. This is where Eric carefully created his next big idea into a company, People Doing Things (PDT). PDT was a company that addressed issues from health care to education, all through the use of technology. In 1994 he created his next business, Digital Evolution, which later merged with US Interactive LLC. Eric later took part in creating a social network called Starbright World. Starbright was a private social network designed for chronically ill children to talk to each other, blog, share content and meet other children who are also chronically ill.

Other business ventures include co-founding ServiceMesh, Inc. As well as currently being the Chief Technology Officer, Secretary, and Director for Santa Monica Media Corporation.

In 1997 Eric was selected to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition called “The Bridge to the 21st Century”. After the exhibition, he participated in Al Gore’s health care and technology forum. Eric is also a supporter and participant of the Clinton Foundation.

As you might have figured out by now, Eric Pulier is more than just a bright entrepreneur, he is also a warm hearted individual. The participation in Starbright World helped chronically ill kids all around the world connect, and feel better about themselves. Eric has also been involved in politics, and attempting to make the world a better place.

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James Dondero Recruits Terry Jones as the President of Institutional Products

The Dallas-based Highland Capital Management has hired Terry Jones. The former lead director in charge of Highland Funds will be the new president of institutional products. Based on the organizational chart of the corporation, Terry shall be reporting to James Dondero. With over 25 years of expertise on financial services, Jones’s is expected to create solutions that will augment business development besides broadening the institution’s sales platform.

He is expected to align the portfolio risk management. In addition, Mr. Jones has to optimize the risk management infrastructure of Highland Capital Management through identification, assessment and mitigation of contingencies. The corporation has the financial muscles and strategic plans to contain the current market dynamics. Through its investment in below-investment grade credit, hedged equities and distressed securities as well as infrastructure and experience, Highland Capital Management has all it takes to outperform the market.

On his speech, Mr. Jones could not hide his joy for working with the innovative team at the corporation. He reiterated his immediate objective of ensuring that together with the team, he customizes client solutions and connects the company’s capabilities with the needs of the clients. He added that Highland’s interactive risk management competencies are able to address the market volatility levels. This way, consumers will be provided with transparent information regarding any potential risks and opportunities.

On his part, James asserted that the corporation anticipates that through Terry’s leadership, the risk-adjusted performance will be improved, as clients will be provided with solutions that satisfy their utility. Terry has been on the board of Genworth Life Insurance Corporation of New York. He has also sat on the board of SEI AIC III. Battersby Capital Management and Goldman Sachs have enlisted Mr. Terry’s expertise in management of hedge funds. The economics graduate from Columbia College has managed a Hedge Fund of approximately $8 billion. Mr. Terry earned his MBA from the esteemed Columbia Business School.

James Dondero is the co-founder and current president of Highland Capital Management. The firm, which is an investment adviser as registered by SEC, has about $18 billion worth of assets. James Dondero’s experience in matters of credit and equity markets spans over 30 years. The University of Virginia graduate in finance and accounting is among the pioneers of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO).

The Certified Public Accountant worked at the American Express and Protective Life. At protective Life, he managed to start the firm from inception and grew it to a fund worth over $2 billion. His career started as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty training program. Currently, the Chartered Financial Analyst serves as the chairman of CCS medical, NexBank and Cornerstone Healthcare.

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The Origins of Lime Crime Cosmetics

A new line of cosmetics seems to pop up at least once a day. The different colors and formulas boast about instant results and a huge confidence boost. Sadly though, all these new cosmetics look just like the old ones. Sure, the packaging may be different and maybe they added a little shimmer to the mix, but each new lipstick looks alarmingly similar to the one you bought last week. Enter Lime Crime. This line of products will never be compared to another because it is something completely different. Thanks to internet personality Doe Deere we will never again have to worry about paying for the same color eye shadow again.

Lime Crime Cosmetics is different than other companies for a reason. They want to make sure their customers know that it is good to be unique and separate themselves from the crowd. Facebook indicates it was founded in 2008 as an alternative to typical beauty trends. The bold vivid colors that are offered can be worn as an expression of mood or personality. Lime Crime urges everyone to be their best selves and their makeup helps to show the world who they really are. A dark mood might go well with dark lips, just as a bright mood would pair well with some glitter eyes shadow. Self expression is something Doe Deere herself wants to help people with. After all, her fans are called unicorns for a reason.  Lime Crime has a huge Pinterest following for much the same reason.

Unicorn Lipstick is a perfect name for such a product. The mythical creatures need shades that remain true to their name. With colors such as blue, pink and yellow it will not be difficult at all for fans to please their inner unicorn. Liquid eye liner can be used to accent the already fantastic lips with bold shades that are sure to make eyes stand out. With so many options it is no wonder that Lime Crime has been gaining popularity so quickly.

Self esteem and self expression go hand in hand. Just because it is not in a fashion magazine or in the front store of a window does not mean your tastes are wrong. It means you are unique and you should show the world what you like. Lime Crime can help. Check out the Amazon website today and see for yourself. Become a unicorn with Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Kevin Seawright Partners With Newark Works and Banks to Giving Youths Summer Employment

Kevin Seawright has been on the move to help youths from Newark attain basic skills and earn a foundation for financial success. This is by establishing partnerships with Newark Works, Santander Bank, and Td Bank, this year the program that has been giving 3000 jobs to youths will increase to 3500 jobs. The summer youth employment plan by Kevin aims to motivate students to attend college and increase the number of graduates around the Newark community. With the program youths will be trained on the job on hand, there will be an empowerment program, financial literacy lessons, and college readiness program. The program will run for six weeks during the summer and students will receive minimum wage for the job done.

Kevin told LocalTalkNews he looks forward to making the city incredible through boosting college graduate numbers and performance he and the whole group of Newark CEDC are proud to participate in the program. To participate and apply for the programs youth will be required to make the online application and so far they have received more than 300 applications.

Exposure of the students to the job market will increase their professional expertise, especially in finance a skill that will be of great benefit to them after graduating. The summer youth employment plan will run for 6 weeks from 5th July to August 16th. Kevin Seawright sees that motivating student in this way will be a good strategy to developing Newark.

Kevin Seawright is the chief financial officer of the Newark community economic development corporation located in Newark New Jersey. He has been very supportive in the field of education and economic development of Newark. He has been the catalyst for the great development of Newark city and has been a lead in real estate development. He also worked in Maryland’s department of recreation and parks where helped allocate more than $50 million for the operations around the city. He has huge experience e in financial management, accounting, and capital operations. Kevin has been a propagator of many developments in the city.

Seawright joined Newark CEDC in May 2015 after the company realized how great he is when it comes to financial development. He loves working for the development of his community and has worked in promoting education in Baltimore and Washington DC. Kevin has been very supportive to youths through coaching a local youth’s sports team and was also a member of the board for Babe Ruth Museum with the role of an advisor. Newark CEDC has the right person in the position to help its operations. The program run by Kevin will help many youths embark on a journey to realizing their professional dream and develop their capacity. Kevin has gained recognition by many after completing his leadership training program at the University of Notre Dame.  Follow Kevin on SoundCloud for podcasts and new music releases.

Highland Capital: Some Changes In Holdings In The Third Quarter

According to Octa Finance, Highland Capital Management recently filed its quarterly 13F. The filing revealed that their portfolio had lost 1.49 billion dollars in value since the second quarter. In the second quarter, the portfolio was valued at 4.91 billion dollars and by the third quarter it had decreased in value to 3.42 billion dollars. This equity exposure that was reported on the 13F is about 22.73 percent of Highland Capital Management’s total assets.

The hedge fund changed some of its positions during the third quarter. They increased their position in American Airls Group, Patterson Companies, Burlington Stores, Ldr Holding, Kinder Morgan, Corning and Salesforce Com. The hedge fund decreased their position in a few companies, including Spdr Series Trust, Nexpoint Cr Strategies Fd, McKesson Corp, Envision Healthcare Holdings and Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings.

James Dondero is the President and Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management. Jim now lives in Dallas, Texas but before he started his career, he was a student at the University of Virginia. In college, Dondero studied Accounting and Finance. He graduated from the University of Virginia’s Mcintire School of Commerce with the highest honors. Since his days in school, Dondero has gotten certification as a Certified Management Accountant, a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Public Accountant.

In 1984, Jim began his career in the Morgan Guaranty training program as an analyst. In 1985, he started working for American Express as a portfolio manager and corporate bond analyst. Dondero continued with American Express until 1989, when he moved became the Chief Investment Officer of the Protective Life GIC subsidiary, which he helped to create and by 1993 he had helped them reach over 2 billion dollars.

In 1993, Dondero decided it was time to found his own fund and so he started Highland Capital. Highland Capital Management prides itself on how it has always and continues to pioneer credit oriented solutions for worldwide retail and institutional investors and development of the market for Collateralized Loan Obligations. The firm is also proud to offer everything from private equity and mutual funds to hedge funds and REITs. With more than 30 years of experience, Dondero knows distressed and high yield investing in the equity and credit markets. Because of this experience and knowledge he has been able to lead Highland Capital Management to increased success.

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