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The Success of Swiss Startup Factory Under the Leadership of Mike Baur

Swiss Startup Factory in Switzerland is becoming one of the most prominent companies in the country. The prominence is largely because of the efforts put in by the experienced staff that works together to ensure maximum client satisfaction. The company was co-founded by business magnate Mike Baur who is the managing director of the firm.

Swiss Startup Factory provides a variety of essential services to clients in different sectors of the economy in the country. Some of the services offered include the provision of financial resources for startup businesses in the country as well as coaching, mentoring, providing office space for the startups and a broad and experienced network of entrepreneurs and investors to set them on the right path to success.

In the provision of financial resources, the company ensures that the startup companies get the much-needed funding to start their business and for operational costs. They ensure that the startup company has enough financial resources to commence the activities that they intend to provide. At the same time, the Factory offers to coach and mentor the staff of the startup company to ensure that they are well-equipped to manage the business effectively for maximum benefits. For any business startup, office space is important since clients can judge a company based on its appearance. Owing to the need for a great appearance, it is necessary for a startup to have impressive offices to attract customers. Swiss Startup Factory comes in to ensure that new businesses have the requisite office space needed for their operations that includes Wi-Fi services and furniture. On top of the impressive benefits that companies get from Swiss Startup Factory, the staff of the company also helps them in finding investors who can put money in the success of the enterprise. To access some of its significant benefits, it is imperative for startups to make an application and become part of Swiss Startup Factory to succeed in their business.

The co-founder of the company, Mike, comes from Fribourg in Switzerland. His interest in entrepreneurship, banking and finance grew when he was a teenager. His experience in the Swiss private banking and financial sector goes for at least two decades where he started as a commercial apprentice at UBS to becoming an executive board member of a large Swiss Private Bank. In the year 2014, with the help of two partners, he formed Swiss Startup Factory that is currently the number one independent and privately financed ICT startup accelerator in Switzerland. Mike Baur holds an MBA from the University of Rochester New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.

Fabletics Steals the Show With Stunning New S/S 2016 Athleisure Collection

When it comes to active wear, also known as athleisure wear, you can thank actress Kate Hudson. The pretty and fit star has turned the active wear market up on its head with the gorgeous Fabletics company she co-founded.

The online subscription retailer of Fabletics features stunning leggings, tops, tanks, swimsuits, rompers and dresses that all bear her signature style, vivaciousness and quality guarantee. Every piece is exclusively made with Fabletics’ in-house designers.

The best part of all, Fabletics is so on-trend and affordable and winning fans around the globe, according to a great post by

The right work-out wear is not always easy to find. These garments are either too loose, too tight, see-through and just plain uncomfortable. Kate Hudson wants women everywhere to join the Fabletics community and sign up for VIP membership, because then you will see how amazing her athleisure tops and bottoms fit. There is nothing that tugs at your behind but instead a smooth, comfy fit. You can do yoga in Fabletics fashion, run a mile and climb a mountain. You can even go out on the town in Fabletics’ new s/s 2016 collection, because Kate Hudson has helped design the ideal casual-chic active wear on rates Fabletics highly, because the prints and colors are bright, and the fabrics are all quality made. Each Kate Hudson inspired piece is stylish and functional, no matter where you might happen to be. The beauty of Fabletics’ online subscription feature is in the VIP status, and it’s so easy to join the global community. To begin, the Fabletics website asks you to take part in their brief quiz, so they can start creating personalized outfit recommendations that merge beautifully with your lifestyle. As a Fabletics VIP member you’re privy to incredible offers and fabulous active wear perks – like getting a major 40-50% off the retail price!

For your first athleisure outfit as a VIP, all you pay is $25, and you can’t beat the stunning new monthly styles. Plus, you’re getting free shipping which is always welcome. Just remember to log in by the fifth of the month to check out any new styles you desire, or skip the month altogether. If you don’t shop or skip the month by that date, then $49.95 will be charged to your Fabletics account, until you cancel. That amount will be turned into a credit to spend or save.

The US Money Reserve is A Well Known Provider of U.S. Government Issued Coins

There are a variety of ways that people can acquire hard to find coins. In addition, people interested in starting or building a coin portfolio on understand the importance of locating and utilizing trustworthy sources for all coin transactions. In the coin industry, there are numerous organizations that provide information and coin related services. One of these organizations is the US Money Reserve, which is a leading supplier of U.S. government issued silver, gold, and platinum coins.

The US Money Reserve provides services that are highly needed in the coin industry. With over 100 experienced and knowledgeable coin veterans who understand the coin industry, US Money Reserve provides solid information concerning a wide range of issues concerning high quality coins.

Moreover, people interested in high quality coins on routinely seek out the assistance of the US Money Reserve because the organization has an outstanding reputation within the coin industry. Some of the primary reasons why people seek out the US Money Reserve include:

1. Current clients of the US Money Reserve are given notification of any high quality U.S. government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins whenever the coins hit the open market.
2. Regarding all United States government issued silver, gold, and platinum coins that are purchased through the US Money Reserve, the coins come with a 100% money back guarantee.
3. The US Money Reserve ships physical coins to the purchasers of U.S. government issued coins.
4. The US Money Reserve provides people access to some of the highest quality U.S. government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins on the market.

When dealing with coin organizations in the coin industry, there are several essential business traits that people look for related to the organizations. These traits include trustworthiness, high quality inventory, good customer service, dependability, and a proven track record. The US Money Reserve has demonstrated to the coin industry as a whole that the organization has all of these traits along with numerous others traits that are desired.

People interested in learning more about the US Money Reserve can follow the company through various social media channels. The US Money Reserve can be followed on:
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James Dondero and opinions on The 2016 Stock Market position

It’s another year, and the share trading system forecasts have as of now started. Will it go up, or will we see another scaled down accident such as we found in the fall of 2015? Yes, everybody is nervous, of course, and some forecasts run the extent from a blast to bust and all over the place in the middle.

Jim Dondero, President of Highland Capital, on the other hand, enjoys the way things are looking in 2016. Why? It’s all because, in spite of some troubling signs (as not out of the ordinary as we abandon the Subsidence), the new year could likely hold some uplifting news of an extraordinary nature. No, Jim doesn’t have a crystal ball by any methods, yet he sees indications of a rise that has a considerable measure to do with an adjustment to the brain science of some key speculators. Watch Jim and the Highland Team ring the NYSE Closing Bell beneath.

Yes, 2015 finished on a flatline, in a year that saw some real swings. The primary portion of 2015 was hollow as a temperament of specialist financial confidence assumed control. That all finished, on the other hand, as a smaller than normal accident hit the business sector in the fall. Despite the fact that the enterprise sector recouped after the lows of August to October, oil costs fell, which included new stresses.

There’s a silver covering to the majority of this, in any case, as Jim Dondero rushes to call attention to. A percentage of the primary development organizations fell in the last weeks of 2015, yet the uplifting news is that they didn’t tumble to hazardously low levels. Following these stocks didn’t fall to levels that would flag a bear market, the sign is that they will stay relentless and head up in the new year. Yes, that is uplifting news for every one of us.

Yes, there could be some genuinely positive news of an unusual nature in 2016. We’ve moved from a demeanor of smug confidence to suspicion as we audit where the business sector is at, and in all honesty, that is a slick spot to be. The supposition is that 2016 will be a decent year for financial specialists. That is something that ought to make everybody grin as the year gets in progress.

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Helane Morrison is Proving Worth Of Compliance Officers in the Corporate World

One of the largest and most successful money managers in the United States is a company called Hall Capital. Currently this company has over 24 billion dollars in assets under management that offers strong returns to the customers. The current CEO, Kathryn Hall created a company that sees diversity through gender, backgrounds and education, as well as through race and religion. Hall wants her company to focus on what the company does best which is making money without distractions. 

This investment firm which was founded in San Fransisco in 1994 was founded by one of the most successful families including Warren Hellman. From 1994 and onward, this company expanded and developed to be a successful money management invest firm. One of the leading forces within this operation is Helane L. Morrison who is serving as the Managing Director, the General Counsel, as well as the Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital. 

Morrison’s career success stretches long before her time at Hall Capital. Prior to 2007, Ms. Morrison was head of the San Francisco office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission between the years of 1999 and 2007. During her time there, her responsibilities were to control securities enforcement, litigation, as well as regulatory matters in Northern California. Prior to her time at that firm, Morrison was the head of enforcement for the San Francisco SEC office between 1996 and 1999. During her time at the SEC office, Helane represented SEC in legal, business, and financial communities. In addition to this, she represented SEC in government agencies as well as with news media before she left to pursue her role at Hall Capital. 

Morrison’s expertise is with practicing the law. Helane’s LinkedIn shows that for 12 years she practiced law at the San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. By 1991, she was even elevated to becoming a partner. Helane’s expertise in law has contributed much to this investment firm. Her contributions has enabled the company to grow further to become a global and multi-asset company that has built an extensive portfolio. Below is some of her closed case work.

Hall Capital has created extensive portfolios for families, endowments, and even for foundations. With around 150 employees who work for this company, Hall Capital has been able to emphasize leadership, integrity, compliance, as well as excellence within the investment firm. The company has expanded within the last few years to have an office in New York City in the addition to the San Francisco branch.

James Dondero Shows The Way to Development of Highland Capital Management

James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management and acts as the president of the company. This seasoned investor has made strides in the area of alternative investment by spearheading Highland Capital to attain high growth. Dondero has been in the industry for a long time and possesses a wealth of experience that he applies in the management of credit investments. He has helped a multitude of investors in making decisions concerning ventures.

Highland Capital started as a small company and today it has set its foundation as a global entity serving in the area of alternative investment. The immense leadership that it has gained from Dondero attributes to Highland Capital’s success. Highland Capital was first established in 1993 and went through vicissitudes before it stood tall to be a leader in the market.

It focuses on investment that touches on hedge funds and fixed markets. The company has emphasized on providing investment in structured products and leveraged loans. It also extends its arm to cover the bonds, which yield high returns. Highland Capital has a market command in investment on distressed ventures.

While its investment efforts have not been without challenges, it has strived to see opportunities and explore them before other competitors. It has a strategic plan that has allowed it to expand to be a multi-million entity. This is demonstrated by its investment assets, which ranges about $21 billion.

Managing such kind of investment takes a lot of experience and understanding of the spheres of alternative investment markets. Together with an investor known as Mark Okada, James Dondero thought of investing in this market. They formed a small venture and which has been the stepping-stone for the Highland Capital formation.

Both Okada and Dondero had something in their vision, which they could translate into a big investment company. However, they needed to start from somewhere, and that’s when they began the small entity in a joint partnership. The small entity mainly focused on offering services in the area of senior secured loans.

When they saw the potential the entity had, they tried seeking partnership so that they explore the opportunities of growth. They partnered with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO) was formed from a merger of the entity belonging to Okada and Dondero with Protective Life Insurance.

In this agreement, Protective Life Insurance had more shareholding than Dondero and his colleague. Protective Life Insurance took 60 percent while Dondero and his partner took the rest of stock holding, which was 40 percent. Eventually, Dondero and his co-partner bought the shares of Protective Life Insurance and changed the name of the company to Highland Capital Management. That was in 1993. Today, the company has widened its operations and invested in the Asia markets.

Highland Capital has helped in developing credit-oriented solutions to not only retail but also institutional investors. It has been branded for offering award-winning products such as hedge funds, private equity, mutual funds, and separate accounts. Dondero has taken other leadership roles and served as the chair Cornerstone Healthcare. He also chairs Nexbank and CCS Medical.