Anthony Petrello

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd. since October 2011 but he has been the President since 1992. His education includes a JD in Harvard Law, BS in Yale University, and an MS in Yale University. In 1991 he was the operating officer of Nabors Industries, from 2003-2012 he was the Deputy Chairman, and from 2012 he became the Chairman of the Board at Nabors Industries. There was not a Fiscal Year for 2015, however, there is an Fiscal Year for 2016: $15,372,429. He has many board memberships including the director of the Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc, from 1991-present the Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President Nabors Industries, Ltd, and lastly, from 2011-present the director of Stewart and Stevenson, LLC. His room mate can confirm his dedication and hardwork. Lloyd Grove proudly says, “Anthony Petrello was a math whiz in college and he stood out in his class because he was always eager to learn.”

Today, Petrello’s daughter Carena is 8 years old and struggled through her periventrical leukomalacia (PVL) which means there was a lack of oxygen or blood flow to her brain. Because of this issue, she had developed cerebral palsy, impaired motor skills, and she just could not do everyday simple tasks. Petrello and his Wife did not fail to help their daughter. Since they did not give up on her, she is now chewing and learning to talk and walk. Her parents want to fight this dysfunction and they are working alongside the Texas Children’s Hospital for the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. They have donated a total of $7 million dollars as a token of their love. He didn’t make the top best paid bosses of 2014 because he took other steps which gave some money back to shareholders yet he is still the best paid CEO in 2013. Overall, Anthony Petrello has earned his name in the business because he never gives up.


The Jericho Network Welcomes a New Podcast, The Raven Effect

In recent times, The Jericho Network has continuously hit the headlines for its new podcast shows such as Beyond the Darkness. More recently, Norman Pattiz and Chris Jericho revealed details about the latest podcast show by Scott Raven Levy, a former WWE star, called The Raven Effect. The new show will be hosted by PodcastOne, America’s leading advertiser-backed podcast network, under The Jericho Network.

Norman Pattiz praised Chris Jericho by citing that he has mastered how to balance wrestling content with other numerous topics likes sports, music and paranormal. According to Chris Jericho, Scott Levy is ridiculous, sarcastic, funny, intelligent and entertainment. These qualities give him all the necessary qualifications to be part of The Jericho Network. Although Chris Jericho expects The Raven Effect to be a successful show, he promised many other upcoming programs in the future.

Since the inception of The Jericho Network in July 2016 on PodcastOne, it has constantly debuted new podcast shows. Some of the top shows hosted by the network include Killing the Town with Storm & Cyrus, Keeping It 100 with Konnan and Beyond the Darkness.

Details about The Raven Effect

The Raven Effect will host an array of discussions regarding conspiracies, current events, pet peeves, pop culture, politics among other topics. Episodes of the show will feature know-it-alls, enemies, friends, and know nothings, especially those who introduce interesting opinions to the conversation. As a weekly podcast, the Raven Effect will be available to the public each Monday via iTunes, PodcastOne app and

A Closer Look at Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the executive chairperson and founder of PodcastOne, a leading distributor of audio-on-demand programming. He established the company at the end of 2012 after spotting the untapped potential of the industry. Currently, the company boasts of a popular list of brands and personalities including Chris Jericho, Shaquille O’ Neal, Penn Jillette, Steve Austin, Freakonomics and Dr. Drew among others. Norman Pattiz is also known for being the brains behind Westwood One, which under his tenure became the nation’s leading provider entertainment, news, sports, traffic and talk programming to the broadcast industry.

Aside from establishing his own broadcasting enterprises, he has served in a government appointed capacity. In fact, he was appointed by Bill Clinton and later reappointed by George Bush to serve as a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the US. As a member of the board, Norman Pattiz created and unveiled America’s Arabic language television and radio services to all the 22 nations of the Middle East. Additionally, Pattiz is an accomplished inductee of the National Radio Hall of Fame.

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Sanjay Shah ans His Philanthropy

When it comes to Sanjay Shah, one of his defining traits is his philanthropy. He has been a very generous person with his charity to different causes. He has been involved in the sponsoring of children that have been born into less than favorable circumstances. It was when he has learned that one of his sons had autism that he has changed his focus to autism treatment. He has used a lot of creativity in coming up with solutions to the problem of getting funding for autism research. He has decided to start up a charity called Autism Rocks.

With Autism Rocks, Sanjay Shah Denmark has been looking for ways to receive funding. When he met a celebrity, he has realized that he could host events in order to get funding for autism research. This would allow him to help researchers come up with more effective treatments for the developmental condition. That way, not only will his son have better treatment, but there will be better treatment available for others.

Another thing that could be said for Sanjay Shah is that he has experienced success as an entrepreneur. He is someone that would not go back to the older way of life which is working for another company. He had to work long hours and travel far in order to get to work. On top of that, there is always the issue of job security. As an entrepreneur, Sanjay Shah was able to decide what he wanted to do. Since he became successful in his pursuits, Sanjay was able to experience greater freedom as an entrepreneur. For one thing, he does not have to worry about losing his job. He is able to save a lot of money to put towards other ventures. For the most part, he is able to take care of his family.