Chris Christie

Chris Christie’s Wife Speaks Out in Support of Her Husband’s Candidacy

Perhaps no one knows a man quite like his wife. She sees the ups and downs, the roses and weeds of a person. In this respect, New Jersey’s First Lady Mary Pat Christie is making the case that her husband is a leader that can be trusted. Mrs. Christie believes that voters are looking for direct honesty from their leaders which quality they will find in abundance with her husband. She isn’t alone in this assessment either. Former New Jersey Republican Gov. Tom Kean stated that Christie is not the type of person who should be dismissed. Kain acknowledges that Christie has struggled with his temper over the years; Kean has known the governor for decades.

In fact, the two of them have had their share of confrontations says Brad Reifler in this article. Still, Kean believes that Christie has learned to direct his passion towards being productive as opposed to having it hamper his efforts. Still, there is another side to Christie which may go unnoticed: his softer side. Mrs. Christie recalled how her husband would walk the streets of New Jersey viewing the devastation of Superstorm Sandy. He empathized with the victims and often times gave people hugs to reassure them that help was on the way. His handling of the storm led to him surging in the polls and easily winning reelection. However, he his reform efforts have not put New Jersey on solid fiscal standing. While Christie can counter that decades of poor fiscal management have hampered the state with untenable unfunded liabilities and debts, it will open the door the criticism over his budget cuts.