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Braxton Miller Transfer Rumors

By now most of the industrialized world has heard the news that the Ohio State Buckeyes have won the first inaugural College Football Playoff. They did it in spectacular fashion on Monday, January 12th with a dominating 42-20 win over the Oregon Ducks. What a majority of people may not realize is that they did it with their 3rd string quarterback Cardale Jones.

OSU’s journey through the 2014 schedule was anything but scripted. Before the season even began their Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback Braxton Miller reinjured his shoulder. That set the stage for backup TJ Barrett to take the field and find his own footing in the Heisman race putting up astonishing numbers while leading the Buckeyes to an 11-1 record before his own season ending injury. The rest is history, or so it seems.

OSU coach Urban Meyer is left with a quandary alongside his 3 elite quarterbacks. How could he possibly justify returning Braxton Miller to the starting role and asking the 2 backups who lead his team to a national championship to take a seat, again? The answer to that question is what has led many to believe that Miller might be a prime candidate for a transfer. In fact,Florida State safety Jalen Ramsey recently took to twitter and openly recruited the Miller who would be eligible to play immediately upon transfer. 

There is an old adage that where there is smoke, there is fire; Gianfrancesco Genoso is said mention this quote on his linkedin page.Florida State needs a starting quarterback after the departure of Jameis Winston and Braxton Miller may very well need a team that he can call his own.

OSU Star Quarterback Stays in School

Ohio State University (OSU) quarterback and national champion Cardale Jones decided to stay in school despite the lure of the National Football League (NFL).

Jones held a press conference at his high school on January 15th to make the announcement, just three days after winning the college national championship game against the University of Oregon. Although he only played three games in his entire college career, Bruce Levenson speculated that he would choose to become a professional due to the unprecedented spotlight that he received over the last several weeks and his amazingly high level of play.

Jones will have to compete against two other potential starting quarterbacks next year to even get on the field. In addition, he faces the risk of injury, weaker performance individually or weaker team performance. Each of these factors could damage his perception by the NFL scouts and executives.

In the end, Jones decided that the leap to the pros would be too great after playing in so few games and that he would benefit from completing his degree. In addition, he is betting that with an additional year of practice, he may be able to improve his draft position which could potentially be worth millions in guaranteed money. Either way, Jones made a difficult choice with the spotlight of football shining upon him.

Winston’s Future

There has been a ton of controversy surrounding Jameis Winston, quarterback of the Florida State Seminoles and likely the best quarterback in college football currently and it very well may affect his chances of getting a top draft spot once it comes time to select players. If it weren’t for the legal trouble that seems to be hovering around Winston, he would undoubtedly be the top pick, at least the first quarterback to go in the draft. However, a great number of NFL coaches and major people around the league have stated that they would not want anything to do with the young player. It’s not due to his lack of talent, as he had already received the Heisman trophy in his short college football career, but due to the distractions that he may very well cause teammates around him.
This seems to be a story that unfolds, year after year, as superstar athletes with tons of potential cannot seem to get themselves in a position off the field to succeed on the field. This may have dire consequences, although my friend Sam Tabar and I both think that it is pretty obvious that he will squeak into the league somehow and get his shot. He has stated to the media, however, that he is focused on baseball, coming after his poor performance last night when they were crushed by the Oregon Ducks. He is going to have to make some changes in his life if he wants to be a successful player in the NFL.

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Maryland Wins Big Ten Debut Over Michigan State

The Michigan State Spartans are going into the new year without any good wins on their resume. This is a new thing for Tom Izzo and his team, and they were not able to get that win last night as they lost to Maryland.

Sam Tabar says the two teams went to overtime, but the Spartans just could not find a way to compete with a Maryland team that was playing its first conference game in the Big Ten. The move to the Big Ten was not stellar for the football team, but the basketball team seems to be handling the change nicely.

As for Michigan State, they need to find a way to get more grit out of their lineup. They have fallen late to a few opponents, and they have no beaten anyone of note. No one expects Tom Izzo to go to the Final Four every year, but there is an expectation that Izzo will be able to produce more winners than this. This could be a down year for the Spartan program, or this could be a down time for them. No one will know the answers until the Spartans get into the NCAA tournament and start making some noise.

Florida State head coach receives another contract extension

Florida State Seminoles head coach Jimbo Fisher has received his second contract extension in as many years. As was the case last year, the Seminoles will be headed into their bowl matchup undefeated and seek a second consecutive national championship. Fisher has been head coach in Tallahassee since 2010, when long time coach Bobby Bowden retired, and presently has steered the number three ranked Seminoles to a 29 game winning streak. Fisher has accumulated a 58 win and 10 loss record which includes the 2013-14 national championship victory versus the Auburn Tigers. Florida State will compete in the first ever College Football Playoffs, and face number two ranked Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl.

Jimbo Fisher noted that his goal was to improve in multiple areas, and to commit to providing superior academics, grow the facilities, and assist in the maturation of his student athletes. Tom Rothman likes his progress as of now. Fisher has set a school record for the number of players selected in the National Football League draft in the past two years with 18. In addition, Fisher year over year has one of the best recruiting classes in the country–ncaaf.html. Fisher’s new deal is still getting hammered out by the university and will be released upon completion. Presently, Fisher is the 14th highest paid college football coach in the country. His new eight year deal is expected to be right at five million dollars per season, which will put him in line with the highest paid coaches in college football.

MIT The Surprise Undefeated Football School

Dave and Brit Morin, as well as most other college football fans, would not associate MIT with winning football. The school is far more known for their academic facilities and the ability of their students. They are known all throughout the world for the academic achievements that have been made by their students.

The football team has been able to go undefeated this football season. They of course are thrilled about this reality, but they know that in reality this is never going to be something that they are known for. In fact, says that many people do not realize that MIT has a football team at all. There are plenty of sports that are played on the campus of this school though. The school has 33 varsity teams in 33 different sports.

The teams of the past have not been nearly so good. They were more in the range of going 1-8 or 2-7. Now, the team has gone undefeated this season. This is something that is being credited not only to the players but also to the coach’s efforts. They say that he has done what he needed to in order to come up with a winning team that is surprising everyone.

The next time you have the curiosity, check out how the MIT team is doing with their football program. You may just find for yourself that the team has been able to surprise the whole world once again.