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Slyce Reports On Its Wonderful Year In 2015

Yahoo! Finance first reported the yearly review from Slyce, and Slyce has come a long way from a small search image recognition firm. Slyce has fought off attempts from investors to purchase their company, and they have created new partnerships with several retailers to strengthen their brand. Everyone who loves shopping will benefit from using Slyce, and this article explains how the report lays out the massive success of Slyce.

#1: Slyce Is Partnering With Large Retailers, Neiman Marcus, Urban Outfitters and Shoe Carnival are all working together to bring better search results to the app. App users will be given preferential results from these retailers, and users may go to the results for only those companies. Someone who loves to shop with any of these retailers may choose the tab for the retailer, and the results will appear only for that retailer.

#2: Slyce Updates Its Universal Scanner

The Universal Scanner at Slyce has been updated several times over, and there are many companies who have been vying for the technology. Slyce has been sitting on some of the most promising scanning technology in the world, and they have begun to roll out the technology to their partners. Slyce Link will use the scanner to help create proper results, and users will see the amazing shopping finds that Slyce offers.

#3: 3D Object Recognition Software

The 3D object recognition software created by Slyce will allow users to ensure they get the best results from a 3D picture. There are many shoppers who do not find the best products because of the low picture quality, and 3D object recognition allows people to see the exact product that they have photographed. Slyce has been on the cutting edge of the visual search world, and adding 3D technology to the app helps customers.

Customers who are searching for the best shopping outlets online must ensure that they are receiving the most current results. There are several different people who are using Slyce to shop for new items, and the pictures sent through the system allow users to save quite a lot of time.