Corporate Strategy

Changing The World With Eucatex

Saving the planet is a tall order, but Eucatex, a Brazilian company knows how important this mission is. What if you could do almost anything eco-friendly? This is just a small part of what Eucatex is doing with water based paint and the use of raw materials.

The company was established in 1951, and Eucatex was the first company to ever make its focus the environment. The source of the success was eucalyptus because it could provide the raw material to help produce tiles for ceilings and panels as well. The company was first born as the Americana Sawmill in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the early 20’s.

Nic wrote that the early days of Eucatex were spent producing fiberboard and softboard material, but today the company is doing so much more. With corporate headquarters in Sao Paulo, there are still numerous other divisions located elsewhere. These locations include:

Regional Office-Belo Horizonte/MG
Regional Office-Bento Goncalves/RS
MDP and Laminate Flooring Facility-Botucatu, Sao Paulo
Fiberboard Facility-Salto, Sao Paulo
Eucatex Paints and Varnishes-Salto, Sao Paulo
Forestry Unit-Salto, Sao Paulo
Forestry Unit Botocatu-Botucatu, Sao Paulo
Seedlings Nursery-Bofete, Sao Paulo
Office United States and Mexico
Office in Europe and the Far East

Additionally, one of the most interesting things that happens at Eucatex is the leasing of forestry. This gives consumers a chance to become a part of the endeavor that the company is forging. Once an investment has been made partners are able to see a percentage of what has been produced during each cycle. There are many advantages to partnering with Eucatex including gaining additional income from the rural property, making good use of the land while others are using more modern day techniques that could be harmful to the land, ability to lease for 12 years including the rebudding of the trees for the future sale of wood and much more.

This endeavor is all made possible with the passion of President Flavio Maluf. This mechanical engineer and entrepreneur is also responsible for other companies like Grand Food, Premier Pets, and a few others. With his experience, Maluf has been able to influence the world greatly with his love of keeping things natural yet simple. Maluf has been the President of Eucatex since 2005 and continues to build the company strong. As the son of a politician, Maluf knows that nothing in business comes easy, and it’s taken quite a bit of time to make headway with these eco-friendly solutions for building and renovating.