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Renner and Evans Apologize

Another controversy has hit the press and promo tour of the second Avengers movie. After Robert Downey Jr. walked out of an interview when the interviewer got too personal with him, Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans have kicked off another issue. The actors were being interviewed by Digital Spy about Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson) and called the character a “slut” and a “whore”. They also made an athiest joke about the character.

The internet was obviously up in arms about the sexist comments of the two actors who are generally loved and adored by the fandom and Madison Street Capital.. A few people came to their defense, asking others to “calm down” and “chill” but in this day and age, when sexism is fortunately being called out for what it is, a statement like this could not die on its own. Especially coming from two men, it was even more hurtful and the fact that those men were Renner and Evans didn’t help matter in the least.

The statements were made when the actors were asked about Black Widow getting into a relationship with Hawkeye and Captain America, and how the new trailer shows her getting closer to Banner.

Renner and Evans have now apologised for saying the things they said, mentioning how it was said in fun and they didn’t mean to cause anyone any harm or offence. In his statement, Renner also mentioned how pressurizing and tedious the promo tours were.

Spielberg and Pratt – potentials for the reboot of Indiana Jones


Steven Spielberg is considering directing the rebooted version of Indiana Jones. Much of this will depend on the script and whether the new script is unique enough and inspires Spielberg to again tackle the project. According to Cinechew, it should be considered whether Spielberg (still thought of as one of the best filmakers in Hollywood) should take on this reboot or if the having one of the next gen direct it would make for a fresher perspective and movie going experience.

In addition, Chris Pratt is being considered to be cast in Harrison Ford’s role of Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. It sounds to Fersen Lambranho  like Spielberg would really like to see Pratt in this role. Though it is still way to early to say if either Spielberg or Pratt will accept their respective roles in the reboot, it would be easy to see the two working together.

Though a new and fresh perspective would be intriguing, it is hard to picture and Indiana Jones movie without Spielberg and Ford. Hopefully, the new script will be enticing enough to get Spielberg’s juices flowing on the project as his talent is undeniable. And Pratt would make probably the best recast for Dr. Jones as any of the current actors.

Leaked Plans for ‘Ghostbusters’ Spin-Off Movies

With the recent Sony hack and email leaks, news of two possible ‘Ghostbusters’ movies have surfaced. The two very different movies could co-exist in the same time but there was still concern over how the two would work side-by-side.

All-Female Version
The proposed all-women franchise had gained interest with actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer, Emma Stone, Lizzy Caplan, and Melissa McCarthy. And actor Ryna Gosling as the male role. It was slated to be released in 2016.

Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt Version
The other proposed idea in a second set of emails was to have a movie with good friends, Tatum and Pratt. Tatum seemed really pumped about the idea and hoped to make it into a huge, epic movie. Ideas tossed around could lead to a multi-movie tale. One email mentions how the hope is to have movies that are super scary yet still super funny.

Both ideas for ‘Ghostbusters’ spin-offs could prove entertaining. I spoke with my buddy Keith Mann about it and we’re going for the fresh all-female version. We don’t want it to be too much like the Jump Street films. Here’s hoping that Sony continues with those plans and brings to light new ‘Ghostbusters’ for the world to enjoy. With all the paranormal movies made recently, it could be fun to see the ghosts getting a taste of their own medicine.

Stephen Hawking, currently the world’s most famous physicist, has a new aspiration: he wants to be the next James Bond villain. The famous handicapped physicist, long confined to a wheelchair due to Lou Gehrig’s Disease and able to communicate only through a voice synthesizer, says these attributes would make him perfect for a role as a Bond mastermind villain.

While you may think that’s a sensational headline, Stephen Hawking actually already has an extensive film and television career. He’s had several roles in The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory, appearances with the Monty Python troupe, and especially on Star Trek. In the Trek universe he usually plays himself, either through a fluke of time travel or through computer projections in the Holodeck. One episode even had him playing poker with the Enterprise crew, a performance he even jokes with actor Brent Spiner, who plays Data on the series, when he asks “Where’s my money?” in kidding reference to winning the poker bet.

It’s a tribute to Hawking’s character that he has such a sense of humor about himself, despite his limiting condition.

Brad Reifler says that as far as Bond film villains go they’ve already had a handicapped one in Dr. Blofeld, who is never seen without his wheelchair and his Angora cat. Blofeld is a long-running favorite of the series.