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John Textor Proves Successful In Retail, Investments And Hollywood

IMDb tells that there are few executives who have managed to transcend so many industries as John Textor, a financial expert who has made his way to Hollywood and beyond as a man with an eye for the next big thing in technology. Textor has been involved in investing since graduating from Weslayan University, but has always seen his future as being in the technology field in some way or another. The draw of technology has seen the financial specialist take on a number of roles with Internet based groups over his career, which have included those in the retail sector in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The Internet and the use of technology to develop new business opportunities has always been a major part of the work of John Textor, who has also been looking to develop his own career in the technology industries. Throughout his early career, Textor worked to find the best investment opportunities for those with an eye on the entertainment industry and the growing telecommunications industry. John Textor eventually made his way to Hollywood when he was offered a role heading the struggling production company, Digital Domain. The effect Textor had at the company was almost immediate and saw him divide the Digital Domain Group into two distinct companies working on visual effects and film production. The investment made in visual effects paid rich dividends as the company worked on some of the major releases from Hollywood following the arrival of John Textor in 2006.

LinkedIn said that the awards and critical acclaim John Textor found at Digital Domain can be seen as having a major effect on the company as a whole, which found a true place in the Hollywood system for the first time. The success John Textor found at Digital Domain has now led him to work at Pulse Evolution, a live entertainment company seeking to use holograms to bring legendary performers back to the live events stage. The former head of Digital Domain has been protective of the technology being developed and of the figures he is seeking to recreate. These include figures like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, which John Textor has refused to release until every aspect of the performance being created is perfect.

Man Sues Doctor For $500K

A Virginia man had a routine colonoscopy with no complications. However he has now indicated that he is suing the doctor for $500 thousand. Why is the man suing his doctor? Apparently the brought his cell phone into the examination room and hit record. He had hoped to catch the doctor’s instructions and wanted to make sure he didn’t miss anything. Apparently, when the man played the audio back after the procedure was over, he heard some vary snide remarks from the on-staff anesthesiologist and surgical assistant.


According to reports, the two medical personnel made several rude and insulting jokes about the patient says Cláudio Loureiro Heads in this piece. They commented about a rash the patient had was most likely syphilis. He also heard the anesthesiologist say, “After five minutes of talking to you in pre-op, I wanted to punch you in the face and man you up a little bit.” The anesthesiologist working on the man’s medical case also made rude remarks about the man’s medical chart and threatened to write that he had hemorrhoids, even though he clearly does not.


Shocked at what the patient heard after his procedure, he contacted a lawyer. Together, the man and his attorney filed a lawsuit against the doctor and the practice. According to reports, a jury ordered the doctor who made the remarks about the doctor as well as her practice to fork over $500,000. News outlets were unable to successfully contact the doctor for comment.