Crowdfunding Scammers Re-Label Chinese Products and Sell as Their Own

Crowdfunding is a great way to support people with a unique idea and vision. Unfortunately, sites like Indiegogo areplagued with scammers. There are people who would gladly source some Chinese products from sites like Alibaba and resell them for a huge profit.

Is it illegal to try to pass off Chinese products as your own on a crowdfunding site? It might not be illegal but it is certainly unethical says Brian Bonar on The worst part is that sites like Indiegogo make it impossible to reverse your pledge to pay a scammer once it has been committed.

The most common scams are found in the categories selling electronics. A prime example is the Wallet Drone campaign that claims to be the smallest drone you can buy. The only problem is that you could just as easily go pick one up on eBay. Rather than supporting an inventor you just end up helping a scammer get rich on someone else’s idea.

Many people online have pointed out Robert Morrison as one of the biggest offenders. He’s pushing what he calls an “Axis Drone” along with many other campaigns pushing cheap Chinese electronics. Other campaigns Morrison is associated with include the Beerback Case and the Klick Stylus.