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How Small Businesses Can Compete In The SEM Arena Using White Shark Media’s Services

As a Google AdWords Premier Partner and a Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner, White Shark Media furnishes PPC management services, primarily small and mid-size businesses that need to optimize their pay-per-click (PPC) accounts to receive the highest return on their investment. During the last three years, White Shark Media grew 730 percent, earning the firm a spot on Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S. Founded in 2011, the digital marketing agency maintains offices in the U.S., Nicaragua and Denmark with more than 180 employees.


Attention to detail is one of SEM firm’s the greatest strengths. White Shark Media provides clients with keyword-level call and contact form tracking, competitive intelligence and Google Analytics integration, and then they inform clients know exactly how their campaign is performing with their proprietary reporting software.


According to Shopify Experts, White Shark Media specializes in Product Listing Ads for online retailers and the PPC management firm provides Google Analytics and conversion tracking for all clients that utilize the Shopify platform.


According to client review on White Shark Media’s website, clients see a dramatic increase in new leads and sales once the PPC management firm optimizes the client’s campaign. From local lead generation to directing higher quality traffic to e-commerce retailers, users consistently claim that their ROI on their digital advertising budget rose substantially once they started using White Shark Media’s services. In addition to White Shark Media’s ROI-driven approach, client’s praise the firm’s superior customer service.


On White Shark Media’s website, they offer a free, no obligation Google AdWords assessment by a certified professional.


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Wen By Chaz Is A Real Confidence Booster

One might find it hard to believe, but it is true: hair makes a difference in how people view their themselves. It can either raise their self esteem or make them feel bad about themselves. There is the expression about people having a bad hair day. However, when someone uses Wen By Chaz, they get an immediate boost in how they view themselves and the way they approach the day. They can feel confident getting a job and they can feel comfortable in their own skin. That is the power of a hair care product. WEN is the the most powerful hair care product out there.
Number one, it works as an all-in-one product. If someone needs their hair to have styling treatment, shampoo, and conditioner all at once, it provides that for them. There is no need to buy three bottles and have an overcrowded shower filled with a ton of products that take up too much space. In today’s world, it is all about making things easier for the customer. If anyone knows this, it is Chaz, and that is why he created the product. He wanted to make hair care fun, give people using it self-esteem, and make it easier on them.

It certainly made life easier for Emily McClure of in an article that can be read here: By day seven, it was impossible not to notice the change in her hair. It had so much bounce and really shined. It was a completely different style of hair for her, and she looks so happy in the pictures. It is easy to tell when someone is happy or unhappy in a picture. It is clear she is very happy with the results and even happier that people were complimenting her on her hair.  For more info, visit the product’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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White Shark Media Review – 2 Reasons This Company Continues To Thrive

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that has made quite a name for itself. In 5 short years it has grown into one of the most successful marketing agencies in North America. They were able to do this because of their unwavering commitment to providing every client with the best experience possible.

After receiving a bevy of not so flattering complaints, White Shark Media decided it was time to refocus and recommit to improving customer experience and results. To do this they had to revamp their services and rethink some of their offers. Instead of being offended by some of the feedback they received, they took it seriously and used to improve marketing solutions and better serve their clients.

Here are 2 things they did that have helped them continue to thrive:

#1 – Offer Detailed Reports To All Clients

As a client your number one focus is results. You want to be able to easily see if a campaign is working. White Shark Media now offers detailed reports to all clients. Each report will break down how your campaigns are performing so you will know whether or not you are getting the best return on investment.

#2 – Improved Overall Communication

One of the most common reviews: received from White Shark Media clients was an inability to easily address issues they were having. To improve overall communication with clients White Shark Media implemented a new phone system. The new phone system has direct extensions which allows clients to quickly get in contact with their account rep.

They also started doing monthly conference calls with all clients. Conference calls are done through GoToMeeting and they allow the client to easily see what’s going on with their campaigns.

Get A Free Adwords Performance Evaluation

Would you like to learn how you can increase your Bing Ads by Microsoft performance? If so the White Shark Media team can help. With a free Adwords performance evaluation you will be able to speak with a certified specialist about an Adwords strategy that will meet your business goals.

The evaluation will take place via GoToMeeting which will allow you to easily see the specialists screen and follow along every step of the way. When the evaluation is complete you will have new insights on how you can improve your Adwords campaign. To learn more about White Shark Media and to schedule your free Adwords performance evaluation visit



Darius Fisher Is An Up And Coming Figure In The Public Relations Sector

Darius Fisher is a rising star in the public relations and digital communications field. The young entrepreneur has co-founded Status Labs, which has quickly become known as a leading provider of digital crisis management. If you are suffering from an online reputation crisis, Darius Fisher is the man you want to call. His company is the firm that you want to handle your case. Status Labs offers much more than just online reputation crisis management though. Fisher’s company deals with public relations campaigns, advertising and reputation management. Crisis management, however remains Darius Fisher’s Tour-de-force and he is getting much attention for it.

So who is the man behind Status Labs? What makes his approach so unique and his company so successful? Fisher was an excellent student at Vanderbilt University. He studied economics there and graduated among the top in his class. After college, Fisher found work as a copywriter at Agora Publishing, where he gained valuable skills in copyright law and business. Next, Fisher worked as a political consultant for various political campaigns in the United States. As a political consultant Fisher saw that the reputation of an individual played a major part in whether a candidate was successful or not in a campaign.

Leaving behind political consulting, Status Labs was born and Fisher has been at the helm ever since it was founded in 2012. Darius Fisher has seen the company grow year after year. Headquarter in Austin, Fisher has helped expand the firm to additional locations in the United States and abroad. The digital reputation and advertising company now has offices in Brazil as well as a second office in the United States in New York City.

Darius Fisher believes that Status Labs can continue expanding. The reputation of an individual, particularly on the web is only going to grow more important and more accessible in the future. Fisher has already worked with clients in over 35 countries and has conducted successful campaigns in languages besides English. Digital reputation and crisis management is a global issue and there is a global market for the services offered by Status Labs. Visit Darius’ website for information and news.