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What To Include In A Pet Emergency Kit

When emergencies arise, many pet owners are left scrambling to grab what they think they will need. A small amount of preparation can help by creating a pet emergency kit which can be assembled simply, to prepare for any disaster that may come up.

What you will need first is a bin to store everything in, it can be a large canvas bag, rubber bin or any tote that is sturdy and you will be able to take with you should the need arise. Once you find the appropriate size and style to suit your needs, it is time to fill it. The most important item in your bin will be fresh water. Whether it is a family emergency, weather emergency or otherwise, your fur baby will be needing water. The next item to take into consideration is food. Be sure to choose a bag or cans of food, such as Beneful on multivu, that have a clear “use by” date, and choose the date as far into the future as possible, to ensure the safety and freshness of it, do not use an already opened bag.

Medications and a vaccination list should be the next two items in the bin. You’ll want a list of medications for each pet, doses and the reason for medication clearly printed alongside a vaccination list with your veterinarians phone number on it. These two lists plus any medications should be put into a small zipper sealed baggy, and labeled clearly with your pets name, you will want a separate one for each pet on An easy way to store these so that they are always accessible and readily handy is to tape the zipper bags to the inside of the lid of your bin, or use a tote that has a dedicated pouch labeled “medical information”.

Leashes, collars and ID tags should also be included in an emergency kit, even if you regularly have your dog wearing a collar or keep leashes in your car. If a disaster strikes the one night you bathed your dog and his collar is off to dry, you will be kicking yourself for not including one in your preparedness kit.

A simple first aid kit that includes gauze, hydrogen peroxide, Ace wraps and such should be included for any injuries to be bandaged and cleansed until you can reach help. Additional items to consider are a muzzle, because injured animals tend to snap at being handled or moved, one time use ice and or heat packs, a penlight or flashlight, tweezers and antibacterial ointment.

Lastly, during an emergency, we are frightened and so are our pets. They have even less understanding what is going on and why they must be moved around or what all the sounds and change in routine is about. It is highly recommended to keep a few “comfort” items in your emergency kit such as a blanket, chew toys, small pillow, or whatever favorite things your animal may want to keep them calm.

Beneful Dog Food

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