My Dog Now Has All The Energy In The World Because Of Beneful

I’m somewhat of a big kid, and I still ride my skateboard to and from work. I only work a mile away from home, and it makes it easy when it comes time to get transportation to work. I know I’m not supposed to, but I will skateboard next to my dog while going to work, and then I’ll send him home on his own. I have no fear when it comes to my dog going home alone because he’s never had a problem finding his way back. I’ve even sat in front of my job until it was time to go to work, and I played with my dog.

Unfortunately, my boss started telling me that I couldn’t bring the dog on the premises, even though I didn’t see what harm it was doing. I started switching things up, and I would skateboard to work, but I would stop the dog and send him home when I got close enough to my job. The extra exercise the dog was getting by walking me to work was good for the both of us because I didn’t have to walk him again in the evening. I did notice that he became sluggish in the evening time, so I needed to change things up.

I decided that I would walk the dog in the evening as well, but it seemed as if he didn’t have as much energy when it came to the evening time. He seemed to want to lay around the house and not do anything, but in the morning he had all the energy in the world. I needed to find a way for my dog to have as much energy in the evening as he did in the morning. I had some research to do because I don’t know everything about dogs, especially why they become lazy.

I found out that by giving my dog certain foods he could gain more energy. I wasted no time going out to buy a food that I knew would help him in the energy department. I bought a bag of Beneful through a Facebook coupon because the clerk at the pet store gave me the advice to do so. The clerk told me that many pet owners come in and purchase the food to help their dogs get more energy, so it’s something that I should try. I went ahead and got a few bags of Beneful, and I took the bags home with me.

I started feeding my dog the food every day, and he would eat several times a day. He followed me to work as usual in the morning. It was only after a few days of feeding him the Beneful that he wanted to start walking in the evenings too. In the past, I would always offer to walk the dog in the evening, but he never really wanted to go out. Now he jumps up and runs for the door when I tell him we’re going for a walk in the evening, and this is a big change, compared to how he was before.

Dog Saves Owners From Asphyxiation

It has been said by many, that a dog is man’s best friend. In this instance that saying rings true but also likens dogs to hero status. The Damrill family noticed that their Saint Bernard was acting oddly. The dog was causing a commotion that even had the cats joining in.

Dorrie, the Saint Bernard woke her owners up by whining and pacing around their bed in the middle of the night. Once she woke her owners up, she refused to let them go back to sleep and kept the commotion up until the family’s cats joined in as well. That was when one of the owners knew something was wrong. After he got up he realized that the stove burner had been left on low and was leaking natural gas slowly into the air.

Once the entire family was alerted the firefighters were called in. They explained to the Damrill family that they were lucky to be alive. Had Dorrie not had the strong sense of smell that she did, they might have continued sleeping through the dangerous situation. Folks like Keith Mann are shocked to learn that not only could they have died from possible asphyxiation but their home could have blown up as well.

The family owes their lives to their observant dog. Proving that the old saying is true, they really are a man’s best friend.