Improving the Work Process in Brazil- E-governe

In the recent years, the nation of Brazil has been improving its services with several municipals implementing the new portfolio with the latest one being the municipality of Osasco in Greater Sao Paulo. The management of the municipal signed a contract with the Institute for the implementation of the e-governe Educacao school management system. The education system is also used in Teresina Capital of Piaui. The implementation is done by ICI which is looking forward to supplying the municipality with computer equipment, inputs as well as the installation of electrical and logical networks. ICI also has a great responsibility of developing a call center for the municipal education department of the city of Sao Paulo.

The E-governe program will see more than 138 schools benefit from the program, schools which are located in the City of Sao Paulo. Other departments and education bodies will also benefit from e-governe including the headquarters of the municipal department, and Continuing education center. The e-governe comes with various benefits to not only the municipal and the education department but also to Brazil, as a nation. Some of the advantages are listed below
1. Ensures reliability
2. Exclusivity
3. Security of information
4. Ensures that management reports are delivered on time
5. Information can easily be accessed through the internet
6. Makes work easy by minimizing and reducing the amount of work to be re-done
7. Ensures that the demands of the units are made openly

San Paulo is the fifth largest City in the state of Osasco, and it is described to have the highest rates of developments in the City. The people of Brazil call the City “city-work, ” and for the longest period the city has stood out for the free enterprise of its residence which its population has been known to be more than 700 thousand. The municipality is known to be among the Cities which have preserved its history, and it is among the towns in Brazil which have a stable economy. Osasco City is the capital of the west region of Sao Paulo and host several headquarters of the Sao Paulo’s industries including the following:
The Federation of Trade Association
The Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support services
The Trade Board and Trade Unions
Senac units
Senai units

The e-governe system is known to bring solutions which are modernized, modular, intellectual, and the best integration among the government. The e-governe has been developed using the best technology and has used the best process to ensure maximum knowledge and skills are used to ensure maturity of its governance. Several bodies of the Education Department will be trained to be familiar with the e-governe tools and also to hasten the application of the program on Teresina will be among the cities that will benefit with the training. Miguel Oliveira is the President of the Teresinense data processing company; Prodater and she mentioned that the education, the finance , and the health sectors are ready to held meetings which will talk about the implementation of the e-governe system.

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The Ten Basic Principles Each Student will Find in Their Kabbalah Teachings

I recently wrote about the 5 basic principles found in Kabbalah, teachings they teach you at the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles. This content is meant to expand on these 5 principles. There are really ten principles that every student needs to know before beginning their lessons with Kabbalah Center. Embracing just one of these principles will go a long way to improving your way of life. These principles will also make you look at life a little bit differently each and every day you are alive.

1) There is something called “Endless Light”. It is the source of everything which is infinite in this universe.

2) Everything in our lives is meant to be a vehicle for our own self-evolution. This includes things like stuffed animals, plants and animal life.

3) Our soul purpose is to become one with the universe. We are meant to become one with “The Light”. Some call it God. This is our only purpose. Once you connect with this, you connect to something much deeper and more meaningful.

4) We are all given tests in life. This is part of our transformation. Every time we pass a test, we become closer to the light.

5) We are all one. To get closer to the light you have to care about humanity and what happens in our world.

6) We are all created in God’s image. We are exactly who we are supposed to be.

7) There is a physical and spiritual realm. Our job is to get closer to the later, the spiritual realm.

8) The problems we face are part of a bigger plan. These are the effects of the path we take.

9) Our troubles have a pre-determined destiny and path. There is a set date for when the are to be concluded, thereby completing our test.

10) There is a heaven on earth. It is for those who do fulfill their true purpose.

Do you agree? Let us know at the Kabbalah Center.

Facts about Kabbalah Centre


Kabbalah is a traditional interpretation of the Bible by the Jews initially done orally and esoteric method. Its definition varies depending on one’s aims and religious background. Kabbalah teachings seek to establish the link between infinity and God’s creation. The teachings disclose the functioning of universe and life. It teaches one how to get satisfaction in life. The meanings of Kabbalah have evolved over time. Also, Kabbalah’s meaning is unique to various people

Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah Centre is an organization that seeks to work towards making Kabbalah teaching understandable and applicable in everyday life. It was started by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922 and has now spread to different parts of the world. At the Center, the students are provided with spiritual tools founded on Kabbalistic principles, applicable in improving their lives hence making the world better.

Kabbalah Centre supports the different interpretations of Kabbalah worldwide. The Centre teaches Kabbalah through the development of courses, classes, and online lectures among others. Guided by the Kabbalah’s principle of sharing, the Centre runs a volunteer program where learners participate in Charitable Initiative. To create a connection among the students, the Centre has a Spiritual Community where learners participate in weekly or monthly events like lectures and meditation among others.

The mission of the Centre is to provide a program to assist students in improving their lives. This is achieved by the provision of Kabbalistic spiritual tools to students that can be used in decision making for the benefits of themselves and others. One’s spiritual journey is impacted positively by use of these spiritual tools.

Kabbalah Centre presents Kabbalah as knowledge that can be integrated into different faiths. Therefore, Kabbalah is not a religion by itself but are teachings that can be used in various denominations. The study of Kabbalah involves the beginning of Creation, the general physical laws and spiritual laws and the soul’s journey. Its interpretation of this events assists in understanding other religions more.

The five most important principles taught at Kabbalah Centre are sharing, learning and balancing of our ego, Spiritual Laws’ existence and roles in our lives, we are all one and the miracles experienced in leaving in our comfort zones. The Centre teaches these principles through courses and classes, events, volunteering, mentorship and one-on-one, publishing, museum, and Zohar project.