Eric Pulier

How Eric Pulier Mixed Tech And Charity

An Exception To The Rule

The tech industry defines the world around us. Just about everything we do revolves around the use of computers and the software developed for them. Our phones, our tvs, and even our lights are often connected to the internet in some way. The people who made this possible aren’t ordinary men and women. Often times they began as child prodigies and honed their talent into a professional career.

Eric Pulier a great example of such talents. At the age of 9 Pulier began writing his first programs. He took that talent to Harvard and developed the skills he would need for his career in software development. Through countless innovations spanning everything from APIs to remote desktops Pulier has proven himself a giant of industry.

A Man Of Many Talents

The career of Eric Pulier is filled with all sorts of breakthroughs and financial success. Since the early 90s Pulier has created some of the most important innovations in his field. A great example of this is the world’s first private social network Starbright World. Starbright World wanted to help its younger chronically ill patients connect to other with similar afflictions. Thanks to the work of Pulier Starbright World gives children treated in over 70 hospitals a way to connect to each other and bond.

All too often the pioneers of the software industry are depicted as heartless profit-minded capitalists. The work of Pulier and other software developers like him proves this misconception is serious wrong. Pulier makes millions of dollars off his inventions, but he doesn’t let that take away the priority of chilanthropy. When all is said and done Pulier wants to make the world a better place for his children and others. The way his story reads it looks as if he has achieved this.

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