Hulk Hogan to Pose as Villain in Expendables 4

You heard it right, the wrestle mania star Hulk Hogan is posed to possible star as the main villain in the upcoming Expendables 4 movie. My phone app said the last movie, Expendables 3 really lost momentum being it was only a PG-13 film. So naturally Sylvester Stallone did what only seemed right, made it Rated R and added the Hulk to the mix. The Expendables movie series is known for having huge bulking strong guys fighting crime and shooting big guns. The ultimate action hunk film. With stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren, and chuck Norris.

It is very hard to not go and watch this films as they have original classic actors and movie stars playing in them. For actors like Arnold these movies will go down in history along with his collection of films he has made. As for the Hulk, this could be his biggest debut since wrestle mania. This films series is popular for big guys and cheesy one liners that are repeated for years from diehard fans. How many times have we heard “get to the chopper” or “do it now” from classic Arnold films? This is the publicity they want. So putting Hulk Hogan in the mix seems like a Plus for the franchise. Overall the excitement for this film is building and they can keep making the series as long as they keep adding bulky stars to the mix. People will keep coming back for more, it’s like a curse.