Updating The Fitness Wardrobe With Fabletics

When the active woman needed a better way to update her fitness wardrobe, in stepped Fabletics. With the rise of the amount of time people are spending at the gym it leaves them less time to spend shopping. More people are adopting a healthy lifestyle and they need clothes that work for them at the gym and when they hit the street before moving on to their next activity. Fabletics offers affordable gear that is fashion forward and easy to take from the yoga studio to the grocery store at an amazing and impressive price point.


The clothes that are sold on are already composed into outfits, making it very easy to visualize how something will match together and it eliminates one step for the shopper. She doesn’t have to spend time figuring out what top is going to work with what bottom because the choice to purchase it together is already there. Some of the outfits are composed of two pieces, a top and bottom, and some have three, including a sport bra that can be shown off under a low back top.


The pieces are also easy to mix and match together which becomes a major asset to the VIP member should she choose to be. The shopper has an option to be a part of the VIP club which not only offers very low pricing on the outfits but gives them the ability to update the wardrobe once a month. VIP members will find that several outfit selections are sent to them once a month based on the kind of athletics they do and their personal style. This is a really efficient and effective way to shop, letting her choose what she likes in just five minutes or so instead of the fifty minutes she might have spent in the store.


As they choose their outfits they will notice that the pieces were meant to work together and their outfits become increasingly easy to mix and match if they choose to do so. After six months the Fabletics VIP member has much more than six outfits to wear because they can mix and match everything making 18 different outfits! The pieces are also fashion forward making all of the pieces very easy to incorporate into any existing fitness wardrobe, and the edgier pieces can even be paired with jeans to wear out in an “athleisure” style.


Wengie Video Recap: Hacks for Weight Loss

In this video, beauty blogger Wengie gives tips on how to lose weight while being “lazy.” Drink a few tablespoons of lemon juice to reduce blood sugar fluctuations that make you gain fat. Boost your metabolism by drinking cold water on an empty stomach. Drink water before a meal so you eat less. Eat from a small place to trick your brain into thinking you ate more food.


Wengie at off plates that are a contrasting color to your food so you realize how much you are eating. Get adequate sleep to boost your metabolism and reduce stress hormone levels. Balance blood sugar levels by eating monounsaturated fats in the morning. Turn your thermostat down to burn more calories trying to stay warm. Wear gym clothes around the house to encourage yourself to exercise. Start exercising on Monday to set a pattern for your whole week.


Wear a pedometer to reach step goals subconsciously. Eat slow so you don’t overeat. Eat smaller meals more often to reduce blood sugar spikes. Do shorter high-intensity workouts for better weight loss results. Find an active hobby you love so it never feels like you are “working out.” Eat spicy food to increase your metabolism. Drink green tea or eat peanut butter before bed to boost metabolism and burn calories while sleeping.


Wear tight-fitting clothes while you eat so you get a physical reminder if you are eating too much. Never shop on an empty stomach so you don’t buy junk food. Do not keep junk food in your house. Take a hot bath to reduce your stress levels, which sometimes lead to weight gain. Eat the healthiest part of your meal first in case you can’t finish. Don’t look at food posts online at night because you will want to snack.


Get dressings and sauces on the side. Eat substitutions for foods you are craving, like cauliflower instead of chicken nuggets. Sneak extra vegetables into your meals. Eat when you wake up to kick start your metabolism. Stand up often throughout the day. If you feel hungry, ask yourself if you want an apple; if no, you probably are just bored. Eat with your non-dominant hand. Burn calories by laughing at funny videos. Watch a scary movie to burn calories.