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Snack the Healthy Way with Skout Organic

The Skout Organic line of trail bars and snacks got its start in Portland Oregon. The Pastega Family, a Father and his two sons, love enjoying the outdoors and living a healthy life. When faced with the unhealthy, preservative filled snack bars that were on the market, the boys decided that they could come up with something better on their own and developed delicious bars. They got the idea for the company name from the son’s dog Scout, and in 2008 Skout Organic on twitter was born.

The entire line of products is vegan, kosher, dairy and soy free, but does provide a full serving of fruit. They are certified organic, Non-GMO, with no refined sugars or fillers. They are gluten free, and full of naturally occurring nutrients.

Let’s start by checking out the trail bars. These bars come in five delicious flavors so you can choose the one that most tempts your taste buds. Organic blueberry-almond, organic apple-cinnamon and organic cherry-vanilla sound mouth-watering. If you’re a chocolate lover, perhaps you would rather sample the organic chocolate-coconut or organic chocolate-peanut butter. You can purchase the bars single or in 12-bar packs so you won’t be disappointed when your first one is gone. Check out the sampler and taste all five scrumptious flavors.

Skout Organic also offers trailpaks, which are raw pumpkin seeds at their finest. Try them flavored with black pepper BBQ, Jalapeno salsa, or Pacific sea salt. Pumpkin seeds are an awesome healthy snack and provide you with protein, iron, zinc and magnesium. These can also be purchased in single size, or in a 6-pack case. You can even get a sampler to try all three flavors.

Skout Organic is proud to help keep the earth green by giving back. They will donate a portion of what they make to awesome environmental charities so it’s a win-win situation when you purchase these healthy snacks!

Let everyone know about Skout organics by purchasing one of their t-shirts or a handy 24 oz. stainless steel water bottle. You can purchase skout organics snacks and merchandise at a local retailer or online at The skout line is being added to more and more stores daily, so keep your eyes open for them. If you don’t see them at your favorite store, just request them. You can ask the manager at your store, or print out the handy petition request form found on our web page and just bring it to your local store.

Don’t be fooled with the so called “healthy” energy bars you see at the stores. Most of them are no better than a candy bar, full of sugar and preservatives, and will only give you unwanted calories and fat and gradually slow you down. Get energized the healthy way with skout organic trail bars or pumpkin seeds and feel the difference natural ingredients can make.

Breadstick Palooza

It’s no secret that a lot of people’s favorite part of dining out at the Olive Garden is the fact that they get to munch on an endless supply of breadsticks! They are provided with your meal, and the great thing is that you can basically eat away until you are in a breadstick coma. The Olive Garden is fully acknowledging the love that is shown for their breadsticks, and therefore they are making some chances to accommodate that. Basically, the Olive Garden is going breadstick crazy! They are incorporate breadsticks into meals wherever they basically can. It was only a few weeks ago that they introduced two new sandwiches that will be served on breadsticks instead of regular ol bread. They’re not done yet, by the time The Olive Garden is done it seems that they will have turned everything that they could possible turn into something that is garlic bread infused.

According to GrubStreet They are now coming out with a breadstick appetizer. Move aside calamari, and fondue dip, The Olive Garden is giving the people what they want. Or, is it simply too much of a good thing?

Whatever the outcome or opinions of others, there is something that many can agree on at Amen Clinics. The restaurant is facing slumping sales and in order to keep up with the others that are thriving, they need to try out some new things. Or, old things that they are just turning into new things.

Can Extra Weight Help Diabetics?

Obesity has made the news again. It seems that while we all know that being overweight and not eating right can cause Type II diabetes, being overweight can actually aid diabetics in living longer. This seriously dispells what the medical community has been telling us all along.

Gravity4 says that to be more specific, what was found was that if the individual was overweight (not obese) they had a better shot of living longer than normal weight individuals. The chances of longer life span increased even more when these same patients were compared to underweight individuals.

We all know that there are serious health risks when we weigh too much. These risks can include heart attack and stroke as well as respiratory issues. Further, if the person is too overweight they have a higher level or chance of being diagnosed with type II diabetes that can cause even more health issues.

The studies are inconclusive at best and it has been reported that further research will be necessary. Although, what was determined is that normal weight diabetics may pose a greater life span risk because their diabetes is more aggressive. It may also show us that being slightly overweight allows for the body to produce certain chemicals and protections that are not found in otherwise healthy weight individuals.

However the studies are interpretted, it is best to always refer to the professional determinations of your doctor before making the choice on weight issues. Some people may react differently to different weight classes, and these may pose a greater risk based on many different facets.

Nutella Donuts By Tim Hortons

Nutella ( is a hazelnut spread which originally was imported to the US by its creator the Ferrero company of Italy. Around for over 60 years, Nutella will now be used in restaurant foods. The quick serve restaurant chain, Tim Hortons will be selling pastry pockets with a nutella filling and Nutella-filled donuts at their locations for a limited time. At some stores patrons will also have the choice of using nutella as a smear on bagels.

Tim Hortons is an iconic Canadian restaurant chain which began in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada as a donut and coffee shop. While it still sells coffee and donuts, its food selections have increased to include other foods like sandwiches and drinks, and Ray Lane likes it. While Tim Hortons has a major presence in Canada, there are also restaurants in the US, the UK and the Middle East as featured here.

Nutella is an Italian brand which has been around since the 1940’s. Pietro Ferrero, the creator of Nutella, was one of the founders of the Ferrero Company, which makes other sweet products like Ferrero Rocher. The multi-national company continues to be run by the Ferrero family and sells its products around the world.

Beer with Collagen?

When it comes to drinking beer, most drink it only for the taste or the feeling that it brings about. There aren’t many who drink beer because it is healthy or because they expect it to bring about some kind of benefit to them. This could be about to change, though, thanks to a Japanese brewery.

It seems that a brewery in Japan has come up with a whole new kind of beer. The beer that is being developed will have collagen in it. This beer is something that could help individuals to get benefits from the drink. This is a light beer that contains an added benefit that will help it to stand out and be different from others out there.

Is it worth drinking beer in order to get the benefits that collagen can bring about? No. Is it worth choosing a beer with collagen in it when one is going to be drinking some kind of beer anyway? Maybe, if you listen to these sources. Bruce Karatz feels like it is a decent idea at least.