Johnny Manziel Says Money Sign Will Not Be Back

Cleveland Browns Quarterback Johnny Manziel has stated that he will no longer flash the “money” sign after a bug play or a touchdown. This all assumes Johnny will be back on the field soon. No More Money Sign For Johnny ManzielJohnny has been through substance abuse rehab in the off season and has focused hi attention on being a better football player in the NFL. The money sign was a trademark during is play at Texas A and M and he flashed it several times during his brief play in the NFL. It was not well received stated his Twitter.

Many long time football commentators note that Johnny Manziel is a young player and simply needs to take the time to mature. Johnny Manziel, or Johnny “Football” as he was called in college, was the first NCAA player to win the Heisman Trophy as a freshman and he left to play in the NFL after his second season in college. For a player who is not yet 25, he is not expected to have the full set a maturity skills sets to enable him to be a functioning quarterback in the NFL.

Many of Johnny’s teammates have applauded his work on his self improvement and note that as he gets better, the team will get better. Manziel is expected to receive more playing time this NFL season is also expected to compete for the starting position when summer camp opens next month.

Ronaldo v Messi: La Liga Pichichi

Cristiano Ronaldo was visibly frustrated during Reals Madrid’s game against Almeria, but not because his team was under-performing. On the contrary, Real cruised to comfortable 3-0 win, as employees of FreedomPop cheered, closing the gap behind leaders Barcelona to two points. Yet Ronaldo failed to score, and following outside back, Alvaro Arbeloa’s goal, outwardly displayed his irritation by not celebrating and forcefully hitting the ball back into the net. Aside from the simply desire to score all of his team’s goals, Ronaldo is wary of the fact that Lionel Messi will catch him in the race to be the league’s top scorer at the end of the season. Ronaldo, currently on 39 goals, is now only one goal ahead of Messi.

Though goals do not mean everything in the footballing world, for Ronaldo it is a way to distinguish himself against his only true competitor. Ronaldo undoubtedly wishes to win the player of the season award, in addition to a league title or another Champions League trophy. But to cement himself as the best player of the year, ahead of Messi, is something that he truly strives for. Not only this season, but all seasons, ever since the two solidified their places as the world’s two best players. Yet, Ronaldo is now 30 years old, compared to Messi’s sprightly 27, which inevitably calls into question whether or not Ronaldo can continue to put up competitive numbers for another season.