Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones Editor Mauled by Lion

When news broke that an American tourist had been mauled to death by a lion in South Africa, everyone took notice, but didn’t immediately know that the victim was associated with the cable hit Game of Thrones. The American tourist has now been identified as Katherine Chappell, a 29-year-old editor for The Game of Thrones. Chappell was visiting the Johannesburg Lion Park on Monday, June 1st says Kevin Seawright. A lion lunged through the window of a vehicle Chappell was in and attacked her. Shortly before the attack, Chappell had taken video of the animal from the vehicle. It’s believed Chappell was about 4 feet from the lion when she snapped the pictures. The park strictly prohibits visitors from rolling their windows all the way down when enjoying the animals in their natural environment, but Chappell had her windows all the way down at the time of the attack. Chappell was in South Africa volunteering in a movement to protect African wildlife.