Gang Fight At The Waco Twin Peaks

Gang Fight Breaks Out In Texas

Residents in Waco, Texas had a scare over the weekend as hundreds of motorcycle gang members converged at the Twin Peaks restaurant to discuss turf and other business. Restaurant goers were surprised when the meeting of hundreds of rival bikers turned deadly. A fight broke out in the parking lot between the Bandidos, the Cossacks, and the Scimitars, all rival gangs. It has been suggested by authorities the altercation began after a fellow gang member had his foot run over by a rival gang in the parking lot. The investigation is still ongoing to determine the official cause of the incident.


As a result, nearly nine people died and another 18 were reportedly injured during the brawl. Individuals participating in the massive fight used guns, knives, and chains as their weapons of choice. Bystanders noticed the brawl as it began and did not hesitate to call police. Police were on the scene pretty quickly in an effort to break up the debacle in the parking lot. They were able to arrest approximately 170 people for participating in the fight and are holding many on a $1 million bond. These individuals are being held on organized crime charges.


The site was truly something to be seen. With ATF agents swarming through the sea of leather cuts and Harley Davidson’s you would think you were in a real life episode of Sons of Anarchy according to┬áJaime Garcia Dias. The story is still developing as the investigation continues.