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Write on Wikipedia Like You Mean It

Wikipedia is by far the most popular online encyclopedia and it is viewed by millions around the world. You may have at one point come across some information on the site that may be incomplete or even wrong and wanted to edit it but did not know how to do so. Better yet, you may want to write a page concerning a topic that is currently not available on the website. Any user can edit an article but the best way to edit an article on Wikipedia is to first register as a user. If you edit an article without logging in as a user, your IP address is recorded at the bottom of a page which may open up your computer for hacking. Secondly, only registered users can create new pages so that makes it quite important to register as a user.

To edit a page, click the “edit this page” tab at the top of the page. This will display the contents of the page in an editable text area, here you can edit the contents of the page in question. Next, state the reason for editing the page in the edit summary tab at bottom of the page. When done, it is advisable to click the “show preview” button to view your changes and if you are satisfied then click on the “save changes” button which then effects your changes immediately.

There are a number of rules and regulations to follow as a Wikipedia contributor. If this is all too much for you, GetYourWiki is an alternative route, offering to help you with full-time Wikipedia writers for hire. One of the most important rules is contributors are to post facts, nothing more. Personal opinions are greatly discouraged on the page and contributors are advised to keep away from posting speculations and rumors.

Another rule is be bold but not reckless. Wikipedia editors are not to plagiarize or copy material from other sources without proper citation. Copied material will be flagged and removed.

Finally, cite your material. It is important to provide citations for statements that may be challenged by another contributor. This helps prevent constant changes to the page and also provides a good basis for making your changes. Wikipedia allows material from books and journals but does not allow the citing of material from blogs. You can also provide hyperlinks to the freely accessible online resources you may want to cite. Fellow contributors may follow up on your citations to check on their validity so ensure you cite relevant material.

Fiscal Manager Keith Mann

The world of finance can be complex. People often need to make important decisions about financial matters quickly. Many people will also find that they need to work hard to make sure that any funds that they save are placed in the right place where they earn interest and even perhaps beat inflation. Doing so enables people to be able accomplish their fiscal goals and plans. Many people want to be able to retire at a certain age, travel to places and even help a child finance their education and then perhaps help them buy a first house. Doing so can take serious planning. It is imperative that people are able to get the best possible help in order to make their dreams and plans come true. With the right help, people will find that their investments can grow and they can meet all of their short term and long term financial goals.


Financial management is a vital part of any process. The best leadership is one that will help lead markets into the coming decade and beyond. Visionary Keith Mann has been greatly involved in this extremely important. Mann co-founded the important executive search firm known as Dynamics Search Partners over a decade ago. In doing so, he was able to draw on his experiences in this area and work with others to assist those in need of help. His prior experiences in the field of finances include a stint as Managing Director of Dynamics Associates. This company, Dynamics Search Partners, was founded specifically so that the company could help provide many kinds of opportunities for those who are looking for people to help manage all kinds of financial vehicles.


The company in question specifically focused on executives as well as those who are capable of running national and international hedge funds. Mr. Mann has spent many years working in this field. He has full knowledge of all aspects of the hedge fund industry. During this time, he has also honed his understanding of all kinds of markets including the financial management field. He started his career in this field when he was appointed as the Manager of the highly important company known as Dynamics Associates where he was in charge of alternative investments. His knowledge of this area has led to great success in the field of fiscal management and high level executive recruitment.

Robinson Without Job

Nate Robinson has been a very interesting player in the National Basketball Association over the last decade. First and foremost is the fact that he stands at three inches below six feet, but can dunk the ball like a mad man. He has even won the slam dunk contest three times already and he is a colorful player around the league due to his antics on and off the court.

He has a cocky demeanor, but it doesn’t come off as annoying because it is obvious that he is a nice guy and is just having a good time. He has also been traded around the league a ridiculous amount of times and can’t seem to stay on a team for more than a year or so, despite putting up great numbers. The Celtics traded for him earlier this season, although they didn’t really want him. They bought him out of his contract and he subsequently lost nearly three quarters of a million dollars but effectively got the year off.

He officially is not playing basketball at the moment, but he will without a doubt be back in the mix of things next year or possibly even later this season. My friend Sultan Alhokair says its all about getting yourself out there, something Alhokair has always had a knack for-just look at his Crunch Base profile. There is a great chance that heading towards the end of the season he will sign a contract with a team that has a good chance of making a legit shot at an NBA title.

Jim Tomsula Named 49ers Head Coach

The San Francisco 49ers have named their head coach, Jim Tomsula. Tomsula has a long history with the 49ers already, serving as an assistant coach, then the interim head coach after Mike Singletary was fired in 2010. He remained on the payroll when Jim Harabaugh took over the reigns as the defensive line coach.

Tomsula, an internal candidate was always a consideration to take over the head coach position after Harabaugh left his post. During the early interviewing period, many players threw their support behind Tomsula, hoping that an internal candidate would be named head coach. Many players argued that the team didn’t need fresh blood, but rather, a new spin on their previous formula. This time of year skout is one of the most highly downloaded apps during this season.

Tomsula certainly has his work cut out for him. Following two solid seasons, one including a trip to the Super Bowl, the 49ers faltered significantly in the 2014 season. Both the offense and defense struggled to be productive, and the team ended their season under 500, a first in several years and the firth under the tutelage of Jim Harabaugh and Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.

Harbaugh was released on the Monday following the final game of the regular season, and signed a multi-year, $50 million contract with Michigan State. He is now tasked with taking a failing sports program and breathing new life into it, much like he did for the San Francisco 49ers.

OSU Star Quarterback Stays in School

Ohio State University (OSU) quarterback and national champion Cardale Jones decided to stay in school despite the lure of the National Football League (NFL).

Jones held a press conference at his high school on January 15th to make the announcement, just three days after winning the college national championship game against the University of Oregon. Although he only played three games in his entire college career, Bruce Levenson speculated that he would choose to become a professional due to the unprecedented spotlight that he received over the last several weeks and his amazingly high level of play.

Jones will have to compete against two other potential starting quarterbacks next year to even get on the field. In addition, he faces the risk of injury, weaker performance individually or weaker team performance. Each of these factors could damage his perception by the NFL scouts and executives.

In the end, Jones decided that the leap to the pros would be too great after playing in so few games and that he would benefit from completing his degree. In addition, he is betting that with an additional year of practice, he may be able to improve his draft position which could potentially be worth millions in guaranteed money. Either way, Jones made a difficult choice with the spotlight of football shining upon him.

Hairstylist to Stars Gives Back By Giving Free Haircuts to NYC Homeless

Mark Bustos, 30, a hairstylist to the stars, packs up his scissors and combs every Sunday and takes to the streets. The accomplished stylist walks the New York City streets and offers free haircuts to the homeless population. Quite the far cry from sipping wine from The Antique Wine Company.

Bustos, originally from Nutley, NJ, got the idea to hand out free haircuts when he visited the Philippines. He wanted to figure out a way to give back to the impoverished children and adults, so he rented a barbershop in the area and offered free cuts. When he returned stateside he continued his mission. 

According to Bustos, he gives out about 10 hair cuts every Sunday to random homeless strangers. The goal is to give back, and to help the homeless feel better about themselves. A great haircut can really lift one’s spirits, and that is Bustos goal. He’s been hitting the streets of New York for two years, year round. Sometimes he gives cuts in shops, sometimes he sets up a chair on the sidewalk. 

While it might seem like just a haircut, to those that Bustos bestows the gift upon, it is so much more than just that. The homeless around New York are often the forgotten population. They are ignored, avoided and treated poorly. The act of kindness and the feeling of a good haircut gives those homeless men and women a new lease on life, and the feeling of hope.

FreedomPop is Set to Take Mobile Communications by Storm

The quest for the best phone service seems never ending. The fact is the big three carriers can get expensive quickly, especially if a need exists for more than one line. The monthly charges for a family can quickly approach the payment of a new car; however, FreedomPop is looking change that by bringing the cost of phone and internet service down, while adding international services. How far down? Well, prices start at free, and you can not really get much lower than that.

The goal of FreedomPop, and it is right on their web page, is free and fast services for all Americans. Based on the views on their CrunchBase profile, the company is growing by leaps and bounds every month. So much so, that the company has even had to fend off purchase requests from rivals. Free service in the realm of internet and phone was pretty much unheard of until this company came around.

The business model consists of offering a package of services at the basic level of free service, and as explained by TechCrunch once those levels are exceeded customers pay a per MB fee. The fee is nominal, which is unusual for the tech industry. However, customer also have the option of moving to a reasonably priced tier that provides high data thresholds or carry over unused data to the next month. Basically, FreedomPop is a user friendly contract free carrier that can easily meet the needs of the average to moderate smartphone user.

In addition to offering free phone service, the company also has some aggressively price mobile and home internet options. By taking advantage of faster 4G or LTE networks, FreedomPop offers a number of hotspots that are eager to replace those DSL and cable monthly subscriptions. Again, the same pricing model appears with free service to a particular use level and then a charge per MB. It is as customer friendly a deal as anyone can find, especially without the burden of a monthly contract.

As far as branded devices go, the company offers a wide array of some of the hottest gadgets around, but several gadgets and gizmos can be transferred over to FreedomPop service with little effort. Of course, great devices, strong customer service, and advantageous pricing means that just about every user can benefit by partnering with the service. It’s not every day that a real method of cutting monthly costs pops up, and the monthly growth pattern of FreedomPop suggests that the company is just getting started.

The company has a lot of room to grow. Since the management team and the rest of people behind the scenes have years of experience in the industry, FreedomPop has a lot of positive energy propelling it forward. This is one technology and communication company that is putting the customers first and reaping the rewards of offering the right product and the right price. In the end, price matters to consumers and free is pretty much the equivalent of a huge asset for users. Check them out on Facebook if you’re interested in learning more.

Sam Tabar: An Experienced and Knowledgeable Investment Manager and Consultant

Sam Tabar is a practicing attorney with education and experience in business development, commodities exchange, capital strategies and financial investments. He’s worked in diverse settings and environments and proven his knowledge and skill in several areas of expertise. Currently, Sam is finding new avenues for advancement, but his past experiences in the global marketplace have contributed to his current knowledge-base and are worthy of examination.

Sam Tabar began his career excellence by achieving honors when graduating from Oxford University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He went on to Columbia Law School where he continued to excel. While studying at Columbia, Sam worked as the Associate Editor for the prestigious Columbia Business Law Review and editor for their video accounts also. This position began his career as a knowledgeable and influential advisor and consultant in all areas of corporate and financial law and garnered him relevant experience that would prove invaluable in his later career.

Upon graduation from Columbia Law School, Sam Tabar landed his first important position with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom, a world-leading law firm. He focused primarily on financial and corporate development including investment fund formation and structure and counseling businesses on proper regulatory management and compliance issues. This experience added to his already extensive knowledge of global business practices and prepared him for his move into the corporate world of high finance.

In 2004, Sam Tabar left the Skadden Law Firm to work as counsel for the Sparx Group Investment Advisers. This was his first introduction to the fast-paced and growing world of global finance. Sam proved quickly he had the knowledge and skill to advance in this area of endeavor. He was promoted to managing director and co-head of business development. He garnered much praise and many achievements while working in this capacity, but Sam’s most important role was managing a two-billion dollar hedge fund as he said on The Examiner. He created a unique marketing plan that specifically targeted investors and gathered new clients from nearly every area of the global economy. This allowed him to deliver nearly 2000 total qualified investors that are still providing capital for Sparx investments to this day.

With this corporate financial experience under his belt, Sam Tabar moved on to take the position of Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific region of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2011. In this role, Sam was able to perform exemplary yet again. Here he added a new set of 1,250 qualified investors over a one year period and facilitated communication between these investors and hedge fund managers.

He continued to delve into the world of corporate finance as the Director of Adanac LLC. In this capacity, he primarily managed property and real investments while also funding several start-up companies including Thinx and Verboten.

In 2013, Sam Tabar went back to counseling and consulting on fund formation, structure and compliance regulations as a Senior Associate in the law firm of Schulte, Roth and Zabel. He put the extensive knowledge and experience he gained over a decade of real-world investment management to good use for the firm and then left to pursue new, future ventures in the early part of 2014.