Jon Snow R.I.P.

In one of the most shocking finales to a TV show’s season ever, Jon Snow, one of the most beloved of all characters in HBO’s Game of Thrones, has met his demise. Per actor Kit Harrington, do not look for Jon Snow to survive. This is not Marvel Comics where the dead return. Jon Snow is gone and a lot of fans of the television series are in shock. Those who read George R.R. Martin’s novels, however, saw this one coming. He gets stabbed in the prose version as well.

In the novels, we do not know is “dead means dead.” Could Jon Snow return? In the novels, this is a possibility. In the television series, Jon Snow is seemingly gone for good stated Adam Sender. Remember, from this point forward, much of the television series in seasons 6 and 7 are going to deviate from the books. They have to do so. The seventh and final novel in the Song of Ice and Fire Series probably won’t be out for five years or so from now.

Of course, the possibility does exist that Jon Snow is going to return. The chances are pretty slim, though. And more than one major character died in the season finale, so it seems.

Where is this series going in seasons 6 and 7? Well, you have to wait a full two more years to get that answer. At least that is going to be quicker than reading the final book.