Ground to Make-Up

Interesting Tidbits on Martin O’Malley

Twitter is a buzz as in a matter of hours, former Baltimore mayor & Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley will launch his formal bid to skout for the 2016 Democrat presidential nomination. The 52-year-old, whose poll numbers barely register, will have the daunting task of making up ground on Hillary Clinton whose lead over O’Malley is in excess of 70 points. In the interest of informing voters on who is candidate O’Malley, the following tidbits of information about him are worth mentioning.

  • O’Malley’s first foray into politics was in support of the surprise underdog campaign of Colorado Senator Gary Hart in 1984. Hart ran a surprisingly strong campaign against a much better organized, funded, and famous front-runner, Walter Mondale. It is no doubt that O’Malley will seek to tap into some of Hart’s success stories from that campaign that saw him poll well in the Iowa Caucus, win New Hampshire, and split the Super Tuesday delegate count.
  • O’Malley lost his first bid for elected office in 1990 by a mere 44 votes. The little known candidate ran a negative campaign that poked at his rival’s weaknesses and nearly unseated the incumbent state senator.
  • O’Malley is a data analysis wonk. He gives a lot of credence to data and will fashion his approach or direction to benefit from the data he collects. His approach in this regards is said to be “nerdish”.

In short, O’Malley seems to have experience fighting as an underdog. He will need every bit of that gumption if he is to upend Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party’s 2016 presumptive nominee.