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Football Player takes Friend with Down Syndrome to Prom

When Mary Lapkowicz and Ben Moser were in fourth grade, they had a special friendship. Lapkowicz, who has down syndrome, was constantly watched over by Moser, who always included her in activities and made sure she was having fun. When the school year was over, their parents became aware of how close the two students were.
Moser, who had been to his cousin’s prom walk, told his mother that he wanted to take Lapkowicz to prom when they were old enough.
Sam Tabar (lawyerist.com) is happy to learn that, though Lapkowicz moved away and went to a different school, the two crossed paths again. Lapkowicz was assisting her father in his work as the football team’s equipment manager, while Moser was playing football at his school. When their schools played against each other, they crossed paths again, and Moser had never forgotten that he wanted to take Lapkowicz to prom. Lapkowicz, who was planning to go to prom with friends, was surprised that Moser had asked her to go with him.